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  1. oooooh my bf lives there. That would be nice if it was managable. Heck yes :)
  2. Mare Stare

    http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=starlight looks like she is going to go soon. has layed down and doing some kicking and holding tail to the side
  3. Book Recommendations

    Thank you!
  4. Book Recommendations

    I've decided I'm taking my horses feet into my own hands and trimming them myself since they're never shod except for my barrel horse even then its rare. I need the best books to help me learn how to do this properly and must have some good pictures and illustrations. I also would like your help with a horse I'm working with. I will take pics soon and put them on here. I trust you all more than any local farriers. Thanks in advance!
  5. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    Hey all! Miss all of you. Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holidays. I've been riding nearly everyday and have picked up a horse to train and giving lessons for some side money :).
  6. State Shotglasses

    i'd be interested. i collect shot glasses
  7. Not Sure What To Do

    dman! honey....give them **** and get your money. Lots of hugs....mmm cookies are good. I remember when the accident happend. Hope your healing and feeling better as time goes on.
  8. Can You Look At These Injury Photos?

    Completely agree with above poster
  9. Scout Sold

    Hope he does well though, he is one of my favorites.
  10. Marriage

    I don't know if I'll ever get married again. And I'm only 23. It was truly that awful for ME, maybe not other people, but for me.
  11. I did the EXACT to the t same thing!!! Get some Pert or Head N Shoulders cleasing and wash your hair with it BUT leave it in at least ten minutes before you rinse it out. It will come out I guarantee! :) pics please!! muahahaha lol
  12. Thank You!

    I've been riding for nearly 10 years and I still take a lesson every chance I get. Everything from English to Western pleasure....expanding my knowledge base and keeping an open mind. Am I a perfect rider? Absolutely not nor would I ever claim to be. Riding is a ever-going education experience. Everyone can benefit from a qualified trainer for lessons. Pick yourself up off the floor from that childish tantrum you just threw and find somewhere to take some riding lessons. Doesn't make you a bad rider, it makes you a smart one. Good luck
  13. Can Someone Find Lynn's Topic For Tails?

    hahahaha probably for that super super cute QH mare she has named Star
  14. How Do You Deal With Spiderwebs In Your Barn?

    ^^This this absolutely this!! :rotf: LMAO!!
  15. Reminising, Mo's Baby Girl, Growing Up With Riding

    lovely! Absolutely amazing. Such a lucky and blessed girl :)