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  1. Nikki- Admins- Spam Post

    Thanks! Next time could you please "report" the post? I don't always see threads like this and that way another Admin can hit it as well.
  2. It's a word censor. It's not a picture censor.
  3. It's a spam bot, not a real person. It's a program written to spam any given forum with oodles of posts. It's gone now. That's the first one I've seen in about two years here. Needless to say I'm not very impressed with the software change.
  4. Dance Battle With Your Horse.

    Now we know why you own mares! Ha ha! Do they get their hooves painted?
  5. 2013 Fashion Trend In The Hunter Ring?

    I like it. It would look great with my big red ponytail. But I also think Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum's red boots are stunningly beautiful. I'm not into sparkly stuff but I could do paisley.
  6. Hyperlipemia In Mules And Donkeys

    I thought I'd post this here because it pertains to our long-eared friends and I'm guessing it might be a good FYI sort of thing. Dr. Juliet Getty wrote this article on "fat" for our health section and this was a question posed to her after publishing it... I didn't know about Hyperlipemia and I think our donkey has it for sure. Find out about Dr. Getty and read more here >>
  7. Why Can't I Copy/paste?

    Some websites don't allow you to copy things. If you are copying from an outside source I can't help you. It's either an issue with the site or your browser/device. I don't know why GCC is not the same as the other forums here on HC. They all "act" the same. I guess it depends on where you are pulling the content from?
  8. Thank You Nikki!

    No problem. I knew it was an easy fix, I just couldn't find it!
  9. Why Can't I Copy/paste?

    You need to be much more specific. What are you trying to copy? An article?
  10. Why a pony for Christmas might be a bad idea. Ha ha ha! :rotf: Ponies can be SO naughty!
  11. FYI - Nutrena's site says: "All Nutrena horse feeds contain soy in varying amounts." I pulled a bit of older info from Dr. Juliet Getty's site She regularly contributes some great articles to and I don't think she will mind me mentioning this: I'm going to email her since we just talked this week and see if she will contribute to this thread a little. She always stresses the importance of the Omega 3s and I think that my horses have always done better with that supplemented as well.
  12. Here's the numbers on each: Guaranteed Analysis ? EquiPride Crude Protein, Min. 14.00% NPN Max (AS) 0.55% Crude Fat, Min. 5.50% Crude Fiber, Max. 5.50% ADF Fiber, Max 8.50% Calcium (Ca), Min. 1.00% Calcium (Ca), Max. 1.50% Phosphorus (P), Min. 1.25% Salt (NaCl), Min. 7.50% Salt (NaCl), Max. 9.00% Magnesium (Mg), Min. 1.50% Potassium (K), Min. 1.10% Sulfur (S), Min. 0.25% Fluorine, Max 0.8 ppm Copper (Cu), Min. 500 ppm Selenium (Se), Min. 5 ppm Zinc (Zn), Min 1,000 ppm Iron (Fe), Min. 350 ppm Manganese (Mn), Min. 750 ppm Iodine (I), Min. 8 ppm Cobalt (Co), Min. 4 ppm Biotin, Min 18 mg/lb Omega 3 fatty acid, Min. 5,500 ppm Vitamin A, Min 100,000 IU/lb Vitamin D, Min 20,000 IU/lb Vitamin E, Min 350 IU/lb Guaranteed Analysis - McCauley's? M10 Balancer? (Contains beet pulp, flaxseed and rice bran) Crude Protein, minimum -- 10.0% Crude Fat, minimum -- 5.0% Crude Fiber, maximum -- 14.0% Calcium, minimum -- 2.8% Calcium, maximum -- 3.3% Phosphorus, minimum -- 1.4% Salt, minimum -- 1.0% Salt, maximum -- 1.5% Copper, minimum -- 180 ppm Selenium, minimum -- 2.0 ppm Zinc, minimum -- 500 ppm Vitamin A, minimum -- 20,000 IU/lb Vitamin D, minimum -- 4,000 IU/lb Vitamin E, minimum -- 500 IU/lb Vitamin K Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Choline Folic Acid d-Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B12 Magnesium Cobalt Iodine Iron Manganese The Protein and Fiber are a bit different, as are the vitamins. The Equipride has Omega 3 which might mean a difference for your mare. Equipride is a "top dress" while the McCauley's is a pelleted balancer. Is that what you are going for?
  13. Sorry Folks!

    No Heidi it's not. We appear to be up FOR NOW... My apologies for the lack of service here. We don't host the BB or run the software so we're at their mercy. They keep telling me it's "fixed" and then it breaks again.
  14. What The Heck Is Wrong With The Hc Contest?

    We've been tinkering around with this a bit more. Could the folks that had issues test it again? Unfortunately I've been unable to duplicate any issues on my side. Thanks!!!
  15. Sorry Folks!

    Sorry we've been up and down so much. My email has been down and we had to unexpectedly change servers and it didn't go as well as planned. We should be back up fine now but you might see some additional changes as we upgrade some software stuff. Thanks for your patience!