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  1. Anyone On Here Good At Interior/bedroom Design?

    Wow your room is huge!!! Mine is only 9' x 10'. Ditto on RB. I'll add more later.
  2. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    Yeah, the Preakness. I didn't watch the KD, just listened to it on the radio. I suffered through the whole thing [Preakness], even though I was only really interested in the race, because I find Calvin Borel fascinating. And, I love racehorses in general, lol. I can't wait for Belmont.
  3. Reminder: Rolex On At 3:30 Eastern Today Before Preakness

    Ditto. And I couldn't stand the chick that was commenting. I almost muted the tv because of her, lol.
  4. Preakness

    What a beautiful filly and a fabulous race. I love her. And Calvin Borel is impossible to not like.
  5. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    Hooray for Rachel Alexandria and Calvin Borel!!! I love both of them to pieces. What a fabulous race. And Calvin Borel is hilarious. He's such a happy person.
  6. Anyone On Here Good At Interior/bedroom Design?

    Sure! I think I'm pretty good, lol.
  7. Preakness

    I think if they race would have been a little longer [ie Belmont] Mine That Bird would have won. Love Rachel Alexandria and Calvin Borel, I'm very happy that they won. They're a lovely match.
  8. Your Celebrity Crush

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It figures.
  9. French Link, Oval Link, Or Plain Snaffle

    The only reason I say some of them are harsher, is because some of them are sharper along the twists, while a corkscrew is smooth.
  10. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    I love the dancing chick in your siggy, Tuck.
  11. My Horse Kicked Me Today Capchat

    I've only been kicked, once, having been around horses for 8 years. I was kicked in the wrist by a nasty little mare. The bone didn't break, I didn't even bruise, it was just sore for a couple of days. Very strange because I bruise easily.
  12. How Would You React...

    I've thought about changing my name. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. If I introduce myself, then people spell it wrong. If they see it written first, then they pronounce it wrong [bang Head] I love, love, love some of the names my mom picked, and my dad rejected. I've consider changing my name to one of them, but I'm still undecided.
  13. Teens

    I completely agree with you. ETA: I'm 16.
  14. Are You What You Eat?

    I don't know. I don't really eat [just not hungry]. What I usually eat is pasta, peanut butter, the occaisonal steak [mmm, steak], and, well, that's pretty much it. I eat like once or twice a day, and it varies every time, lol. We don't have much money for food, so there's rarely soda or cookies or potato chips or stuff like that. I guess I'm bland. Like tofu [yuck].
  15. Has Then Been Debated?

    I love having my horses in stalls. Right now they are in 24 x 24 pens with a half cover, and I hate it. My favorite way of keeping them is in a plain box stall, with or without a run, and daily single turnout. My horses are exercised and well cared for, and they love their stalls, especially Chance. In my world [Dressage, but I have a H/J background], horses live in stalls. That's just how it is. Yes, they get exercised daily. Yes, they get a few hours of turnout daily. But the stall is their home. My mother used to lease a warmblood who could not be kept in a stall, because he was very claustrophobic. Of course, he hadn't been raised in one, which I think makes a big difference. I personally would not sell a horse to someone who was going to throw it out in pasture with a bunch of other horses. I can totally understand someone not selling a horse to me because I'm going to keep it in a stall and turn it out by itself. [not related to this particular thread, but the experience I have had in the past on various BBs] In general, everyone has a different opinion on how a horse should be kept. I don't tell people they're wrong just because I don't agree with their opinion. I don't tell them they're cruel because their horse is kept in group pasture. So please, don't tell me I'm cruel because I keep my horses in stalls. It doesn't effect you. Ciao ;)