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  1. Silly Trot Question...

    Yep. I sit the ones I can sit and post the one's that are too uncomfortable. I would rather sit than post as posting is way too much work for me but sometimes I just have to! A long trot for several miles on rough terrain will have me doing a combination, sit a few strides then post a few strides!
  2. What is your horse's home like?

    These barn pictures make me a little envious. Mine are 100% pasture unless I need them penned up for some reason. My pasture, partly owned and partly leased, is 1200 acres so if I need to see one regularly, they have to be penned up. I sometimes don't see them for a week or more is my work schedule is crazy. There are pros for sure, I have a very healthy herd that gets lots of movement and has very good forage even in bad rain years. They are fat but I have had no trouble with founder, laminitis or IR. They keep themselves in good enough shape, I can catch them up and work cattle or ride in the mountains without a bunch of legging up before hand. Very low incidence of parasites because of the wide open spaces they graze on. There are cons too. I don't get to see them all of the time. It can be a process to check on them, 1200 acres is a lot of land to go looking. Even my large herd can be hard to spot and it is next to impossible to find them after dark. If one gets injured, it may be several days before we see it. Trespassing is common so we find people's trash as well as their cast off animals all of the time. Everything from folks letting raptors hunt, prairie dog shooters, bird hunters, couples sparking, kids drinking, trash dumpers and thieves. We get them all. I would not trade it for anything though.
  3. We have our first joust this weekend

    Amazing pictures! I think that would have been a blast in my younger years, not so much now. The pony has matured really nicely!
  4. Shampoo Conditioner Ratio

    I have long, thick but fine hair, not straight but not curly. I use more conditioner than shampoo because I only shampoo the scalp/roots but I condition all the way to the ends. I have been using these products for several months and am really happy with them and with my hair. I only wash my hair about twice a week and use only about a couple of teaspoons of shampoos and a couple of tablespoons of conditioner. I can almost sit on my hair, it touches my chair seat when I am sitting, and washing it is a project. With this stuff, my hair does not get oily and still smells fresh and clean after 4 or 5 days. Less hair is coming out when I brush/comb it and I feel better about what is going down the drain. It does rinse easily even in my hard well water and is available in several varieties. The conditioner says not to use it on the roots but I do and have no trouble. It does not leave that slick feeling on wet hair but it de-tangles my mop just fine and my hair is supper soft and very shiny. Shiny is not bad for a strawberry blonde!
  5. Are horsepeople truly nuts?

    1 equine away from becoming a hoarder. Crazy equine lady? I have more unemployed equines than I do employed ones yet I keep them, keep feeding and vetting them and keep saying we will get them broke some day. Maybe.
  6. Sorrows

    Bouviers are great dogs but they do have a lot of hair. I stripped mine while I was showing him but resorted to clipping when we stopped showing. It was easier on both of us and, since he lived in the house, the waterproofing/weatherproofing in his outer coat did not matter anymore. Huggy Bear was, as his name implies, a lover of all people but would stand his ground when needed. Big, booming bark, and at 100+lbs, he was imposing to say the least. Mine had very low drive as he was produced by a breeder of bench dogs, the working dogs from working lines have much better drive and are good stock dogs when trained properly. They tend to be quite heavy boned and between heavy stature and heavy coat are not well suited for the heat in my opinion. When we were looking for a trail dog after our Malinois passed, we narrowed it down to a Dobie or a Dalmatian. I have had several Dobies and love them but the appeal of the Dalmatian won and that is what I have now. I was looking for a short coated, light colored working dog that would have the stamina to stay with the mules in the mountains and would not be too scary to other folks in the camp grounds. I would not have cropped ears on the Dobie, no cropped tail if I got to the breeder early enough to stop it. I don't really have anything against tail or ear cropping, I just like the natural look and think they are less imposing when I am out in public with them. I may still get a Dobie somewhere down the line. My Dalmatian is everything I wanted and more. He is smart, willing and somewhat needy (which translates to wanting to please and having a great recall, lol). He is somewhat standoffish with strangers at first, not aggressive, just not wanting to be approached until he knows you better, is pretty good at herding and has learned to watch the equine body language. He barks when he thinks it is needed and, I have no doubt he would protect us if needed. He is the energizer bunny and is always ready to go and, being mostly light colored, the heat is not as hard on him as on a double coated or dark colored dog. Standard Poodles are great dogs. They are, in my experience, intelligent and willing, have great stamina and are good family dogs. I've never tried to teach one to herd, but I don't know why a person could not. They are high energy and do best if they are kept busy, I've met some slightly neurotic ones on the show circuit but I think that was boredom more than anything. They are easily clipped if trained from the beginning. I removed them from my want list because of the hair and the need to keep one clipped though. Everything in my pasture has stickers, thorns,etc. and, having had a standard poodle before, I knew I would not be up for keeping one clipped so I opted out. Another breed that made my short list was Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I've never had one or really been around them but my research led me to believe they would make good farm dogs if bred well and trained appropriately from a young age. They are hounds though, with all the unpopular hound traits as well as the popular so some serious research may be in order before considering this breed. Short, thick hair, somewhat light colored and renowned for their strength and loyalty they fit the bill mostly. My son went to meet a breeder and see the dogs when I was looking and he has decided that is what he wants for a family dog. He was blown away by this breeder's dogs. I promised myself, I would not get another double coated or dark colored dog as long as I was working full time. They cannot keep up with the equines in the summer in triple digit heat no matter how well conditioned they are and it is not fair to make them stay home every time I have a day off work. I will be outside if I am off work! GSDs and Rottweilers are my breeds of choice but they struggle so in our heat so I am just doing without right now. Maybe when I can no longer ride like I do now, I will get one of each to keep me company in my old age! Our local shelters are also over run with terrier types. I like them but have no desire to own one. Good luck in your search. Whatever you find will have a great life with you, I have no doubt.
  7. Sorrows

