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  1. I do too Oz. I have many friends that are in law enforcement. I worry about them alot.
  2. Exactly Heidi. But unfortunately people don't care.
  3. I was behind blm until they started targeting police! Then I was furious. Why kill to prove a point??
  4. I asked a bimbo who was spouting off about how BLM and we all need to embrace it. I say why should only blm? ALL LIVES MATTER. She replied that yeah well black lives need to matter too. My reply was if ALL lives mattered color wouldn't be a factor. She never replied. I'm so over the blm movement I just want to scream. All they've become is a domestic terrorist group who feel they should be above the law. I get not all of them are like that but God a good part are.
  5. Tuesday Too

    I've been crazy busy. I moved. So glad to be out of the apartment! Now I need to get unpacked. Bleh!
  6. Finally Friday

    Been packing the house for awhile now. Got they keys yesterday for the new rental. Got power on yesterday and water on today. It's been busy loading the truck. Hubby's unloading the garage into the truck then making a trip over. It's 42 miles one way to the new house. It's a haul but I'm excited
  7. Wicked Wednesday

    I'm dealing with hubby's a*!hole family. Ugh I've never met such selfish people. I'm going to let hubby know they're not welcome in my house again. If they do I'm going elsewhere with the kids.
  8. Tuesday

    Brees sick. Been sick since Sunday. Yuck!
  9. Wet Wednesday....again!

    Took the kids to the pool. Im hoping they'll nap! I'm tired. LOL
  10. May's Third Thursday

    I got married on a weds. LOL
  11. May's Third Thursday

    Bree climbed in bed with me then spent 3/4 of the night kicking me. A lot. I'm a bit exhausted this morning
  12. Suspensory Injury

    LOL riding horse. Looking for a good trail horse being the ottb isn't going to work out. Which is killing me..
  13. Suspensory Injury

    What do you mean by unlucky? And I was told it was mild. I'm wondering if this will cause issues ad she ages more. She's 16
  14. Suspensory Injury

    Can a horse get a suspensory injury from another horse kicking them?
  15. Tuesday Time

    Went put picking wild blueberries and black berries Friday. Lost my bluetooth headphones. I looked for them and didn't find them. Figured they were long gone. Hubby bought me a new pair. I hated buying more but I use them with my giant phone and need them. So today I go back out pickin and hit my 1st spot. Bree goes Oh here you go mommy and hands me my missing headphones. My hero child! Turned them on and boom still work! Heck yeah!