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  1. Apha Members Help!

    Can anyone do an apha search on a mare for me? Just want to know her breeding. She is registered apha solid paint bred. She is 2007 bay mare registered name is Sierras Midnight Star. Thanks in advance! I'm not a member so I can't look it up and she's not on allbreedpedigree I'm getting her through a friend and I don't have access to her papers till probably end of the month.
  2. What Would You Pay?

    Thanks guys. I really don't want to sell him, but it's nice to know he would be worth a good asking price. I have my ultimate dream herd right now. I have my 6yo paint I run barrels on, I have my mustang that I'm training for a future gaming and trail, then I have Gunner my gaited boy. If I don't have to sell him I won't, but if I did eventually HAVE to sell him I would to ensure he was happy.
  3. What Would You Pay?

    Thanks guys. I really don't want to sell him, but it's nice to know he would be worth a good asking price. I have my ultimate dream herd right now. I have my 6yo paint I run barrels on, I have my mustang that I'm training for a future gaming and trail, then I have Gunner my gaited boy. If I don't have to sell him I won't, but if I did eventually HAVR
  4. Farrier Day!

    Not a farrier BUM but my farrier working underneath my little stud colt too cute not to share!
  5. What Would You Pay?

    For a Missouri Foxtrotter? I'm lighty considering selling my colt. I don't HAVE to sell him, but if I had to sell one of my three it would be him. So I'm just trying to figure out what kind of price would be reasonable for him. Here is his info... Registered 2013 Missouri Foxtrotter stud colt. Sorrel sabino, with a flaxen mane and tail, one blue eye, loads, ties, clips, ponies, baths, loves people, loves other horses, especially love kids, great for vet and farrier he gets trimmed with a grinder, not spooky, goes over tarps, bridges, huge tractor tires, great when being ponied on the trail, has GOLD papers(which means he is DNA typed and parentage verified) outstanding conformation, first to leave his food and great you out in the herd, perfect in a stall, acts like a gentleman around mares(probably cause he has no idea what to do with them yet) no health or soundness issues. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. His pedigree... And photos... Day I got him With my 6yo gelding seven Being ponied Gunner now Thanks in advance!
  6. Transitioning From Dry Lot To Pasture

    With our horses when they are normally on a dry lot and wanting to transition to pasture our process is this Day one and day two on grass for 30 minutes Day three and four on grass for an hour Day five hour and a half Days six and seven on grass for two hours After that week we turn out on grass daily. We really like to ease our horses slowly on to pasture from a dry lot cause it can cause some upset tummies and potential sore feet. We had a mare who is early 20s foundered with rotation and in the winter she was on pasture until all the recent rain and new fresh grass. We didn't have any problems with her on the grass at all. We put her back on dry lot cause the grass now would most likely flair up her founder and we don't want that. I have all three of my boys on pasture, 6yo paint I run barrels on, 3yo mustang just starting (competing with him in a training challenge, and my 10mo MFT colt and all three do very well on the grass and have kept healthy weight and feet are healthy as well. Now we do have some we don't allow on grass at all and those are our two ponies who are pretty fat(on diets) one which is IR but with soaked teff he has lost weight and doing much better, and our two main lesson horses. They are very VERY easy keepers and like the ponies they get fat off the air they breath and they get tender feet when on grass. All of our horses are barefoot. Anyways sorry for rambling. Hope this helped at least a little bit.
  7. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    Just wanted to share some photos of my mustang! He got his first bath today! He loved the water as you can tell haha All dry! And just one for cute-ness! My 10mo Missouri Foxtrotter stud colt! He got his very first bath today as well!
  8. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    Nick I am certified through April Battles. Level one 'unwinding the horse' it's a combination of different methods. It has helped immensely. He had some stuff that needed to be fixed before I wanted to start hard work with him. Being able to fix a horse's body is huge in my training program. Each horse gets a small session before and after a ride and a full session once to twice a month depending on the issues. Some can't be fixed in one session and takes time to repair, but in the end the horse is much happier and easier to work with
  9. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    Just thought I'd share some majore progress with my mustang! We had our first "ride"!! He was such a good boy! I didn't feel like he was totally ready for me to swing a leg over just yet, but this is huge for us! Haha I like that my 6yo paint gelding photobombed us in the back ground Hope y'all enjoy!
  10. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    The range he was on is in a residential area. They were rounded up cause people didn't like them eating their front lawn. His whole herd is really mellow.
  11. Winter On The Grande

