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  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya Today!!! xxoo

  2. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    oh you know, I get busy the world falls on me and it takes me a wile to dig out and get back on here, lol but all is good [smiley Wavey] how have you been Zusy?
  3. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    lol youngreiner i know llamas can trouble, my long time friend marie and I were shaveing her moms llama Huckleberry he didnt think he looked good enough turned aroundand spit on me what a creep AND THEIR SPIT IS JUST PLAIN SICK SMELLING [Crazy]
  4. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    thank you Dustmaker, your ferret is a cutie pie, we had a ferret but he was a jurk and would jump on our legs and bite, he was demon possed we got rid of him. and your pig is a ham lol, I used to show the hampsire pigs in FFA many moons ago. youngreiner, your little fox sounds so fun, glad you were able to get her. your ferret is to cute it looks just like the one hubby and i had. and you got to luve the face on your Ilama it's just to cute [bat Eyelashes]
  5. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    Sorry I have not been keeping in touch, my husbands grandfather passed away so we had to go to Arizoina to take care of things. sadly my poor ratty passed away a week after we got back home [Me Cry] I'll miss the poor guy. I did get a new little female rat, she is 6 months old her name is mollly mouse, she is the color of a wild mouse and has a white tummy yesterday we went out and just happend to stumbled across a pet store lol so hubby said we can go in and just look around lol yeah when do ya go into a pet store and just look lol so I hurded him into the rodent section and looked at the little baby rats and said hunny molly needs a friend [bat Eyelashes] hubby gives me the look so gave him the sad look and he said ok get one camera is broke so no picks for now, still need to pick a name for the little guy. everyones pets look great, i love the hedgehog, the Lizzerd, and the pot bellied pig, they are very cute. Ill try to get picks. [smiley Wavey]
  6. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    [ROTFL] Lindsy [ROTFL] Cowgirl aww it's so cute thanks for sharing [smiley Wavey]
  7. Ready For The Debate Of All Debates?

    [ROTFL] I would love to see her in a english saddle jumping around like that with a english rider on her with nothing to hold onto, [ROTFL] she is a pretty Meg [smiley Wavey]
  8. Ready For The Debate Of All Debates?

    I like weastern because their is a place to put your butt Meg, she don't do that wile you ride her dose she SORRY MY PICS ARE SO FRIGGEN BIG, PHOTOBUCKET HAS NOT AJUSTED THEM YET [Duh]
  9. New Guidelines On Breast Cancer Screening

    I will still get my yearly mammogram and do self brest exames, im 42 I just recently had my first mammogram done. I think all wemon should just keep to their regular Dr visits.
  10. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    [ROTFL] ok try any meow really loud, thats what the males sound like but do it with out the m lol i know how to do it's just hard to explain, you just need to let him think your another male so he has comptition [Crazy] I know it sounds crazy, thats what the ppl are going to think when they see you meowing at a peacock [ROTFL] just strut your stuff [ROTFL]
  11. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    Lindsay, that peacock is beautiful, thanks for the picture [smiley Wavey]
  12. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    yes spots I rember your Koi lol your other one hides. Twister, ya need to try and get a pic of that Gecko I love them.
  13. People Are Stupid...again

    [Duh] they are the same way out here, their is no large animal control out here eather, horses and cattle always get out and run down the street [Duh] the cops try to wrangle the cattle up only if they are on the freeway, Kinda funny when you listen to the scanner with city cops trying to wrangle up livestalk [Crazy] but at least they try.
  14. He Has Done It Again...

    [Angel] hope your boy gets better, please keep us updated.
  15. What Kind Of Interesting Pets Do You Hav?

    I had female Chinchilla she was great, they do make great pets, but I had to give her away because the dust from the dust bath efected my lungs