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  1. New Stuff For

    Poor DraftHorse... your brain is probably frozen, that's why you are such a good girl! [Duh] Mine is newly thawed from the frozen tundra. Still in my adjustment period but I LOVE the heat! I'll still like you because you're a "drafty". I love my big guy!
  2. New Stuff For

    Char is same as usual. I doubt anyone will notice much change on the BB. I just want to add more fun stuff to the site. You will notice more changes there than anything.
  3. Smileys Have Moved Again - Gah..

    I'll go after her with a pulling comb, don't worry.
  4. Smileys Have Moved Again - Gah..

    The emoticons menu is different if you click "fast reply" or "add reply" and it depends on your browser. Sorry it's so hard!
  5. New Stuff For

    I almost forgot... the necessary bribe is dark chocolate, and not the cheap kind either. [Jump]
  6. New Stuff For

    [Not Worthy] Those happy pills are working well for you then, heh? [ROTFL]
  7. Thanks Tuck! I'm happy to be here. :)

  8. Thanks!! :)

    I just LOVE your horse!

  9. Polo Horse Update As To Why

    This is the feature story on HorseCity right now. My sincerest condolences to all involved.