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  1. Halloween Costumes

    This year I will be painting all of the bones on my horse with temper paint to make him a skeleton :) I've also used swat to paste on big black felt spots onto a white horse to make it a dalmation, and I dressed as Curella DeVile. Another one thats good for any horse is to make them carousel horses. Use a card board tube from something like wrapping paper and decorate it, and fix it to the saddle horn to make the pole, and jazz the horse up with ribbon and paint. Hope that gives you a few ideas :)
  2. Blackberry Bold Users?

    I have the Bold 9700. I thought it was one of the easier BBs to navigate through, lol. What do you need help with?
  3. Help!

    I always transition into a Jr Cow horse or a Tender Touch. They are both very mild, and have nice short shanks. I recommend that you use the same mouth piece on your curb bit that you usually use on your snaffle. I'm pretty sure the Jr comes in a three piece style. They're kind of expensive, but I found one on ebay with the 3 piece style. Free shipping too, lol
  4. Turnout Blankets

    Rambo makes a blanket specifically for QH's and they fit like gloves!
  5. How Do You Calm Down?

    I really don't like to call it quits when something is going wrong. I prefer to take everything back a step or two and work on something easier. For example, if I'm trying to get a horse to counter arch, and he just isnt getting it, and I'm getting frustrated, the horse is getting frustrated, I just stop trying to do that and I do something I know the horse knows how to do, like an arch. This way, the horse's confidence is maintained because he knows how to do what you're asking, and your frustration goes away because you are getting the horse to do something correctly. Then you can go back and evaluate why your first exercise didn't work, and try again with a fresh mind.
  6. Which Mouth Piece?

    Yes, it is supposed to rust. You'll notice a little rust on the bit, but not like steel left out in the rain type rust or anything. Its minimal. It also keeps the mouth very moist though, which is why I like it. It gets very humid here in the summer, and just think of how crappy you feel when your mouth gets all dry and sticky. The same thing happens to horses, so I like the sweet iron to keep them more comfy.
  7. Which Mouth Piece?

    I like sweet iron. I think it's just a personal preference though. It wont make very much difference in how the bit works.
  8. New Mare!.... Pictures Of Her Cut Leg Are Up!

    I agree 100% The duct tape could deffinatly be causing or worsening the swelling. . It is in no way a replacement for Elastikon. Duct tape does not stretch the was elastikon does, and it will cut off circulation. And I vote for Piper! That's so cute :)
  9. Normal Vacs For Horses.

    I do flu/rhino three times, West nile once or twice (depending on how long the mosquito season is) Rabies annually, and tetanus, Potomac horse fever, and EWV semi-annually. I live with a serious mosquito population though.
  10. Has Anyone Adopted A Soldier?

    Thanks for all your replies guys! I'm really excited to get started with this. I think I'm going to go with the Adopt A US Solider program. Hopefully I get a response; it'd be really upsetting to be this excited and putting in so much effort for it to get ignored.
  11. Has Anyone Adopted A Soldier?

    Thanks everyone!! Texas Rose, that is the program I've been referred to by a few friends. Have you used it? When I made an account it was set up in a bulletin board fashion.. did I do it right? lol
  12. I'd like to adopt a soldier now that it's getting close to Christmas time. Does anyone have any recommendations for good organizations or ways to get started? Thanks!
  13. Bute - How Does It Hold Up To Time And Heat?

    Does the label say anything about what temperature it should be stored at? If not, I would just call and ask your vet about it. I'm sure they would know :)
  14. Free Calls Through Gmail?

    My boyfriend uses it. He loves it and says there are no catches with it.
  15. Mane Growth

    I swear by MTG. I've used it on at least 20 horses and the hair just POOFS, lol. I've never had a horse react to it either. Last summer, my colt's tail was just barely grazing his hocks. All winter I had his tail in a bad with MTG on it, and its almost to his ankles now.