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  1. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette tried to get used to the hum that pulsed through her every time Roman got near her. She wasn't sure she ever would, or that she wanted that. His skin was multiple shades darker than her own, fair complexion but she knew by the end of the summer she would be darker. As he joined her, she lowered back onto the soft, vibrantly green grass. Her fingers stretching out beside her, the tips of one hand casually brushing against his wrist. She was uncertain as to what propriety would say about this date, but at that point, she couldn't care less. Her eyes shut after lazily watching a cloud drift by, letting herself soak up the summer sun and Roman's added body heat. She nodded at his answer, blue suited him, it was strong and could stand alone, but at the same time could mix easily with both colors. "Yellow," she replied, a slight smile slipping onto her features at the mere mention of the word, "Except for sunflowers, I prefer a buttery shade. Something soft, but cheerful and bright nonetheless. Fondest memory?"
  2. Oh Nostalgia

    [[i am beyond apologetic/embarrassed about how long this has taken me. This semester was ridiculous, between the horses and school. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and post...and ff a touch]] Colette pulled herself carefully out of the lake, laughter still dancing on her features as she collapsed onto the soft, grassy bank. Her clothes stuck to her smooth skin in a slightly inappropriate fashion, but she could care less. There was something so freeing about being around Roman that it was nearly impossible for her to feel the need to be as proper or as careful as she normally might. Her arms slipped over her head and she stretched out completely, letting the sun rush over her. Her eyes fluttered close for a moment, falling back into memories of her childhood; playing in the park with her governess or spending time at the beach with her grandmother. After the barest of seconds, slightly propped herself up so that she could find Roman. She already longed for him to be close again, at least close enough for her to look at him and have a conversation with him. They'd spent the last fort or so minutes splashing around in the water, sharing moments that were closer and closer to a kiss but never actually crossing that line. Colette wasn't sure about how it was possible for her to feel the way she felt about this man that she still hardly knew, but here she was, aching for his closeness and his soothing, familiar voice. "What's your favorite color?" she asked softly once he was within hearing distance.
  3. Oh Nostalgia

    [Oh my word! That's so late haha] Colette laughed with him, but her expression became quizzical at his words as he went under the water. She had expected him to come up behind her only a moment later, but he seemed to be gone for an eternity. She was astounded that he could hold his breath for so long. Anxiety began to creep in the back of her mind, wondering wildly if there was somehow he could have gotten caught on something on the floor of the river. Before she could overreact too much, a large hand gripped on her ankle. She jumped in surprise, recognizing his touch instantly, but not having expected it, her heart was hammering in her chest. His words made her shake her head, wriggling slightly in his tight grasp, though escaping from it was probably the last thing she wanted to do. She managed to turn around in his hold, their feet and legs tangling slightly as they attempted to stay afloat. Her expression was caught somewhere between amused and upset as she tried to feign anger at his trick. "That was just mean!" she exclaimed, her hands pushing against his chest. Colette was unable to keep up the facade for long, especially in this proximity, touching his skin that managed to be warm even in the cool water. She met his gaze, her eyes dark with need as the searched his.
  4. Oh Nostalgia

