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  1. NRA versus Gun Control

    When I have seen realistic suggestions for changes to gun legislation, I will discuss them with an open mind. I think limiting magazine or clip capacity is a good start, 10 round per clip is plenty really. I cannot see any realistic way to ban semi-automatic weapons. Do you guys have any idea how many are out there? How many are out there unregistered, unaccounted for? How will LE every get control of them? I have several, bought from private sellers, inherited, traded for etc. How will that be regulated? Are we going to send the military door to door to find them all and confiscate them? I would rather my tax money go to making the schools safer just like we do for all those "other" important places. It is so sad to think there are schools that don't have the budget to fix the roof, let alone install measures to protect the kids. I just can't fathom how that even happens. I don't think there is an answer to this, or there are multiple layers of answers to this. What happened between the time my husband made a rifle in high school shop class and people killing children in school? What happened to us? We have turned into such an intolerant and judgmental society. Our solutions are often to attack those we disagree with. What does that solve. You hate firearms, I love them; who is right? Whose feelings and emotions do we cater to? Whose feelings do we protect? Better to figure out how to keep bad people from doing bad things and stop worrying about what they do those bad things with. I work in a prison. I see the criminal justice system at work every day. I see criminals get far more time for theft, fraud and forgery than for taking a life. This is what is wrong with us. How did that even happen? How does one driver with 15 DUI's get probation (again), while an old man with his first DUI gets 18 months in prison? How does embezzlement get 25 years and murder gets 8? This is what is wrong. The criminal justice system is broken and there is no justice.
  2. Gravy Train and Nibbles and bits

    From the linked article: “We have narrowed the focus of our investigation to a single supplier and a single, minor ingredient, used at one manufacturing facility,” the Gravy Train statement said. “We will take the appropriate steps to ensure this does not occur again.” The brand also explicitly said that its products do not include meat from euthanized animals, including pets. Apparently, the only food the drug was found in was cans of gravy train, 60% were positive. The levels were not enough to "pose a health risk". The other brands mentioned and tested were voluntarily re-called and the test samples were negative for any traces of phenobarbital. I read something about this somewhere a coupe of days ago. Some woman lost one of her two dogs to this but I had never heard of the brand of food and cannot remember it now.
  3. Would you adopt a BLM animal?

    I would have done it years ago but we don't meet the fence requirements. I still might adopt a burro some day but I do not have the time for one right now. I've never been overly impressed with mustangs but I adore the burros. They are so clever, I'm surprised they even catch them!
  4. ELD mandate

    I'm glad your cost did not increase.
  5. A few snow shoe pics

    OH my gosh! Beautiful!
  6. Texas People #6

    Grand babies are the best! We are expecting #5 at any time. Our daughter was dilated to 3 yesterday and is 39 weeks. Best wishes for a an uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby and momma!
  7. ELD mandate

    It is but the truck has to have sleeping quarters separate from the cab. I think the requirement is for no access to driver area from the sleeper but I ma not certain. I had heard team drivers were not happy because most sleepers have access to the cab and this was going to cause problems with rest time. 2 drivers in a pickup, like hauling animals to a rodeo or event will not work since sleeping in the passenger seat doesn't count.
  8. This Or That

