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  1. Rabbits?

    LOL! That was a great story LC!
  2. Rabbits?

    I don't know what their actual life span is. I only know the two instances I know about. I really like fried rabbit, treated just like fried chicken. It is available in a lot of stores now but very expensive. Maybe I'll have some meat rabbits again some day.
  3. Chipmunks......uggg

    I feel your pain! I live in a pasture where rabbits and rodents of all descriptions flourish. I used to lay in bed an night listening to them chewing my home up from underneath. We had to replace spark plug wires on two vehicles just days apart because the rats chewed them to pieces over night. Over ONE night! Rabbits chewed holes in every water hose and every faucet post on the place the first winter we were there. They also chewed holes in the PVC water pipes under the house and made nests in my stored hay. I trapped a lot of them but the field rats are big guys and they were carrying my traps off. Rabbits, yes folks, cotton tail rabbits, also carry the traps off. Turns out they like cheese and peanut butter just as much as rats and mice. Even when I staked the traps down, they would disappear. Live traps work but are a pain because I then have to dispatch the critter caught and I refuse to use poison of any sort. It is a lot of trouble when I was trapping 10 or more rats and rabbits every night. Without any deterrent, they just kept coming to a steady food source in my hay and chicken feed. No way to keep them out of the chicken feeder and still feed the chickens and no way to keep them out of the wheat hay or hay grazer we often bought for winter. Cats are my long term solution. I feed them very well and they still hunt constantly. I don't have any rodents, rabbits, snakes, bugs, and very few sparrows within 50 yards of my home due to the cats. I started with 5 kittens my mother found at the cemetery when she went to "visit" my dad. That was 15 years ago! I only have some fixed, mostly get the males neutered, so they have kittens every now and then. They are not pets but not quite feral and I keep them healthy and their numbers under control. The mortality rate is pretty high, nothing I can do about coyotes, owls, hawks, the occasional stray dog or mules/donkeys, but they are very effective at what they do. I live far enough away from any public roadway to avoid them being run over. They don't run off very often, I think they like the food! I have house cats that do not go outside except in their specially designed cage they access form the window. They have no contact with the outside cats since the cage is in the front yard and the dogs keep the outside cats out of the yard. They have no rodent control duties since the outside cats don't let anything get to the house! I have to buy them toys to play with. The outside cats, I can't call them barn cats since I don't really have a barn, live under the house for the most part. I feed them 4Health (a Tractor Supply brand) dry and canned food. I give them two small cans of wet food every morning and about 10 cups of dry. I feed an additional 4 cups of dry in the evening. They are fat, soft and shiny! I give them canned food in the morning so I can get a look at them, handle any kittens a little bit and keep them coming up so they don't get hurt under one of the vehicles as we come and go for work and such. They hang around the back porch until I come out and feed them so they are not under the vehicles. We, unfortunately killed a lot of cats before I figured out how to do this. I have about 15 cats right now which is about the right number for the amount of territory they defend for me. One un-neutered male, four adult females but two are unable to complete a prenancy for some reason and two 1/2 grown litters of 4 and 6 kittens. I need to catch kittens and get them fixed or re-homed soon. I try to keep two or three females that can breed and only one tom. The one I have now and the one previous are very good with the kittens and do not tolerate any stray males hanging around. They leave the male kittens alone if I get them neutered young but those guys are not good hunters, the females are voracious hunters even when well fed! I try to give the males away once I get them neutered since they tend to be free-loaders. They give me a chance to train any of my dogs to leave the cats alone. Good training for dogs I often take to town or camping with me. Between the cats and the chickens, my dogs learn Leave it! pretty quickly. Sorry for the novel. I get a lot of flack from folks for letting the cats breed but the local shelter will not let me adopt cats if I don't promise to keep them indoors. I always feel like I have to explain my set up and practices to keep from being labeled an abuser.
  4. Rabbits?

