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  1. Rope Halters Vs. Nylon/leather Halters

    I used to have rope halters but they just weren't working out in the barn we were in. The only place to tack up and groom were crossties. I used hylon halters for a while because they come in so many fun colors and then the pony started pulling back all the time. After the third time falling down I switched to leather. Since then she has broken four leather halters. I would rather replace a halter than the pony. I bought a Quillins halter with name plate for my daughter for christmas and the pony hasn't pulled back since. Apparently she just required something fancy to wear.
  2. I Want To Do It Right This Year

    Why do you need to be able to use her for beginners?
  3. Spot The...

    Do you have an ear plug that you could shove down her ear to prevent the tick from falling in? I have had to pull a tick out of our pony's ear before but it was way farther down the ear than yours. Luckily she is really good about her ears. Gross, gross, gross.
  4. Name One Song

    Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison I love this song, its so happy.
  5. Maybe I'm In Over My Head....? Update Post 18

    It sounds like she needs time to settle in and get to know you. Spend as much time with her as you can to help the bonding process. I just bought my daughter her second green horse project. She is a 6 year old Tb mare, off the track for about a year and a half. She was bought by my ex-barn owner from some people who trying to use her as a trail horse. She is most definitely not a trail horse. :) Anyway, I had no intention of buying her but the barn owner was going to send her to auction. This is after they starved her into a stupor and still couldn't do anything with her. She is gaining weight now and is a handful. It is going to take some time, a great deal probably, and patience and the help of a trainer to make this work. Currently she is still too skinny to ride so she gets lunged 3 days a week, daily turnout, and handwalking 3 days. Give your horse a chance.
  6. I Bought A Dog Last Night.

    Coco: Thats too bad that she is so close to term. It probably would have been better if you could have aborted the pups. At least the mom dog is now with someone who will care for her and give her the life she deserves. If the dad dog really was a pug you will have to post pictures. That should be an interesting cross. [Question]
  7. 20 Questions

    1.What color is your horse? Reddish bay 2.What colors do you use on your horse? Mostly pink. 3.Whats your horses fave treat? Besides the standard apples and carrots, Oat and Honey bars from Costco 4.What kind of houseing do you use for your horse? I prefer an enclosed stall in a barn but currently a 24 x 24 pipe pen 5.What kind of fly spray do you use? I dont remember but the bottle is black, or is it grey... 6.Whats your horses fave place to be scratched? All along her crest under her mane 7.Whats the worst medical problem your horse has had? Minor colic 8.Funny thing your horse likes to do? Chance doesn't really do anything funny 9.Fave way to ride your horse? Usually dressage but lately I have been lazy and gone bareback 10.whats one thing you want to do with your horse that you never have gotten to do? Go team penning or shod? Barefoot for now 12. has your horse ever had colic. See #7 13.have you ever shown your horse? Once 14.Went horse camping? No 15.would you our have you done a parade? Definitely no 16.Goal for the summer? No real goal, she's getting older so I work her less 17.If you could change one thing about your horse what would it be? Just one thing? Then it would be her horrible canter 18. Whats your horses biggest fear? Being without her pony 19.If you could take your horse any place to ride it would be? She doesn't like to travel 20.Whats your horses best feature? Her loving disposition
  8. Very Hard...advice Needed

    I have had to sell a horse that just didn't work for me before. Everyone else could ride this guy but when I would get on him it was not a good situation. When his new owner came to pick him up my daughter was bawling but I honestly was glad to see him go. Better for him, better for me. Good luck in whatever you decide.