    Potato salad Horse, mule or donkey!
  9. ELD mandate

    This will increase costs. The ELD mandate is going to directly affect the costs of goods shipped by truck, including livestock. I wonder where a bull hauler is going to house a semi load of beeves for 12 hours? Rest stop on the highway? My understanding is there are mileage stipulations, less than 10 hours or 150 miles or some such where the CDL doesn't matter. This will not help haulers in states that only have one or two sale barns to haul to but it might help with folks that only rodeo locally. It is going to come down to being able to prove a person is not making money or creating commercial gain. I don't really believe splitting gas with someone to haul to a trail ride is going to fall into the requires a CDL, DOT#, is a commercial enterprise category. Vehicle weight will also come into play where it really hasn't for RVs. Some RVs that do not currently require a CDL driver will now even if they are not considered commercial. Commercial vehicles used to be about breaks, air breaks require CDLs while others did not. I am not sure how much vehicle weight and length played into that though. Private vehicles, like those 40 foot buses, may not require CDL drivers and be subject to CDL rules such as current medical card and a manual log. I'm not certain of that right now though. I am hearing reports of overzealous officers creating havoc with folks but I have no confirmation of any of it. The Electronic Log D(I can't remember what the D is for!) is about trucks basically being low jacked. It is supposed to limit the number of hours a driver is behind the wheel and enforces breaks after 12 hours ( I think). Once a vehicle is in motion, the hour count begins and it does not stop when a person stops for fuel, to eat or for bathroom breaks. This will put pressure on truckers to NOT stop for the entire 12 hours rather than encourage more frequent breaks to ward off fatigue. My BIL has been an over the road trucker for many years, 30 or so now, and the company he currently works for already has the trucks low jacked to control driver speed, miles, hours, location, etc. The trucks belong to the company so the drivers really can't complain about the over sight. I can see how an independent driver would object though. I don't know if the company rules for breaks and stuff are different that what is currently mandated. I have not asked him. This all seems very gray to me. I have not studied it enough to really know it. I guess I should since we have an LQ that meets gross vehicle weight requirements for CDL and a 40 ft motor home that probably does too. I pull the trailer often but only rarely drive the motor home but I guess I need to know. I'm going to hate going through the trouble of getting a CDL again.
  10. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    A man that allows anyone, male or female, to manipulate him is absolutely responsible for allowing it. Sex or gender being involved in the manipulation has nothing to do with it, IMO. This is akin to blaming the victim for the rape. She should not have dressed/acted/spoken that way or been in that place, kept that company etc. It's not smart to walk down the street naked but it is also not an invitation to be raped. You think when a woman sets out to manipulate a man, he does not set out to get his reward for giving her what she is after with the manipulation? Unwanted attention is not the victim's fault in any case, not in "most" cases, in any case. The men who offer the unwanted attention lack self-control. We ask for more self- control from our dogs on a daily basis. Men don't get a pass for any misbehavior because they are men and she was cute/sexy/naked/drunk/an escort/disabled/mentally challenged/a CHILD/(see where I am going with this?) Women who misbehave also do not get a pass because he was cute/sexy/naked/drunk/an escort/a subordinate/peer/disabled/mentally challenged/a CHILD/(see where I am going with this?) People, male and female, should be held accountable for sexual harassment or assault. It really doesn't matter what the circumstances were when the harassment or assault occurred. The victim is NOT TO BLAME in any way, shape, form or fashion. I don't think it happens that often in reality. As with most everything else in the world today, we only hear about the ones that are considered news worthy. A female employee falsely reporting a supervisor for rape will not make the national news. Not so with famous people. A report like that against a famous person is newsworthy and does not need to be true, just reported. Agree. I work with a woman who falsely reported sexual abuse against a male supervisor. Ruined his career even after she re-canted. He was terminated, she still works here. She should have been terminated when she admitted lying about her report. They did have a consensual relationship and he was her supervisor so he got what he deserved. She did not suffer for lying about the abuse because he refused to continue the relationship. I work in an adult male prison. Men certainly are victimized by each other AND staff on a regular basis. If it can happen with alarming regularity in this controlled environment, I can only imagine how often it happens "out there". I do think men are more reluctant to report and hope that will become less true. For what it is worth, men also report false allegations for personal gain or revenge. Inmates know we are required to restrict staff contact with inmates who have made allegations against that staff member. They use this requirement to "get rid" of officers who are too close to discovering, or have already discovered, some sort of misconduct by the inmate. I think the investigation is easier here than it is "out there" but it is still not easy since most of the allegations are he said/she said with no real evidence. What a world we live in, huh?
  11. Rat Traps and Tears UPDATE 1/5!!

    I guess the cat caused the rat to use the roof instead of the underground so, she did her job! I like rats too but something has to give when they are causing problems with my other pets. My sister had a black and white rat names Ricky when I was a teen. Ricky came running to, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" Funniest thing I ever saw.
  12. ELD mandate

