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  1. Hello From Texas

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. New From Ok

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Help -- Account Problem

    Please email me the info you "think" it might be (login name and email) and we can see if we can figure it out -
  4. New Here

    Welcome to the Forums!
  5. Thank You

    Congrats and thanks for sharing Breezy Bluff! We hope you enjoy all your fun "goodies" from Equibrand and Classic Equine! And welcome to the forums!
  6. Pictures In Signatures

    Hey folks!! You will notice that with our new site design that the "look" of the BB is slowly changing to a new green and other elements are changing as well. It will still function the same, just new look. With this said ... we need to cut down on the giant signature pictures. Some are getting pretty wild. Please keep them "conservative" so that we don't have loading and scrolling issues. Pictures should never be more than 600 pixels wide (or less is fine too) and the length (height) should be limited to 150 or so. If you need help resizing let me know. Or ... there are some really good folks on the "Horse Fun/Art" forum that can help you out. Thank you for your understanding!
  7. Pictures In Signatures

    I'm seeing a whole bunch of giant signatures again. PLEASE PLEASE make them smaller! We love that you love to share but put more info in your profile "About Me" instead of your signatures. Life stories are not really appropriate in a signature. No more than 600 pixels wide and length (height) should be limited to 150 or so. Thank you!
  8. How To Delete Posts?

    Same place it's always been .... To delete a POST - click the "delete" on the bottom of it. To delete a TOPIC - scroll to the very bottom (on the last page if it has multiple) and toggle "Topic Moderation" and click "Delete this topic" (you must be the originator of the topic to delete it.)
  9. About This..."warn Status"...thing

    And if we were all the same the world would be boring!
  10. Introducing Seven

    They are adorable Mudder! Congrats on the new project. Sounds like he's already coming along just fine and settled in. Keep us updated and don't stay away.
  11. Wish Me Luck...

    Good luck!
  12. About This..."warn Status"...thing

    Yup it stays. It's truly the only way to distinguish (visually on the account) who has ever gotten one in the past. It's more for "reference" than anything. It's not like a scarlet letter, don't worry. I'm sorry you feel like it's staring at you. Maybe you could embrace the imperfection? There's quite a few members that have them ... if that makes you feel any better.
  13. Video From Linda Allen Clinic I Rode In This Weekend.

    I really enjoyed the clinic! The exercises she had us doing were all about challenging without overwhelming the horse or rider. She was gracious with our mistakes and made it a true training experience. She was welcoming with our questions and I really felt how I could apply the techniques to my every-day rides and how I could make them more complicated to advance them further. BTW ... that's me on the giant orangutan standing awkwardly with the black shirt. The clinic was done by Ann Thal and it was VERY well-run and the facility was immaculate. I was really impressed and can't wait to attend the next one!
  14. Horse Owners On Government Assistance

    I'm just seeing this topic now as I've been out of the office for a while. Please refrain from making personal attacks. While I understand it may be difficult to debate without talking about personal perspective, lets do our best not to start a train wreck. I think most of us can see all sides to this "debate" and I'd like to keep it open so they can all be discussed - in a civil way. My personal sidenote: I was thinking the other day that being a "good person" seems to be a lost art. There are folks that do things "because no one was looking" or because they can get away with it. To me, that doesn't mean it's "right". Maybe they just don't care? But they sure ruin it for the rest of the good folks of the world. The debate board is not the judge and jury of what makes a person eligible for financial assistance from the state or federal government, and we aren't the ones to take it away either. As most of these internet debates go, I'm sure there's a lot "in the details" that we will never know about (any and all) situations. I'm no expert on financial assistance but I'm sure there's some sort of audit policy that happens from time to time to make it all legit - at least I hope so anyway. I've "heard" of a few people that get around the rules of unemployment payments and still earn a good living. I've also met people that desperately needed assistance in a very legit way and could not get it. Is the issue with how the programs are run? How they are followed through?
  15. Wound Won't Heal... Thoughts?

    The obvious solicitation by this user was addressed a few weeks ago. If it continues please let me know.
  16. Tallest Horse In The World?

    Woah that is a big horse!! Full story is here:
  17. We Competed At Our First Horse Trial!

    Epic water shot! Love it!
  18. This Place Is Dead

    psmitty and I are doing the Linda Allen clinic this weekend with our greenies. I'm looking forward to it. My pony got new shoes and body clipped and I've been prepping by riding without stirrups all week. I'll try to get someone to take pics or video of us.
  19. Tallest Horse In The World?

    I groaned last night when my feet hit the ground from dismounting my 18-hand beast. I can't even imagine if he was 20 hands! Eeeeek! Parachute anyone? I wonder if she even rides him? My legs hurt just thinking about it!
  20. What Age Can A Child Be "safely" Left Home Alone?

    FYI - Post #22 (now deleted) was a spammer and that is why this post from a while back got bumped to the top.
  21. Full article here: In case you missed the media coverage last week there is also links in the article to the ABC News coverage of the abuse in the industry. **warning the video is graphic**
  22. Will There Ever Be Another Triple Crown Winner?

    Hmmm... two down, one to go! Can he do it?
  23. From CNN's Human Factor: Krystal Greco, 16, shares her story about pursuing her passion despite a life-changing injury. What an inspiration!
  24. Can Someone Please Help?

    There is the Hungarian tradition of "shallong" and the Spanish/Baroque "masquero" which is a bridle ornament. Here is an example but there are many ways of making them (leather, beads, hair, etc): ETA: sometimes you can find harness decorations and "buttons" at antique stores that might be fun to use
  25. Fly Mask And Jumping Question

    Some horses have "headshakers" syndrome or photo-sensitivity (sensitive to the sun) and the mask lessens the symptoms. Some horses in the South are severely allergic to the gnats and the mask deters them a bit until they get to the ring. They are usually found with "tears" under their eyes. I've ridden my own horse with a mask on when it gets really bad - but never jumping, only on a trail ride.