    [[sorry this took so long! I moved back to school, start of the year madness, blah blah blah.]] Colette watched him carefully, her eyes holding onto his, though the desperately desired to slip down and watch his fingers work the buttons loose. They couldn't resist sliding over his carefully toned body, a small, silent gasp echoing through her mind. He was so picturesque. She was fairly certain she could stare at him all day. She barely saw the wink, too stunned by the boldness of his frame to focus on anything else. Above all, she was mainly struck with an intense, burning desire to simply touch him, to trace the contours of her muscles. Colette flushed slightly at her thoughts, forcing a laugh at his words as she tried to not let him in on her secret. She stood, hands on her smooth, rounded hips as she glanced across the water at him, much more in control of herself at only the sight of his shoulders. "An invitation!" she called out to him, with a smile. Colette slipped out of her shoes and socks before jumping straight into the water with a slight yelp. She was glad that she had worn shorts that day, knowing a skirt was miserable for swimming. The water was cool and refreshing, exactly how she had expected it to be. Her body moved with ease through the water until she was in front of him, her legs treading to keep her afloat. A small, wicked small had carved its way into her features as she met his eyes. "You know," she murmured silkily, her hands eagerly reaching out to rest on his shoulders as she pulled her body closer to his, "There's something I've wanted to do all day." As she spoke, her face inched closer to his, knowing she had no leverage unless he was relaxed or distracted. Her lips didn't quite touch his, hardly breathing against their softness, before she pushed her palms flat down against his shoulders in an attempt to dunk him under the water. Colette kicked back with a bubble of a laugh, swimming backwards away from him so that she could watch his reaction.
  5. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette grinned at his response, picturing the ducks attacking the boat out of anger. While she was sure that it hadn't been funny at the time, she couldn't help but think of it as such. She rested her hands on the bench, pressing her shoulders back so that she could comfortably tilt her head backwards and look up at the cloudless sky. There was no doubt in her mind that she could have floated on the water for hours, even days, in his presence. She was pretty sure that she could just sit silently beside him doing nothing because she just adored spending time with him. Snapping quickly out of her reverie, she glanced across the boat to him, a playful smile on her face. "What about," she asked, her fingers skimming through the water, careful to take aim so that the droplets hit him, "Swimming?" There was something about just jumping into the temperate water that sounded so appealing. Colette had no hesitations in going in, fully clothed, unless he told her they shouldn't. While she had always been a free spirit, there was something about Roman that made her embrace it and want to bring it more to light. But, in case he had no interest, her question came off as simply curious instead of eager.
  6. Oh Nostalgia

    [[No problem! I've been trying - and mostly failing, to pack for school.]] Colette watched him as he spoke, noting the slight strain of his muscles under his shirt as he pulled the boat along. His muscles, unlike guys she'd previously known, obviously came from the work he did - she highly doubted he was the type to lift weights or try different aerobic exercises. She glanced between him and the boat that he now had partially in the water, a dubious expression in her gaze. But she trusted him entirely. Gladly accepting his warm hand, she stepped up into the thin boat, carefully stepping over the different rungs and seats that seemed to be everywhere until she was able to settle at the front of the boat. She wanted to sit facing him, but she had enough sense to know that she was supposed to be facing out, to see where they were going. While she was clearly excited to try something like this, she was also hesitant. Colette liked to know what she was getting herself into and more than that, she liked to know she would be successful before she tried anything. It was the nasty competitive streak she had been raised to possess. It was the product of her father really wanting a son and attempting to subtly raise his daughter as such. She glanced over her shoulder, to watch how he was going to get into the boat and get them going, her fingers gripping the sides tightly as they jostled into the water. She listened carefully to Roman's instructions as she picked up one of the paddles. It took them a moment to fall into a rhythm so that they were moving forward, as opposed to left or right, but it was a steady, natural flow. Colette paddled in the quiet of the mid-afternoon, relaxed and at ease. He hadn't been kidding, it was a simple enough activity, but it was also incredibly enjoyable. The waterfowl moved out of their way, but in a slow way that showed they weren't remotely afraid. "Do you ever feed them?" she asked as a small, nearly black duck paddled alongside the boat. Colette pulled her paddle into the boat, content to just float for a moment and soak up the warm sun rays as they wrapped around her skin. Carefully, she turned around in her seat so that she was facing him, no longer able to stand the fact that he could look at her but she couldn't look at him. She smiled widely as she reached over the side of the boat, making sure her motions didn't disturb the boat, so that her fingers could skim through the water for a second.
  7. Oh Nostalgia