    Booo, Hisss! This is going to be hard on the little guy and expensive to enforce. It will not affect me at this time and wont affect me even if I do decide to compete since my husband is a cdl driver already. There is a lot open to interpretation in this. "Do you only haul your own horses? If not and if you collect payment, (for example splitting fuel costs) to haul a friend or client’s horse to a show, to the trainer, to the vet, or to the breeder, your truck and trailer are considered commercial vehicles." This^ seems to conflict with the below. The FMCSA rule has some language that is far reaching with significant ramifications for horse enthusiasts. The category “furtherance of a commercial enterprise” is one of the qualifications considered when determining whether a driver and their truck and trailer fall under the commercial classification and apply to the scenarios we have listed above. Here’s the information as outlined on the FMCSA website’s Q&A section: “ Question 21: Does the exemption in §390.3(f)(3) for the “occasional transportation of personal property by individuals not for compensation nor in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise” apply to persons who occasionally use CMVs to transport cars, boats, horses, etc., to races, tournaments, shows or similar events, even if prize money is offered at these events? Guidance: The exemption would apply to this kind of transportation, provided: (1) The underlying activities are not undertaken for profit, i.e., (a) prize money is declared as ordinary income for tax purposes, and (b) the cost of the underlying activities is not deducted as a business expense for tax purposes; and, where relevant; (2) corporate sponsorship is not involved. Drivers must confer with their State of licensure to determine the licensing provisions to which they are subject.” If I haul a horse for someone and they pay for my fuel to do it, I am not making money, not going to declare this expense or income on my taxes and am not going to do this commercially. It is confusing to me at this point. I am happy my husband is a cdl driver already.
  13. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    It is the man's fault if he lets a woman manipulate him. I have never understood why the woman gets the blame for the man's lack of judgement. I was promoted at my job one time because my boss like to look at me. How is that my fault? He did ask me out eventually and I did turn him down. None of that was my doing. I was young, in great shape and am naturally very outgoing. Some would say flirty. I wore business clothes, suits that were often pencil skirts with a blazer or jacket and high heels. Some would say I was flaunting my looks because the skirts were short and tight, the jackets tailored and well fitting and the heels quite high and I favored stilettos. I never tried to lead the guy on, never talked about my personal life and we did not move in the same social circles since I ran cross country, played volley ball and competed in body building in my personal time. Again though, I was very outgoing, laughed easily and got along with everybody so many thought I was flirty. Exactly. I've been accused of sleeping my way up on a couple of jobs, including my current one. It is interesting to note those that were the loudest in their accusations are no longer employed by this company and here I am, working on 20 years. I sit in on a lot of staff disciplinary cases since I am a female supervisor. Male supervisors will never have a one-on-one conversation with a female subordinate. I, int urn, will not have a one-on-one conversation with a male subordinate for the same reasons. I have a little age on me now and have been accused of disciplining a male subordinate because he did not respond positively to my "suggestions" for improving he status at work. What? None of these took more than a millisecond to sort out in my mind. No thought required. Touching another persons body without their consent is wrong and it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. I believe it is sexual harassment for a woman to "come on" to man in the workplace. Unfortunately it is not yet taken seriously in my world but, as women gain power in the public, it will be. What people do off the clock doesn't concern me but sexuality has no place in professionalism. It is important to me to be thought of as a hard worker, loyal employee with great ethics, trustworthy and reliable supervisor, and an asset to the company I work for. I don't care if they know my gender or sexuality! I just don't know that calling folks morons is the way to state your case though.
  14. Rat Traps and Tears UPDATE 1/5!!

    I feel your pain. We moved into the middle of 1200 acres of pasture, complete with mice, rats, cotton tails and jack rabbits. The rabbits and rats ran a muck for the first year then I started a barn cat colony. I no longer have rodents of any type or size, rabbits, reptiles or even any bugs larger than a lady bug. I have about 20 cats outside. They are well fed by me and are killing machines! I bet your cat will take care of business!
  15. The puppies are born!

    Pups are so helpful all of the time! I had some trouble with my Dalmatian and my chickens. I finally convinced him he is not allowed to "play" with them so now he just casually (not on purpose or anything) romps right through the middle of them every chance he gets. He doesn't even look at them when he does it so he couldn't possibly be doing it on purpose just to see them flap around and yell chicken curses. He tries to do the same thing to my mini donkey but Ginormous give chase and does not seem to be playing!
  16. How many horses do you own?

    I have 39 horses, mules and donkeys. I would never have this many if I had to scoop poop, haul feed and hay or run water for them twice a day! My herd is out 24/7 on 1200 acres so I only feed my pony mule team and my mini donkey that are kept penned up. If I could talk my husband in to it, the little mules would be out also. Thankfully, my pasture is excellent and my animals are fat and happy with no help from me. We don't ride much at all in the winter but ride a lot in the spring/summer and fall. We like to camp and ride and we ride in parades and such all year.
  17. The puppies are born!

    Pistol is beautiful equi. He is a beautiful dog!
  18. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I have also always worked in male dominated jobs. I was raised to stand my ground though and, really, never had any real trouble with the guys". I had no trouble making someone back off and I had no trouble saying something when the conversation got inappropriate. Did I have guys come on to me? Yep. Did I have guys touch when not invited to do so? Yep. Did I put a stop to those things? Yep, with a quickness and firmness that could not be misunderstood. Personally, I think women are as bad as men these days. A little power/notoriety/money and folks think they can do what they want, even if their attentions are not welcome, and get away with it. Unfortunately, our broken criminal justice system lets those with the gold make the rules. Until a person is not longer able to buy themselves out of legal trouble, this will not change.
  19. I dislike most modern" country and this song is no different. In my mind, this song gives permission to show "love" in this manner. Yuck.
  20. My Wife Mozelle.

    I am sorry for your loss PD.
  21. My Wife Mozelle.

    I too am sad to read this. I wish you all warmth and peace.
  22. I Love all dogs no matter how bad people say they are.

    I don't like you poll. Best Worst or IDK? I don't have a favorite breed but there are some breeds I dislike. None of my dislike has to do with aggression or tendencies towards aggression. I like working, herding and sporting dogs for the most part. I have a 4.5lb Chihuahua I adore though and I currently have a Dalmation who doesn't fit into any of the groups I tend to stick with. Love my Dal!