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  1. Need Help My Horse Coughs

    Thank you for your response this has been an on going thing for about three years but it has gotten worse over the last two, since the drought. I did talk to a vet about if horses could get asthma. She said yes and I could get Bertha a inhaler. So think I might look into that and see what my vet says about that.
  2. Need Help My Horse Coughs

    it happens at all times of the year. she did have a really bad choke about two years ago but she was coughing before that. she is out in pasture 27/7 , i did soak her hay to see if that was the problem and she still coughed. she is not dropping weight. I'm not sure about her temp,every now and then there is some discharge from her nostrils while she is standing. I have given her some kind of allergy med. before and she still coughed and had the discharge from her nostrils. This past Labor Day weekend I did a 25 mile endurance ride on her and she did great. We past all the vet checks with no less than a c plus. when ever I have her at the vet and he listens to her lung they sound good.
  3. Need Help My Horse Coughs

    Hi everyone i hope someone on here can help me and my horse. So my horse coughs when it is dry out, when you watch her it looks like she is having a hard time breathing. If she goes faster than a walk she starts to cough a lot. however she does not cough for about two days after a rain, or when it is humid out, i could ride her all day long. i just would like other peoples advise on what i should do. I have taken her to the vet but she never caughs for him. thank you so much for taking your time to read this.
  4. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Thought I would drop in and say Hi. I have had a busy week with work and Kids. I Have not even start christmas shopping yet or got the tree up, there is just not enough time in a day. Work has been keeping me running and the kids have been testing us teachers. I had one kid that would not keep his hand off his friends, so I asked him to go sit at the table. He did not like that idea, I ended up careing him. While I was careing him to the table he kicked a chair in front of me makeing me fall with him in my arms. I landed in my knees giving me some nice burses. (the kid is 4 years old) I did get out to see my girl Bertha today she is looking good, just wish i could get time to go for a ride. Hope everyong has a good week Nicole
  5. Finding Old Horses

    I just found my boy last weekend. He is doing great and has a great home with a girl i sold her to. I was just looking online at horses and trailer for sale when i saw him. I was very lucky. S.O.- I hope you find some of your old horses
  6. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Alaska- I know what your saying I work in daycare so I have a lot of days where I would rather be else where. Nove- ssorry to hear Hunter is going to have glasses. My oldest has been wearing glasses for over a year. She also had one eye that crossed, the doc. said it was because her eye was trying to focus. Once she got her glasses they never came off. she reminds me she needs them. oh she is 5 now.
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hi everyone there is not much going on here just work and spending time with the kids, whaching Christmas shows. I have not gotten out to Bertha lately. It has been very cold and windy here so not much outside time. the kids just want snow and I say no to that. I hope everyones week is going good and ends fast. I know I'm ready for the weekend. Talk to you guys later
  8. Tease.

    they are so cute
  9. I Found Him

    snowyhorse- I don't know his owner is 16 and thinks she wants to do poles and he does not like them. she is working with a trainer so we will see. I talked to her mom and I think they are are going to have try one of her friends horse to see if that is what she really want to do. I would hate to see her sell him and then regret it later.
  10. I Need A Favor From You - Last Day

    I voted
  11. Internet Friends Who Ride

    I just got back from see my old horse, he is looking great. I wish i could have rode him but it was getting dark. I told to his owners stores about him and me and the things we use to do together, like play in the river and long trail rides. Oh and I did cry when I saw him.
  12. I Found Him

    I got to see him and let me tell you he looks great. His owners are very nice and love him very much. I so hope they do not sell him. I wish I could of taken Pics. but I did not have have my camera. I talk to them for about 45 mins. about how he was when I owned him and how he is now. I told them how he got his scar on him Right hide leg. I don't think I have been this happy in a long time.
  13. I Found Him

    she did call and I get to go see him tonight at 5:30. I cryed like a little girl when she call me back.
  14. Internet Friends Who Ride

    I will not be buying him back they are asking $1600 for him and I already have a horse and I can not take on another one. His was the best horse a beginer could have and he was only 5 when I owned him, he is now 11. the girl I have now is great and I love her to death but he was my first real horsewell I did have a POA but he really was a POS. the only way he would ride is with his front feet in the air, not very fun for a beginner. I will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow. you think he will rember me?
  15. I Found Him

    I won't be getting him back but i will get to say good bye and give him one last hug and kiss. i miss him so much.