    "I've never been canoeing," she murmured thoughtfully. Colette tried to ignore the longing she saw in his glance, otherwise she wouldn't be able to stop herself and she knew he wasn't comfortable with the idea of such affection near her house. But, unconsciously, she shifted her body, almost imperceptibly toward him before she forced herself to move away from him. She released one of his hands and moved so that they were both walking down the stairs, needing to move if she was meant to quell her desire to feel him against her again. She was relaxed and cheerful as the sun fully washed over her. "Lead the way to the lake," she said, nudging him softly as they left her driveway onto the main road. They slowly made their way to the lake, where they talked about their days. She talked about her distaste of her Latin instructor, trying not to complain too much, just mentioning it in passing. Colette asked him about what he did on the farm, curious about what he did as she had never had the chance to even talk to someone about this kind of stuff before. The lake ended up being somewhat in the woods, secluded and cool compared to the roadway. She was thankful that she'd decided on the romper as opposed to a dress or skirt. Colette stopped when the lake came into view and she smiled at it, the beauty unlike the rivers or ocean of Charleston. There was something utterly peaceful about the stillness and quiet of the lake. She turned toward him, excitement clear on her features, "This is beautiful." She was so thrilled about the prospect of doing something new and out of the ordinary for her. A small flicker of concern touched the corners of her lips, what if she flipped the boat over, or looked stupid? "But," she said, her eyes intent on his, "How do we do this, exactly?"
  8. Oh Nostalgia

    She found him almost immediately, hardly paying attention to where she was stepping as she made her way down to him. Almost immediately she felt awake and invigorated, ready to really start the day. "Hi," she chirped happily as she came to a stop in front of him, a wide smile on her face, "Sorry, one of my lessons ran over." The fact that Maudlin was somewhere close enough to hear what they were saying made her anxious to leave. She picked up his hand, gently pulling him back out the front door and onto the large porch. Colette wasn't sure what he was thinking that they could do, but whatever it was she longed to be outside. The heat was wonderful and the sun felt fantastic as it brushed over her bare skin. She rested the back of her legs against the railing of the porch so that the sun could wash over her shoulders as they decided what to do. Colette picked up his other hand so that they were facing one another, twining their fingers together as she looked up at him, pulling his body close to hers. "What do you want to do?" she asked, her voice soft but cheerful.
  9. Oh Nostalgia

    The hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end, in the good way, when he said her name in his low, sweet voice. She wanted to pull him back into her, but was aware that he had avoided her lips for a reason. Colette wanted to tell him that nobody was there to care about what they did on the front porch. But that would open up a whole other intense conversation that she just wasn't prepared to handle that evening. Instead, she tilted her head to the side, smiling a light, alluring smile as she held his gaze, "Goodnight, Roman." She turned slowly from him before heading into the house, locking the door firmly behind her. She walked stoically up the steps, just in case Maudlin was waiting up for her again, but the house was unmistakably still. It wasn't until she got into her room that she allowed herself to think about everything that happened, to just let it crash over her in waves. The memories flashed before her and consumed her as she set about getting ready for bed. It had been an interesting evening. Heart-breaking. Thrilling. Passionate. Intense. Every emotion she could think of had been fit into the evening - except for anger. Sleep didn't come for a long time. Instead, her unpinned, loose curls splayed out on the pillow beneath her, enveloping her in the soft, sweet smell and she resorted to counting sheep, trying to get her mind to shut off. Colette wasn't sure when sleep had finally found her, maybe around the thousandth sheep, but when Maudlin came in and drew her bath she knew she wasn't ready to get up. Her eyelids felt heavy and her body felt sluggish. Maudlin's lips were pursed by the time she finally dragged herself out of bed and her bath was chilly. She almost felt dead on her feet as she slogged her way through her lessons and her instructors seemed to be quite aware that she wasn't fully focused. Part of it was the sleepiness, she couldn't seem to wake herself up, but another, larger part, was that she was already thinking about Roman, wondering how he was doing on the farm, what he actually did, what he would be wearing that day, what they would be doing, etc. Maudlin made her stay in her Latin lesson an extra twenty minutes, making her extremely late. She had told him 2:30 and it was almost that already. She couldn't go out in the house dress she'd worn all day! And she was positive her hair and make-up needed fixing. She gave Maudlin strict instructions to let Roman in and still him that she would be down as soon as she could. Rushing up the stairs, Colette could feel herself flustering, which was absurd, she highly doubted Roman would care what she looked like, but she wasn't quite comfortable enough to test that theory. She pulled on a floaty, floral print romper that was in various shades of pink. It was sleeveless and the shorts were slightly shorter than the skirts she normally wore, exposing more of her smooth, alabaster skin. But, if they were going to be outside in midday, she wanted the sun to touch as much of her as possible. Colette glanced in the mirror, doing minor adjustments to both her hair and makeup before slipping into a pair of white flats and her bag, refusing to allow Roman to pay for anything that day. With a final, approving glance at herself, she hurriedly slid down the hall, slowing down so that she looked calm and collected walking down the stairs, though her eyes were instantly roaming, searching for him, aching for the mere sight of him.
  10. Oh Nostalgia

