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  1. Trail Ride The Grand Canyon.

    Ive ridden in forests, in mountains & on beaches but I would do anything to be able to ride desserts & canyons! ugh!! Hopefully when Im older I will have the time to do it! But right now with 2 jobs & a toddler Im lucky to get out in my back yard for a ride, much less go across the country. I was supposed to go this year to montana but my sons epilepsy starting giving us a fit & we couldnt travel that far or for that long, too big a risk to not be near his specialist. I am so envious of those pics!!!
  2. Phone App To Track Trails

    Does anybody know an app like this for blackberry! I cant find 1!
  3. Beach Riding For The First Time

    Hi Shelby! I ride @ Assateague VA all the time! My 5 yo will go in the water as far as I let her go but my 11 year old is scared of the foam! She will get all the way up to it but then snort & blow @ the foam! I can cross over to the bay & she will walk right in! Can you send me info on the spring ride? I might wanna go! Also if you feel like coming up to Assateague we can get together to ride!
  4. Any One Been On An Actha Trail Ride?

    Ive done 1, we turned it into a mini vacation & stayed at the place 4 days & rode before & after the ride. Me & my SO agreed it was 1 of the best trips weve been on & I have traveled alot. Mostly because the hosts were so gracious & helpful. It helped they owned a huge horse farm & B&B with our room on the side of a MTN overlooking our horses in their paddock! The ACTHA rides are not as much about showing off the conditioning of the horses, they are more about your horse being able to do any obstacle thrown at it. I took my young 4 year old & did well, didnt place but she had only about 10 rides on her & we trailered for 6 hours to get there so I was ecstatic that she just did everything. We had to trot a pattern around some tires, go through some hanging vine simulator, gallop up a mountain side (different for my flatland *** lol) weave around obstacle going down hill, which with all the rain the day befor was like a mudslide... also a deep watercrossing & jump a downed tree. I had a blast. I had planned to do more but Ive moved & life got hectic with showing & barrel racing season here too, theres 1 near me next month I am hoping to get to though. I would have changed 2 things, 1 alot of the competitors were students of the barn & the judges were instructors & other students & Im not exactly sure it was completely unbiased, the other was the beginning wasnt too organized we got sent out atleast an hour late because we were waiting for said students to arrive, which after they did we overheard them talking about being out partying the night before so we started late due too hangovers apparently. That was frustrating but once we got started riding I forgot all about it & had a great time!
  5. Clipping White On A Paint Horse?

    I realize this is really late but the last issue of paint horse journal had all you need to know about clipping the white & all that on a paint horse! If you can get ahold of 1 it might help ya!
  6. English Apparel

    Thanks, I saw the sale Dover is having & I am getting ready to order some breeches right now! I am so over riding in my western jeans, I keep getting rubbed in all the wrong places!
  7. English Apparel

    I am a western rider, not turning English but Adding English, LOL, after getting a terrible burn on my leg from leather stirrups rubbing & deciding that I like it enough to keep @ it I want to get the appropriate apparel. Reccomendations on good catalogs to order from would be greatly appreciated, I have already ordered the dover saddlery catalog!
  8. This Weekends Videos :)

    Guessing thats either mom or a big sister yelling in the back ground! They must be very proud of you! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Need Some Opinions

    Hey Hey Hey I totally second that!!! But I dont need boarding, make a membership so I can just trailer up & use the facilities! LOL!
  10. First Judged Pleasure Ride Is Sunday!

    Yes, I believe it is the same as trail trials! The website has no rules or anything! There is a flyer, with location, date & ride out time, the classes are youth novice & open, appx 6 miles & 10-12 obstacles I believe it said. I am also taking my baby brother, he is only 11, this is his first competition in any event! Except when he was little I lead lined him at some game shows! I am more excited for him than me! I cant wait! Thanks for all the replies & advice!
  11. First Judged Pleasure Ride Is Sunday!

    Sunday will be my first judged pleasure ride. I am going to tackle it just like a normal trail ride I guess! I think I have my young mare ready for almost anything they can throw at us... Im not looking to win I just dont wanna look like an *** out there either! What can I expect to see possibly as far as the obstacles? I went out with spirit this morning & freshened up on side passing, backing, turning on her haunches, still havent got turning on the forehand though. I may have to get someone to come out for a day or 2 to try to teach her another way cuz no matter what I do shes confused when I ask her for that from the saddle.... I been working on the bombproofing program w her & today I rode her with a flag wrapped around her ears & over her eyes she didnt care just walked slower than usual!! If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it! What to expect? What to bring? Also since its a pleasure ride theres no certain way of dressing expected is there? Its supposed to be in the 70s this weekend so was just gonna wear my normal jeans, tshirt & boots, is that ok?? Thanks in advance!
  12. Gps

    Thanks everyone! I am going to look into the ones mentioned & see what would be best for us!
  13. Cctr Oct '09

    Looks like alot of fun despite the rain! & I love the little mule!
  14. Gps

    Yeah thats kind of what I was thinking!But even though Im grown my mother is still on me about what I want for christmas & she never buys me stuff for the horses because she says we have too much already so what else is there really?! Was thinking I might tell her I wanted the gps & since its not tack I might actually get it!! :tongue9:
  15. Gps

    Been doing alot of trail riding in new places & after getting "kind of" lost was thinking about purchasing one just in case it ever really happened. The situation was after riding for 7 hours we found out the trail had been washed away, no notice anywhere! We didnt want to back track for 7 seven hours because it would of beenm well after dark! Well I knew I had heard cars so we started riding in that direction! When we came out to the road I put the address of where we had parked in my phone & we used the navigator to get us back to the truck! Lol, embarassing.... Anyway... if any of you use them please make reccommendations! Thanks!