    I've known them to live 10 years and I had Annabel for 8 years. I do not know how old she was when I got her, she was full grown though. My vet treats rabbits! My daughter had one that got his toe injured somehow and the vet had to amputate it. He warned they were super sensitive to anesthesia and he was going to have to do some research to refresh him memory before the surgery. It was successful and the rabbit, I cannot remember his name to save me, lived for several more years. He was housed outside, she already had two dogs, a cat, three red eared sliders and 2 box turtles in the house. My husband made her rabbit cages, she had two left over from FFA, and they were grizzly proof! She did take the rabbits to the yard regularly and they came in the house every once in a while. My house is not really a place for animals that are easily startled though, lots of activity all of the time.
  5. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    We are all good, thanks for asking. I have missed your stories and adventures.
  6. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    Hello LC! Long time no see.
  7. Rabbits?

    I've never had a rabbit spayed but I don't know why it would not work the same as with other species if it is a total spay.
  8. The puppies are born!

    Nothing wrong with a training collar. I used one with my Dalmatian to stop him from barking after telling him to stop. We only needed it when we took him trail riding with us and then only used it for two trips. He is rock solid about it now without the collar. This only works with some dogs and in some circumstances. It will escalate the behavior in some and will cause others to retreat and become extremely submissive. Timing and technique have to be almost perfect for this to be successful. Not for the faint of heart and should not be employed without supervision form someone that knows what they are doing at first. Nice! They get so attached and want to please so they don't like to not be acknowledged. Good job figuring out what to do. They are all different for sure. He is a lovely boy.
  9. The puppies are born!

    He is getting quite handsome! I understand the puppy teeth. I am babysitting my FIL's new pup. She is 1/2 GSD and 1/2 Maligator. I look like I have been juggling chain saws. She has GSD coloring and will most likely end up tan with a black saddle, GSD tendency to talk , GSD smart and wants to please (although those can be Malinois tendencies too), Mal energy and focus and a very quick temper, Mal ears and tail and GSD feet. Right now it is like having a Velociraptor in the house. I alternate cramming my arm in her mouth, telling her no and pushing her away, making her sit and be still before I touch her, telling her no and giving her a toy then interacting with her. All are somewhat effective but, at only 7 weeks old, she forgets and bites. I have a scab on my face where she got me this morning, one on my neck where she got me last night and multiple scratches and scabs on my hands and arms. You would think I would stop holding her where she could get my face or neck! Puppy breath though, I love it!
  10. Rabbits?

    Rabbits are fantastic pets, I had a French Lop named Annabel when I was a kid. My mother had two angora rabbits, Buns and Jennifur that were house rabbits. They were paper trained and much to large and confident for the dogs to mess with! The hair on those two was spectacular and very hard to keep mat free but they were a pretty cool pair of pets anyway. If you let them interact with wire between, they should get along famously. Even entire males can share space if they have enough room. Psyco and Vinny have won the rabbit lottery by landing at your place for sure!
  11. The puppies are born!

    He is a handsome dude equi. What did your vet say about the puppy shots? Mine advised to start over since I had not proof from a vet of the shots. The breeder provided a diary of shots and de-worming, sounds like, the same as yours. I hope you get the runs under control quickly. I'm looking forward to following your journey with him!

  13. Whoaaaa...it let me in!

    I've been hanging around here a little bit, a very little bit. It is nice to see some folks here for sure!
  14. Lift the slaughter ban?

    On the other hand jubal, if they get those 40,000+ mustangs in holding off the feed bill, that money could be used elsewhere. I am pro slaughter, always have been, so I see this as a step in the right direction. If slaughter becomes available for equines, it will boost the value of them. A lot of rescues and the free to good home stuff will go away as well as people keeping them until they are starving then dumping them in my pasture because they have no other options.
  15. North American Spotted Haflingers?

    What is this? "2001 tricolor bay alpha homozygous tobiano stallion." The horse is bay and, apparently, tobiano. I have no idea what tricolor or alpha have to do with it? Credence is ruined by this stuff.