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  1. Please Talk Me Out Of....

    I understand. I like puppies in the winter though, less disease and fewer bugs. I always bred for winter puppies if I could and will always buy one in late fall or very early spring if what I want is available. House training is another issue though and, living where you are, I understand reluctance to prance around outside in snow up to your bottom!
  2. Husbands can be such a pain but what would I do without mine? He has a heart of gold that means I will forgive most transgressions. I'm glad your is listening to you nick. As you can see form the comments, that is not always the case. lol
  3. Please Talk Me Out Of....

    Life is short. Get the puppy! My goodness equicrzy, I don't know why you are even hesitating. Get the puppy already!
  4. Gun Control

    "my reason for bringing the game down with the first shot is indeed to minimize suffereing" "I don't hunt and I don't eat game, " Which is it? You either try to bring game down with the first shot or you don't hunt. I am going with the don't hunt scenario sense you d o nut seem to understand the process at all. "And no semi-automatics ever,upsets the wildlife and the hikers, btw." What? ^ Semi-autos are not any louder than non-autos. It is caliber, load and weapon design, mostly weapon design and load, that determine how loud a firearm is going to be. A cute little Ruger mini 14 makes hardly any noise while my 7.62 X 39 semi auto is like a hand held cannon!
  5. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    I agree that the gag rule should not be enacted. Food labels already walk a fine line between fact and fiction which should also be illegal! I also don't think there is any way to stop bacterial gene mutation for all of the reasons I have already stated. People are people and will act like people, good, bad and indifferent. Greed and desperation will certainly play a role.
  6. Gun Control

    This^ just as I said earlier. I don't need any guns anymore than I need to hunt for my food. I WANT those guns and have every right to have them. You don't want any guns? Don't get any. I don't know why you feel the need to attack me now nick. I have not mentioned hunting in this thread at all as it has nothing to do with my right to bear arms. I believe that I should continue to have that right since I have done nothing to lose it. I have not hunted in many years, just so you know, but I have not had to take a second shot on any game or an any equine, dog, cat or skunk that I have killed for any reason. There have been a few over the years for sure since I killed my first deer when I was 9 years old. I am a very good shot with rifle, handgun or shotgun since I have been shooting all of the above since I was about 6 years old. BTW, the reason for being careful to take down game with the first shot is to end suffering. The reasons that you stated are secondary to a good hunter. Hunter safety should be included in those secondary reasons also, wounded animals are very dangerous. My father was a game warden on Camp Pendleton may years ago. It was his favorite posting while in the Marine Corps. (I don't know what that has to do with anything but I thought I would try to keep up the theme that you started by "knowing" a game warden.) Killing people is illegal. Has been for many, many years. Has not stopped people from doing it. While I understand your point of view and agree with a need to reduce the likelihood of mass shootings, I do not agree that more gun ownership restrictions will be effective. It is that simple for me. Taking my guns or making it more difficult for me to buy more or buy weapons of a certain type will not deter someone with criminal intent from doing such. The prison where I work if full of people that laws did not matter to, 1248 of them today. I acknowledge that there is a big problem, we just don't agree on what the problem is or how to correct it.
  7. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    This is why this will have to wait until I retire. We raised a lot of meat rabbits when I was young and I know it can be a lot of work. The pay off is worth it though.
  8. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    The only answer to, What now?, is to continue research aimed a developing antibiotics that can be used to successfully treat this super bug. It will not stop the issue though. Like you said, the horse is out of the barn and it is too late to shut the door. It was too late to shut this door decades ago. Practices regarding producing food will be "improved", more stuff will be banned form the food chain in the form of medication and feed for meat production, Dr.s will be restricted and monitored for prescription practices and people will continue to be admonished to take all of the prescription. People are going to be non-compliant. From food producers to doctors and patients. All of that will ensure that this problem is not going to go away, it has been in this process for many decades, since the first antibiotic was administered.
  9. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    I buy from local sources as much as possible. I want to raise rabbits as a meat source but I have to wait until I retire in a couple more years. Rabbits and a milk cow and I will be all set. I already have chickens. I plan to trade beef for pork. My neighbor raises hogs and is willing to do some trading. I started gardening again last year and plan to expand this year. I guess I should get my canning stuff out and inventoried. I hate to can though. Factory farming is a hot topic on some forums. Grass fed is all the rage and the price is reflected. I can't wait for people to start complaining about genetic modifying when ranchers go back to beeves that do better in the pasture than in the feed lot!
  10. Bacterial Mcr-1 Gene And What Now?

