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  1. Joint Supplements

    absolutely use supplements but also remember that a longer warmup and cool down are necessary also. I have taken the time to learn some stretching and massage techniques also that older horses especially seem to appreciate. Being an older rider with my own aches and pains, I can really relate.
  2. Do Polo Wraps Give Any Real Support?

    The answer, like many, is "it depends' If you wrap under and around like at the racetrack, polos probably do support the supensory ligaments a bit but there they are mostly used to stop run-down injury and accidental raps. The support is minimal. If you wrap just around and not under the fetlock there would be no support at all. I don't think there has been any studies to compare polos to boots or bare legs. A lot of the things we use make us feel better I think.
  3. Moorlands Totilas

    I wouldn't kick him out of the barn but Ravel would definately be the "big horse".
  4. When To Ask For More And When To Back Off

    Without seeing what the horse and rider are doing one could discuss "how to" all day. The trainer may have been trying to get the rider to take a more consistant contact and used the term "push into the bit" for lack of a better way of communicating. The key is to find a trainer you trust and not to second guess them. So much depends on timing and finesse when dealing with horses that have throughness issues. This is one of the most important steps to progress. It's a fine line. If you back off everytime the horse fusses you teach her that if she sulks, she wins. But, in the same vein, if you put too much pressure on the horse mentality, she may shut down. Shiloh offered some good advise. Baby steps and reward by quitting the sessions when she is relaxed and correct. If you are experienced with longeing in side reins (correctly adjusted) I would add a few sessions inbetween undersaddle work.
  5. Introducing Marlie The Rescue Pony

    Curious. What's her breeding? Breeder? Where did she run?
  6. Dressage Seat?

    KTS makes some good points. You don't say how old your horse is but one must be careful not to ask for too much, too some. Some of the "new" warmbloods seem to come right from the mare with the gaits and impulsion seen in much more advanced horses. Hopefully you have a good trainer who will put you on the longe and give you other exercises to work on an independant seat. Try to pick up a dressage saddle. Hunt seat riders "float" more in their seat so they can leave the saddle quickly. Dressage riders seat deeper and use of the "kreuz" (seat bones and pelvic) comes much more into play. Careful, you may get hooked and realize with dressage, the more you do it, the more you realize you have to learn.
  7. Steffen Peters And Ravel Take Aachen Chio Video

    I was kinda worried watching the first piaffe and canter depart but of course Steffen, being the great, tactful rider he is, got the rest of the ride together. It did look like Ravel was a bit "stuck" is a few movements. For example Steffen had to use a lot of leg at the piaffe, but I'm just picking nits. Overall a nice trip. Ravel is just coming into his own and Steffen deserves to have his turn at the top. We are lucky to have him.
  8. Dressage Saddles

    The horse in the photo looks like an Arab which can be rather hard to fit. I would also recommend either a treeless or a saddle with an adjustable gullet especially if you plan to ride different horses. Wintecs are a great starter saddle but can tend to put you in a chair seat. Of course if you find a heck of a buy on a traditional saddle that works-buy it. Quality saddles that are well cared for hold a good amount of value. Try ebay and your local Craigslist.
  9. Show In One Week...

    Don't be nervous...yeah, easier said than done. Try to use that nervous energy to your advantage. Are you familar with Jane Savoie's tapping technique? I'm sure it's on the web somewhere. It's kind of a meditation process where you visualize your fear or problem and use your finger to "tap" a release. Your senses will be sharper and if you keep thinking positive your horse will pick up on that. I find it helps to pretend I'm doing a demonstration instead of a test. Everyone has a bit of show nerves, even professionals. I know of one rider that has to have a few "belts" before mounting for a class. Ride your horse like he's gonna do everything right and that he's the best one on the show grounds. From following your posts, I know, as we used to say at the track, you'll "Dust 'em"!
  10. Anyone Know Of Helpful Exercises?

    You are basically talking about collection (stepping under his body, lower his hindquarters). The horse must be straight and truly "through". It's good that you realize that because he's older it's not easy for him. Hocks are not as flexible and one must be careful not to ask for too much at one time. Transitions (within and from gait to gait), rubber band exercises and practicing effective half-halts will help. If the horse is working into the bridle and really on the bit first what you seek is simply a matter of asking for more.
  11. What Does The Half-halt Mean To You?

    Tempichange is right. There's as many reasons to half-halt as there is strides in a circle. Rebalance, revving the engine, letting the horse know a change is coming, etc.....As Robert Dover is quoted as saying " good riders ride for movement to movement, great riders from half-halt to half-halt".
  12. Dressage Daily Article

    Nice job. I enjoyed the article. Interesting guy especially since he went from dressage to runners. Usually it's the other way around.
  13. Which Stirrup Leather Length

    http://www.ehow.com/how_4542606_buy-stirrup-leathers.html Lots of good info here. One thing to take into consideration is whether others will be using the saddle also. If so, you may want to go a little longer and put up with the extra leather. I don't like really thick leathers. Dressage leathers can come with the buckles at the ankle with buckle covers which are really nice, but pricey.
  14. Got Accepted Into A Working Student Position!

    Sounds like a wonderful deal. A lot of places do not pay anything and expect you to supply your own housing.
  15. Yes Or No?

    So whatta think? Very cool or very awful? http://cgi.ebay.com/Unique-Ansur-Classic-D...1QQcmdZViewItem