    Her hand stayed wrapped tightly around his neck as her feet touched back on the ground. She was glad that he was still holding onto her waist as she wasn't sure that her knees could have taken her full weight. Colette had never had an experience like this, where she felt heady and out of control and completely in love with it. His hand around hers and eyes ripping away from her reminded her of exacty where they were, and where they were going. She lowered her gaze to the dust, blushing slightly at the thought that passion had so entirely consumed her. It wasn't until they hit her driveway that her heartbeat slowed, and she wondered if that was remotely healthy. She was about to stop him, not wanting to make him walk all the way up the drive but she still wasn't sure what her voice was going to sound like. Colette tried to convince herself that she was being absolutely ridiculous, that it had just been a kiss. But when their eyes found each other again in the porch light she knew it was so much more. It had seared her heart to his, in the most wonderful way possible. Colette had to think for a moment, had to remember that she had a world apart from Roman. Completely and entirely separate from him. And didn't like it at all. "My last lesson is around two," she said after a moment, her voice the same natural, soft cadence as usual, "So probably around 2:30?"
  11. Oh Nostalgia

    They could have kissed for eternity and Colette wasn't sure that she could ever have her fill. She knew that from then on, all bets were off, she could kiss him whenever, wherever. He was hers and she was completely and utterly his. Whether he liked it or not. Her lips tried to follow his when he finally pulled away but she settled back with a smile as his eyes found hers. The air suddenly felt cold compared to the heat that had just passed between the two of them. It sizzled still, crackling between the small space between them, making her ache for him again. But she just bit at her bottom lip as they stared at each other, resisting the urge. Her heart beat, she was sure, would never be regular again, not with how hard it was pounding inside of its cage right then. Even though the kiss and Roman in general, made her feel like her heart was finally freed. Her fingers slowly unfurled from his shirt, an apologetic glint in her grin when she noticed the wrinkles that seemed to radiate outward as it rested against his solid chest to see if his heart beat echoed hers. Colette had only kissed a handful of boys, but she knew that it would be impossible for it to feel like that with anyone else. No matter how she tried, she couldn't seem to get all the fog out of her head and didn't trust her voice to not waver with need or breathlessness. Instead, she just stood there, staring up at him with her wide brown eyes, trying to catch her breath - and her senses.
  12. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette wondered if she had said too much, if she would scare him off. But she remembered the cemetery, she remembered him telling her how much she meant to him and she knew that it wasn't too forward. She was unsure of how he would respond though, if he would try and pass it off as a joke or tease her endlessly about it. What she hadn't been expecting was for him to stop walking. Her heart sank when he did. Before she could glance over at him and apologize, or back pedal, his fingers were tight around her waist and her feet were off the dusty road. And her lips were against his, she gasped softly around them, not expecting the gesture. Every daydream she'd slipped into over the past few days was nothing compared to this perfect moment. The feelings that rolled through her would have knocked her off her feet if she wasn't already in his arms. Colette had no control over her body or her mind, acting with a passion she didn't even know she possessed. Every longing glance and ache of desire was being answered right then. Her fingers wound their way through his hair and her other hand dug into the material of his shirt by his shoulder, knotting the fabric tightly. His lips were impossibly soft, especially compared to the solidness of the body she was pressed against. Her mind felt dizzy and foggy, as she moved her lips against his for a long moment. A car could have come screeching toward them right then and she wasn't sure she would be aware enough to move out of the way. Colette pulled away slightly, but found herself unable to say anything and pressed her lips back against his, pressing her body more tightly into him. And then, something, in the farthest recess of her head broke through the fog, reminding her that this was not how a lady should be acting; kissing a boy she hardly knew in the middle of a dark street. But she shoved the voice away, it wasn't a boy she hardly knew, it was Roman. Her Roman. And she didn't have the power to even want to pull herself away from him.
