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  1. New Zebra Stingray Tack Set... Completed! :)

    Chelsea! i love you but i hate you cuz ur tack is so awesome! hahaha (: im soooo jealous its gorgeous!
  2. Any 2009 Nbha Youth World Qualifiers?

    To answer the question, yes, you can leave the day after...but don't stay real late, cuz they are going to lock up. We left at 4 in the morning the day after finals. and omgsh...last year? yea, after driving 17 hours to Jackson, we get the trailer parked and the horses in the stalls....and what does my dad realize? He forgot the freaking trailer key on our kitchen counter! so we were hauling saddles and tack into our hotel room every day. The crime rate is very high, thats for sure. A truck was stolen and the parts sold off, straight from the fairgrounds. And a trailer was stolen as well. Oh, and there's a curfew. I want to say its 11...but I'm not really sure. Don't go into the gas stations late at night. Avoid them if possible because people down there alot of the time are looking for something to rob. I was sitting in the truck in the parking lot, waiting for my parents and this guy saw my saddle in the back and he kept leaning against the truck and looking inside at my other tack. And then he ran off when my dad came outside. haha
  3. Any 2009 Nbha Youth World Qualifiers?

    I mean like practices everyday. Just in the big outdoor practice arena. Everyone crowds in there like crazy. My horses were freaking out in there. haha Idk about hook ups, because I don't have full LQ in my trailer...so we stayed in a hotel. And yea, theres a big line for getting in and signing and stuff, but MAN is it exciting! It was 11 pm when we got there and there were ppl everywhere...trailers, trucks...wow. It was insane. I can't wait until this year! Oh yea, and theres tack venders EVERYWHERE! its crazy awesome. haha on my off days, me and my mom were picking out custom tack for our horses. haha
  4. Any 2009 Nbha Youth World Qualifiers?

    yay! [Jump] congrats on qualifying! (: I can promise you this....you will LOVE it there. It was my first year last year, and from the second I got there to the second I left, I had a blast. The arena is the best one I have ever ran in. Three tractors drag it at once. Its fairly large. Not giant, but its still really big. The alley way is...oh, im gonna guess about 200 feet long? maybe? If I were you, be careful of what time you decide to ride, because its like...80 degrees at 7 am..and tons of people try to ride in the practice arena at once..so it gets crazy haha so where r u from? (:
  5. Hey Super Barrel Horse Savvy People!

    if i were you...i would try to cut off your grass intake on him as much as you can. Start him on some performance feed and see if there are any supplements that fit. To cut on grass, put him in a pen for a few hours a day When you ride, make sure you stretch out his legs and do bending circles..that will help take off the grass belly. I would put him on a supplement for muscle building. But even with supplements and a change in diet, exercise will be key into building muscle and getting him in top physical condition. I would do some extended trotting and condition him with collected loping. Thats great that he has potential to go faster (: so now, I would just start getting used to pushing him. If you go somewhere to practice, like a trainer...start asking questions on how to get him moving, try different methods of getting him moving (kicking in between barrels, spurs or an under over..etc) and just start trying to cut those fractions of a second off, one at a time. If you have any questions or anything, you can message me (: I use supplements on all three of my barrel horses and have specific exercise routines for them. Good luck! I hope you guys do really well!
  6. Who is going to visit us at Youth World???

    i'm gonna be running, but I'll come say hi [smiley Wavey]
  7. Any 2009 Nbha Youth World Qualifiers?

    hey everybody (: it's my second time going down to youth world. I LOVED it last year and did really well thanks to the old fart I called my barrel horse. haha well, i'm going again and am just wondering who else is going? stay and chat if u like :) if you've been the Youth World before, share stories and memories, and if you're going for the first time this year, I'm sure there's plenty of us who will answer any of your questions oh and for a start up topic...how many horses did you qualify to bring and what was your favorite memory? ha, who knows, maybe we can all meet up down there (: that would be sweet. haha Well, last year I double qualified on my horses Rasin and Rosie...and this year I triple qualified with my horses Rasin, Rosie and Boston...so it should be a fun trip (: My favorite memories were when everyone was waiting for the lists to come out for finals, and I found out I qualified (i cried..hahaha) and then running in finals and placing. It was the best time of my life (: I hope to do even better this year, haha, but who doesn't
  8. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    well, i'm kinda in the process of switching colors...so this is what I have My Mare- Boston : leather Billy Cook Paycheck Supreme Barrel Saddle, Trophy Saddle pad with an aqua mayatex blanket over top, leather headstall and breastcollar with custom aqua and orange conchos I got at Youth World last year, Aqua SMB3s all the way around and aqua and orange barrel reins My Mare-Rosie : leather Custom Steinhoff barrel saddle with royal blue suede seat, Trophy saddle pad with a royal blue pad that has aqua blue and black diamonds on it, matching light oil leather headstall and breastcollar with Aqua and Black conchos I also got made at Youth World last year, Royal Blue SMB3s on the front and royal and aqua barrel reins :) i would post pictures, but they're not digital...haha