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  1. Mcclain Ward And Sapphire

    We have news on too. Just sayin'
  2. I'm a bit of an "old school" horse owner and believe that figuring out issues with my horses (since they can't talk and tell us what is wrong) is sometimes a "trial and error" method. I usually try the least invasive and least-expensive methods before I go for broke on health care. Not all vets follow this method, as some are more invasive right away. I also go on the knowledge that I "know" the horse a bit better than they do since I see them every day. **knock wood** I rarely have a vet call, but when I do, I hate being in conflict with him/her. Have you run into a big disagreement with your vet on treatment? How did you deal with it? Did it end your relationship with that vet? did you seek out a 2nd opinion? Did you end up following their treatment advice? I'm curious how other folks deal with stuff.
  3. Showing In The Pony Classes In The U.s.?

    I was going to say the same thing Lucky said ... it appears to be unrated but follows the USEF and MHJA rules were appropriate. Your best bet is to ask this particular show management because Pony specs for USEF at "A" shows are pretty particular and based on the height of the pony and division they show in. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  4. Horse Industry Survey

    Take the American Horse Publications horse industry survey! Your opinion is important and it helps the health of our animals.
  5. Horse Industry Survey

    One more day to give your responses on this. I believe it closes out the 15th. Thanks everyone!
  6. Ride The Kentucky Derby Winner!

    Check out this video simulator of the Kentucky Derby winner "I'll Have Another"
  7. Need Something To Mix Suppliments Into

    Solicitation and advertising is not allowed on our forums and our member agreement (which you agreed to when you signed up) and rules clearly state that. Your repeated comments on horse health care topics with suggestions of your product is considered solicitation. While we welcome all new members and enjoy your comments, we can't allow the solicitation. Thanks for understanding. I hope you can contribute to our forums in other ways.
  8. What Is (Or Was) For Lunch?

    Tuna sounds good! I had leftover Chicken Parm and pasta from last night's dinner.
  9. Horse Industry Survey

    Thanks! This survey is really important to us and all the other AHP members. They are really trying to have a strong response rate this year. I believe it will be open through the 15th. This is a great way that each horse owner can have a voice and influence the horse industry.
  10. State Shotglasses

    Did you get South Carolina yet? I "thought" you had Georgia and NY but let me know I can get those for you too.
  11. As The World Turns: Equestrian Style

    UK's The Telegraph is reporting "Captain Mark Phillips to divorce for second time after falling for 35-year-old Lauren Hough"
  12. Will There Ever Be Another Triple Crown Winner?

    Alpha is my pick. He was trained right here in Aiken.
  13. Heads Up!

    Oh the things men do to impress the "ladies" I actually heard about a similar situation from a dating site with a friend of mine. It all sounds pretty harmless as long as you do not feel like you or your property is in physical danger from the guy. I'd take it up with local authorities at that point if you feel that way. Good luck
  14. Heads Up!

    Well since I don't really know or understand the situation I can't really comment on it but surely I would not put yourself in harms way, your horses, family or anything. Revenge can be a nasty thing. Internet harassment can be prosecuted by local authorities. I'd look into things a bit more before taking it too far.
  15. Breakdown

    New York Times posted a video ... Breakdown: Death and disarray at America?s racetracks Video by Matthew Orr/The New York Times They are posting an article series on racetracks and here is another one: Your thoughts? Does the betting public know what they are betting on?
  16. Breakdown

    I was wondering about Canterbury as well. When I lived up there it was really popular to go on the riverboat casinos and when racing was in season we went there as well.
  17. This press release came across my desk and I thought (it's a lot of topics) but it might be an interesting discussion: The Future is up for Debate at Alltech?s 2012 Symposium [Lexington, KY] ?The SMART debate at Alltech?s 2012 Symposium will be a dynamic conversation about what?s in store for the future of the world. Alltech?s 28th Annual International Symposium will be held May 20 ? 23 in Lexington, Ky. ?This is our fourth annual debate and promises to be the most compelling, with a hard hitting and no-holds barred discussion of the real challenges facing the food and feed industries,? said Aidan Connolly, vice president of Corporate Accounts at Alltech. Panelists on the SMART debate will be CEO of Concern, based in Ireland, Tom Arnold; Dr. Marcus Vinicius Pratini de Moraes, former minister of Brazil?s agriculture and food supply; Tom Dorr, CEO of Grains Council in Washington, DC; and senior lecturer in business economics at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, Sean Rickard. Topics of the debate will include: How will we feed 9 billion people? Is Africa the new Brazil? What are the implications of the land grab in Africa? Water-The fight for natural resources Protecting the rainforests Educating urbanites about agriculture Dealing with groups hostile to agriculture Solutions for obesity What ?local? really means Looking to 2050?s burgeoning population, Alltech?s 2012 Symposium will focus on ideas for better use of resources, improved business practices and natural nutritional solutions. New in 2012, breakout sessions will include legal, marketing, information technology and designer food in addition to the popular aquaculture, beef, dairy, equine, poultry, pig, pet and regulatory-focused offerings. The event is expected to draw more than 2,500 delegates from around the world, making it the industry?s largest symposium. To secure your place at the 2012 Alltech Annual International Symposium, visit or contact One day rates for Monday and Tuesday are $200 a day, with Wednesday?s session being $125. Join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: #agfuture, and follow Alltech Symposium related news on Alltech?s agriculture and science blog -Ends- I feel the fading away of family farms has changed the way we feed ourselves - especially as "fast food" increases and takes over our daily lives. Do you purchase "local" food? Do you think organic foods are an unsupported trend or do you support them?
  18. Dressage Tests In Germany?

    Oh yeah... forgot to mention. I think you go through your current USDF membership to apply to compete outside the U.S. too. Then somehow the points will transfer? If you want them to, of course, otherwise I don't think it matters. I think it depends on the level you compete as well. Have fun!
  19. Wiffle Bat To Trailer Load A Horse?

    It's in the "bad word filter" now Epona.
  20. Dressage Tests In Germany?

    The tests in Europe are done by "class" and each one has a letter. This describes them a little bit if you scroll down to the Dressage portion: I guess you might equate L and M to about 3rd-4th level in the USDF tests. But it's hard to say because it's so different. They have young horse tests too. The FEI tests are here:
  21. Anyone At Rolex?

    Would love to hear your stories and see pics!
  22. Amateurs As Judges

    A bunch of friends an I were sitting around the Hunter ring with an open gate this weekend and rather bored. We started talking about USEF/USHJA allowing amateurs to get a judges card. We seemed pretty 50/50 divided on who liked it and who didn't. One friend said she didn't feel some Amateurs had enough experience to have an opinion to be a Hunter judge. I commented back that I felt some trainers didn't even have enough experience to be training, so how is that much different? I realize the judges cards are not just "handed over" and they need to go through a strict process to obtain one, but it was an interesting conversation. What are your thoughts?
  23. Girth Cam.

    I think I got vertigo from watching that!
  24. Easing Horses On To Green Pastures

    Great article on this here:
  25. There are quite a few videos online of this demonstration. Did anyone see it in real life? I'd love to know the real story behind the stallion ... and how bad his behavior really is. This video just shows "snippets" of what happened so I'm not sure what to believe. [Question]