    I am sorry for your loss LC. They burrow so deep in our hearts and leave us way to soon.
  8. NRA versus Gun Control

    When I have seen realistic suggestions for changes to gun legislation, I will discuss them with an open mind. I think limiting magazine or clip capacity is a good start, 10 round per clip is plenty really. I cannot see any realistic way to ban semi-automatic weapons. Do you guys have any idea how many are out there? How many are out there unregistered, unaccounted for? How will LE every get control of them? I have several, bought from private sellers, inherited, traded for etc. How will that be regulated? Are we going to send the military door to door to find them all and confiscate them? I would rather my tax money go to making the schools safer just like we do for all those "other" important places. It is so sad to think there are schools that don't have the budget to fix the roof, let alone install measures to protect the kids. I just can't fathom how that even happens. I don't think there is an answer to this, or there are multiple layers of answers to this. What happened between the time my husband made a rifle in high school shop class and people killing children in school? What happened to us? We have turned into such an intolerant and judgmental society. Our solutions are often to attack those we disagree with. What does that solve. You hate firearms, I love them; who is right? Whose feelings and emotions do we cater to? Whose feelings do we protect? Better to figure out how to keep bad people from doing bad things and stop worrying about what they do those bad things with. I work in a prison. I see the criminal justice system at work every day. I see criminals get far more time for theft, fraud and forgery than for taking a life. This is what is wrong with us. How did that even happen? How does one driver with 15 DUI's get probation (again), while an old man with his first DUI gets 18 months in prison? How does embezzlement get 25 years and murder gets 8? This is what is wrong. The criminal justice system is broken and there is no justice.
  9. Gravy Train and Nibbles and bits

    From the linked article: “We have narrowed the focus of our investigation to a single supplier and a single, minor ingredient, used at one manufacturing facility,” the Gravy Train statement said. “We will take the appropriate steps to ensure this does not occur again.” The brand also explicitly said that its products do not include meat from euthanized animals, including pets. Apparently, the only food the drug was found in was cans of gravy train, 60% were positive. The levels were not enough to "pose a health risk". The other brands mentioned and tested were voluntarily re-called and the test samples were negative for any traces of phenobarbital. I read something about this somewhere a coupe of days ago. Some woman lost one of her two dogs to this but I had never heard of the brand of food and cannot remember it now.
  10. Would you adopt a BLM animal?

    I would have done it years ago but we don't meet the fence requirements. I still might adopt a burro some day but I do not have the time for one right now. I've never been overly impressed with mustangs but I adore the burros. They are so clever, I'm surprised they even catch them!
  11. ELD mandate

    I'm glad your cost did not increase.
  12. A few snow shoe pics

    OH my gosh! Beautiful!
  13. Texas People #6

    Grand babies are the best! We are expecting #5 at any time. Our daughter was dilated to 3 yesterday and is 39 weeks. Best wishes for a an uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby and momma!