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  1. My experience with Apps has been all good. Kind, strong, smart and personality. I got my first when I was 12 and he was a 4 year old stallion. He was fantastic as a stallion and, of course, only got better once gelded. I've never looked back and they remain my favorite breed/type of horse. I'm currently up to my eyeballs in them and, other than some occurrences of cancer on pink skin, I have absolutely no complaints. Breeding counts though. It sounds like your boy is well bred and by well bred, I mean bred for more than spots and am not talking about famous ancestors or successful show relatives. lol
  2. OMG lookie lookie

  3. I figured out pictures!

    You are so sweet. I got taller and wider too. lol Fortunately our pasture is excellent so we are currently feeding only 6 equines twice per day, the rest are on full pasture all year. I clean water containers, feeders, etc. on the weekends for all of the critters and only rinse and fill during the week. My husband feeds the equines in the am on week days and I feed the chickens and cats. Whoever gets home first feeds in the evening and whoever gets up first (usually me) feeds in the am on the weekends. I spend, altogether, at least 30 minutes twice a day with the outside critters and the dogs are all in at night so lots of fetch and cuddles almost every night. I cannot wait to retire and be able to waste all day every day with them! Thanks! They are on large acreage and get no grain. Native grass and mesquites are naturally low sugar and all that walking is great for them. The only ones that ever get too fat and soft are Snow and Smokey, especially Snow. Female mules are almost always air ferns and she is so little it hard not to over feed her. They are not out with the herd because my husband is very over protective with them. lol Thanks. Norm is a hoot. He is still pouty with me because I abandoned him for 2 weeks while I was on vacation.
  4. I figured out pictures!

    Thanks RR. That poor boy and his sister are going to hate their hair. My husband hated his, always wore a cap in high school, and my daughter hates hers. Super thick and super curly. My kids say I make the critters strange but I really think it is just about how much time I spend with them. I swear the dogs and cats and most of the equines can read my mind better than my husband can. lol These animals are the reason I am still mostly sane. Nothing like taking a walk in the herd or sitting on the back steps with the cats to put my feet back on the ground and smile on my face. I have no idea how to get rid of my accidental quote of my own post!
  5. I figured out pictures!

    Thank you Danyel. I am truly blessed.
  6. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    She is really going to be beautiful. Lucky cat to land at your place!
  7. I figured out pictures!

    My son made Chief Petty Officer today. His wife and son got to help pun pin him. I am so proud of him! Edited because they pinned his anchors on and did not "pun" him. lol
  8. I figured out pictures!

    Thanks PD. I have a great life.
  9. So here goes, just a bunch of pictures of my critters and maybe even a few people. This is Twister, my 2018 colt. He is about 4 months old here. He will stay here. He is out of a big App mare and is destined to be a gentle giant of a horse. He is 55" at the hip right now. Tesla, my 2018 filly. Tesla will be given to my son in the spring. She is out of my TB mare and he has a giant soft spot for TBs. My mini donk, Norm, supervising my husband. Norm is quite a guy! I plan to get him registered as a therapy animal and take him to hospitals and such for visits. He has already attended a couple of church camps, rides in the back seat of the car or pickup, is house trained and is a naturally gentle little soul. My Dalmatian, Colt. Trail dog deluxe! My husband and our youngest grand son. 7 months old! No, he is not wearing a wig, he got his granddad's hair. lol Our youngest granddaughter. She is almost four. She was learning to put the feed bags on the critters while we were camping. Blossom is pretty food motivated so more than willing to be the test animal. lol Norm at a church camp eating up the attention. Too many barn cats! Some of you may remember Tomahawk. He is the one on the outside of the panel. He is 23 or 24 this year and still going strong. The one on the inside is the sire to Twister and Tesla. He is going to make a great gelding in another 15 days or so. lol He is a local bred, nothing outstanding in his breeding but he has an excellent temperament and is not hard to look at. I gave in to my husband and bred two mares to him but he will not sire any more, we need a good gelding for my daughter and he is going to be a great one. Norm in the back seat of the car going through the car wash. lol We still have Snow and Smokey! We were trying out the "stagecoach" my husband built. It has a wheelchair ramp and room for two wheelchairs and two people in the back. Some TBT for you. This is me, in the stripes, my sister and my mother playing the piano. The pony is Midnite. He spent a lot of time in the house and was my best friend for many years. This was around 1970. My son that will get Tesla. This is his OTTB, Scout. See the skier behind them? They are skijoring! My niece and her son riding Lucky and Freckles with my daughter and husband up front. Remember Lucky? 2008 foal, I cannot believe he is 10 already. He is a good citizen and I enjoy riding him. Blossom getting mobbed by the JV Cheerleaders just before a Veteran's Day parade. The more they petted, the lower her head got. Her big ol noggin was bigger than most of the girls! This is my 82 year old FIL on a mule he broke last year. She is a smallish mule that was the result of somebody dumping a little jack in our pasture. That is where Havoc came from too, they are 1/2 siblings. Her name is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs or Cloud and she is a fantastic minded little girl. She drives too and will likely learn to pack next year. I'll see if I have better pictures of her. Me with my three sons at the middle one's wedding last March. They make me look short but I am 5'10". My mother getting carried down the stairs by the Village People. A Sailor, a cop, a cowboy and a construction worker! lol I have lots of pictures like this! The first one is in the mountains and the second one is in our pasture. This is Cloud and my FIL. My oldest granddaughter getting checked over by the herd. She is 9 already! Got Food? This is Twister's dam trying to get some attention. Sometimes they think we should pay a toll to drive through their pasture! lol Thirsty equines. Thanks for looking!
  10. Donkey Training

    Freckles, he is 20-something this year, 24 I think/ This is Norm and my husband. Yes, he is standing in my kitchen! Havoc last year. He has faded out some but is still pretty striking. With his dam at about 3 weeks old. Stupid Any of these look familiar?
  11. Donkey Training

    We are pretty careful about how they are fed, none are fat or have any fat pads except Jerry and he came that way. Norm gets grass hay, no feed a the moment. I was feeding him a small amount of mini horse feed as he was weaned a little early IMO at 4 months but I have stopped that. He is pretty fit, wrestles with Smokey all day every day and gets to run around after me and my husband on the weekends. Which one? I have several at the moment: an almost snowcap blanket app, Freckles, an dun app, Stupid and a spotted mule out of a 1/2 arab mare and a frosted spotted jack named Havoc. Those are probably the wildest colored ones. I'll have to see about some pictures!
  12. Donkey Training

    Norm is awesome. I need to try and get some pictures here. He is such a wee little thing and such a big presence! Norm's dam and sire were just the opposite. The jenny was super friendly and loved everybody and the little jack is quite reserved. Unfortunately Norm's dam died about a month ago. I am not sure what happened as she belongs to my MIL and they did not disclose what happened, only told us she died.
  13. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    LOL! He is adorable. Love that he lays all the way out flat like that. Norm, my mini donk, rarely goes all the way out voluntarily. He is still pretty slow to decide he is going to do it at all but, if I am patient, he will lay down with just a verbal command now. I taught him with the rope on one leg and turning his head away. I am trying to perfect my method so I can teach my FIL's saddle mules to lay down for mounting.
  14. Solo got ridden last night!

    Nice! You do such a good job with them.