    Scary stuff this. I was told by my provider in 2002 that there were no new antibiotics in development and that resistant bacteria would eventually become a very real problem. Medical providers prescribe way too much, compounded by so many patients that don't take the whole course of the prescription. This along with antibiotics used in animals destined for food in order to keep them healthy in confined environments that make the meat affordable. Where does it stop?
  11. The Pit Bull Is A Lovely Dog

    The comparison is very real to a person that is afraid of dogs in general. I understand that the damage done by a large dog is typically much more severe than that done by a small dog but the emotional damage is very much the same when you are speaking of a small/young person or one that has a phobia. I have been taken to court and sued for damages when a persons toy poodle bolted out of their house and attacked my GSD, which was on a leash. My GSD picked the poodle up by it's neck and threw it into the street. This resulted in some stitches for the poodle. I did not have to pay any damages and the poodle owner was fined for dog at large". I never walked my GSD around the block again though because I was afraid of retaliation. I do not believe a dog owner should take their dog out in public if they cannot control it, regardless of size or type. I also do not believe that the rules should apply according to size and potential for damage. Perspective and all that. One more firm belief of mine. It is never the dog's fault that a person is bitten. Never. Somebody somewhere in that dog's life put it in the position to bite. Breeder, owner, dog walker, whatever. Someone failed to protect that dog from itself as well as outside threats.
  12. The Pit Bull Is A Lovely Dog

    When compared to Dalmatians, Pointers, Malinois, etc., Pit Bulls are couch potatoes with relatively low energy. Individuals are, of course, not all identical but in general, Pibbles are pretty laid back most of the time, content to be comfortable with their people. Puppies not included. I'm not saying that they have no energy or desire to run and romp, just that it is easily contained and they are not known for great stamina. I could wear a puppy out playing fetch down my hallway in my house (about 15 feet). Not so with my Dal or my Mals. Fetch was played with a ball launcher by launching a ball 1/4 mile down a dirt road for about 30 minutes twice a day!
  13. Gun Control

    I don't need any guns realistically. I am, after all, pretty effective with a throwing knife or a hatchet (Just ask any of the hundreds of milk cartons that I have eviscerated over the years!) for self protection and I don't need to hunt for subsistence. I also don't need prime rib, a brand new pick up or another 100 acres of land. I love prime rib, my new pick up and I always want more land. I also happen to like shooting wide variety of styles and calibers of weapons including simple and compound bows. I have done nothing to lose the right, or privilege, to have such weapons. Nothing. Please remember that I have not proposed the removal of any existing gun control and remain in support of most of the current controls, especially in my state. Edited to add: Members of the armed forces don't need semi-auto weapons either. Theirs are typically capable of FULLY Automatic discharge. Just to clarify. Fully auto weapons are illegal. I don't have any.
  14. Another Mass Shooting

    Democrat, Republican/Independent/etc. This ^ is what is wrong with the US. Politicians, and in many, many cases, private individuals, only care about being right and/or making money. They do not care about cause and effect at all. The US is being governed by many self-serving and immoral individuals that do not care what they are doing. People overly influenced by money and power. When our leaders are self-serving narcissists, the general population will become so. Ancient Rome comes to mind for some reason........
  15. Gun Control

    I do indeed still have him, he is a hot mess! I do not have any recent pictures of him though. I might remedy that this weekend. He is learning to lead, load and stand for farrier and is a quick study but not necessarily a willing one. I need to get him gelded and put back with the herd so he can spend some energy and learn some manners!
  16. Another Mass Shooting

    Say it isn't so! I'm sure there are terrorists everywhere in the world these days, including born US citizens that have been recruited.
  17. Gun Control

    A vehicle DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REGISTERED AND LICENSED to sell it. Not in New Mexico. It may be different in other states though. There is an option for a farm vehicle license here too and that allows limited travel on public roads as well as access to much cheaper agricultural fuel. It is not, however, a law that farm vehicles must be registered. A vehicle only needs to be registered and insured if it is driven on public roads. I can buy, sell and drive unregistered and uninsured vehicles on my own property any day of the week and twice on Sunday without violating any laws.
  18. Another Mass Shooting

    I don't like that option. I really dislike the thought of denying entry to thousands of innocent people because of the crazy antics of a few. Thousands of temporary visas daily and how many illegal acts by those people? I think there are more crimes committed by foreign diplomats and their families than there are by people here on temporary visas. I have not facts to back that up, it is just opinion albeit educated opinion.
  19. Another Mass Shooting

    In my experience in the military, the main goal of most of these women is to get the rest of their families in the states and/or be able to send money home on a regular basis. I don't think they usually set out to cause pain and misery, just to better their families position some how.
  20. Gun Control

    Is that all you've got? At least I'm an honest crazy person. How does common sense even enter in to this discussion? I don't get where you decided that I have violated any firearms regulations because I have not. I have also not broken any laws regarding vehicle registration, insurance or purchase. Are you not finding any more "facts" to back up your stance so have to resort to insults on my character? That says a lot more about you than it does about me.
  21. Another Mass Shooting

    My ex-husband just brought a girl over from the Philippines and married her last Saturday. Exotic brides are, and always have been, all the rage for aged bachelors.
  22. Another Mass Shooting

    We say that every day already. Thousands of temporary visas every day. Every day.
  23. Gmo Foods

    Needs repeating. Repeated repeating!