    I must say I am absolutely entranced with your photos and life living out there.....can me and my horses come stay with you?! Haha I hope to one day have my own ranch out in Texas near either Brownwood or Waco. I have family in both cities, but lived in Waco growing up so my heart is mostly set there. I dream of having a successful horse and cattle ranch there by my early to mid 30s. I know it's a big dream but determination and a want for the life of a rancher has me set. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Tattoos Of Your Horse?

    I don't have any of my horses....YET but I do have three two with great meaning and one not so much.... I have on my right bicep a traditional "mom" tattoo heart and banner with two roses for my mom of course who is more than just a mom to me she is my best friend, my rock, my confidant, my everything. I didn't want to get a memorial tattoo after she passed so I got it about 4 years ago to share with her. I then have a blue sparrow holding a green nautical star for my late grandfather who was very high ranking in the Navy. I plan on adding a lot to it for him in his honor. Now my third was my first when I was 17 and I CANNOT wait to have it covered with something beautiful haha. I love my tattoos and hope to some day have my back filled and my arms quarter to half sleeved. My favorite quote will always be " my body is my canvas so I'll paint it with my stories) I have/had piercings it was a definite phase for me but my tattoos are my way of sharing myself visually with others even if some are hidden. My next piece is one I drew years ago of a painted horse in tradition native American paint. I will have to adjust it now to mirror my now 6yo paint gelding who is my entire life. I wasn't able to put his first rides on him due to a severe shoulder injury a month after I got him, but since then I have done all the work with him and he has gotten me many many blue ribbons and a championship at my home district in speed events. He is my go to horse for anything whether it be a race, trail ride, dressage show, trail show, halter, lessons to my very young nieces, or just a friend on my days I need a shoulder to cry on. So if you have a horse or horses that you want to remember and have on your body for the rest of your life then go for it. It's your body, YOUR decision no one else's. When you do get it share it! We want to see!
  13. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    First time on the tarp! First time being tied First mini bodywork session! This is a huge cranio sacral release! First time in the arena with a rider on horseback First time moving with a saddle on! I had saddled him once before but this time I asked him to move out. Jumping off a big tractor in our obstacle arena! Haha I love this one! I was playing with his mouth rubbing some endorphin release pressure points :) now mind you this is zoomed in but I am only 5'3" and he is only 3yo or so. He is small for me when I'm used to my 15.1 gelding Seven and I work with mainly horses 15+ on a daily basis Hope you guys enjoy!
  14. Im Finally Doing 'it'!

    Haha I am competing in a training challenge!! It's called the Extreme Rescue Makeover out here in northern California! We get in totally wild horses to start over a 4 month period and compete for a chance to win $5000. I'm very excited but also very nervous. The horses this year are mustangs rounded up from Virginia City, NV. I got the most adorable little (i mean little to me) 14+- bay gelding. I am so excites to do this competition. I picked him up on Jan 26th over an hour away from me. This was also my first ling distance solo hauling trip. I've only ever hauled local let alone back any kind of rig up so needless to say when it came time to maneuver the trailer where it needed to be I had to have some help haha. Whether we win or loose I hope to compete next year in the NorCal Mustang Makeover. If anyone is interested you can follow my progress with my horse, who I call Zero the Hero, here... Anyways here are some photos from start to now! First meeting Pick up day! First time with a halter! Meeting my 6yo Seven for the first time First solo trip around the property! More to follow in next post
  15. Oh Boy I Did It This Time!

    So I didn't get any photos today as it was a busy day at the ranch with 4 new loads if peagravel and ab rock and moving our hay container( big steel container like you see on trains or cargo ships) and lessons, but I did have about 30 min before everything started to work with Baby Guns in our obstacle arena. So we mastered crossing the scary tarp, the horse eating troll bridge, the quicksand old tires, and the disappearing staircase haha. I wish I had video to share from today as it was quite hilarious to watch him take his first few steps on all the obstacles, BUT he took them all in stride and he was a fantastic and willing partner today!