  13. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette loved his laugh, the ease of the blissful noise that touched her heart, wishing she could always make him do it. She chuckled as his comment, knowing that it was true, but she had a feeling that it didn't have enough movement for her. Being alone with her thoughts was not something that had ever interested her, she preferred movement and noise. All the other activities he had mentioned were things that sounded like the could be fun, but she was doubtful about fishing. But she knew, without even having to think about it too long, that if he ever asked her to come she would agree without hesitation. The silence that fell between them was light and relaxed. Just as she was about to drop her gaze from him, his voice broke through. His question made her think. Really think. She didn't want to answer him flippantly or just tell him something. She knew that he would probably scoff at the things she had thought were risky before she had come there, sneaking out, lying about where she was going, things that portrayed her more of a spoiled brat than a risk taker. It wasn't until she got there that she even knew what risk was. "Falling for you," she said, her voice tender but firm, daring him to question her. Falling for Roman wasn't part of the plan, and going against the plan wasn't something that she had even pondered doing. It opened the doors to hurt and pain that she was positive she had never experienced. Everything about falling in love with him was risky; her father's impending disapproval, the goodbye at the end of the summer. Nothing except being together was really simple about it.
  14. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette couldn't even pretend to be hurt or upset by his comment, it was completely true. The activities that had filled her free time up until that summer had always been mandated or important to someone so she had willingly complied. It wasn't until she had arrived at Seabrook that she was even aware that not all teenagers were raised without education and manners as the forefront of their parent's desires. She liked the freedom that seemed to come from the other option, the ability to be yourself and find activities that you actually enjoyed. Not that she was bitter toward her upbringing, she was thankful for the lifestyle afforded to her and she didn't mind anything that she had to do. Plus, the balls and other gatherings in Charleston could be interesting. His eyes were seemed to sear her and she instantly turned to look at him, longing to see the green of his blackened eyes. His smirk was easily read and she couldn't help but shake her head with a small laugh. "No one said anything about fun," she reminded him with a genial grin, suddenly grateful for the darkness to hide the mixture of emotions in her eyes. What did she like doing? For fun? Time for fun had never been a part of the plan that her dad had set out for her. There had been a time when piano and music in general had been enjoyable, but between all the lessons and the necessity for it to be at a certain par, it had lost some of its attraction. "Although, nothing about sitting on a stump waiting for a fish seems very fun to me," she said with a flash of her teeth. Colette didn't want to look away from him, even though she knew that not watching the road would more than likely end up in her stumbling and looking stupid, studying him in the intimate lighting of nighttime was well worth it.
  15. Oh Nostalgia

    Colette watched him as he spoke, unable to read his expression from the distance in the dark, but she could tell, by his tone, that he was reflecting on memories as he spoke. Memories that she wanted to know. She hadn't done any of the things that he had just listed off, and was somewhat discouraged by how little their likes seemed to line up. But, she reminded herself, she'd never actually had the opportunity to do any of the things he was talking about and didn't really know whether or not she would enjoy them. And the Henry he kept mentioning was someone who she longed to meet, knowing she would like him if only because Roman did. She considered his question mildly as she lithely finished the log, stepping down to cross back over to him. Until this summer she hadn't had that much free time. Her father had made sure that all her time and attention was spent on her studies and making sure that she made it into society with high social graces. Colette picked his hand up again as they began walking. "Well," she said thoughtfully, "I spend a lot of time reading, for classes mainly, but occasionally something my Father recommends. I'll go shopping or have a meal with a friend. Sometimes Maudlin and I will take a walk on the beach." She trailed off, knowing that she probably sounded awfully dull in comparison to his semi-adventurous activities.