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  1. Show Update! :)

    We were at the Deerfeild fairgrounds for New Hampshire Arabian Horse Show, as well as NEPOBA.
  2. Prayers And Good Thoughts Needed Over Here...

    [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]
  3. Show Update! :)

    [Huggy] [Jump]
  4. Lucky Pictures!

    I wanna see show pictures!!
  5. Show Update! :)

    Thank you so much! It's so nice to hear compliments like that. H Here's another one for ya!
  6. Tell Me No, Twice!

    That Arab is very attractive; I can see the Khemosabi in him. Sounds like you would have a VERY nice foal to come [Yay]
  7. Show Update! :)

    Thanks Guys, [Huggy] Well our goal is to get out to Oklahoma for the Arabian US Nationals.. but we have to see how much money we can get together within two years. But we have two more shows this year.. but I think thats it. Then we start again late May with shows in Springfield, Massachusetts and we'll see where we should go from there! [Jump]
  8. Show Update! :)

    Okay , so that's it for my NH Arab & NEPOBA Horse Shows. Heres a couple from the Pine Tree Sizzler in Hollis, Maine.. :)^^^^^^^^^ Trophyyy, Wooooh! And heres one of my boy<3 ...Ignore the white spot on his hip.. trailering accident... Okay, Now Im done. Thanks so much!
  9. Show Update! :)

    Okay guys, I'm going to smother you with pictures. I haven't been on in a while. Super busy; we've been showing almost every weekend! I'm not gonna give too much of an update.. but Minx has been very successful. Multiple Championships in the Arab/Half Arab divisions as well as Road Hack and Junior Exhibitor Hack. Through out this summer we've ended up with too many ribbons to count, as well as neck ribbons and trophies [Jump] Over-all... very good season. Enjoy! Shes such a good girlllll. <3 Line upppp. ^^^^^^^^ I like this one, I dont know why..^^^^^^^^ Extend little horse. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hand gallop. :)^^^^^^^^^^^ Troooot. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dressage Test. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ moreeeee.... dont post. :)
  10. Prayers.

    Chris, I know what you mean about Amanda. I texted her and I could tell through texting what shes feeling. I think I cried for like four days straight. I still can't beleive it. Im still in Maine and I feel completely helpless.. because I couldnt go to the wake, and be there for Roxayne, and the friends and family.. and now I can't be there for Amanda when she needs me the most. I cant stand it. I just cant take this anymore. I miss him so much. And ALOT of people want to kill Cam. He seriously has got to watch his back... because I hear that a lot of people are after him.
  11. Prayers.

    Not sure of anything anymore.. Three friends in my school got in a bad car accident last night.. One died.. Two were in bad condition. Its amazing how fast you can loose someone and how unexpected it comes when your not ready to let them go. Our whole school is going through a hard time now. Please send some prayers for the family's and friends of Tyler, Mike, and Cam. R.i.p. Tyler. Stay strong Mike & Cam <3
  12. New Pictures Of Magic!

    I love Rodger! They're all super cute though! [Jump]
  13. Lbeaner Picture

    She is cuuuuute!
  14. Hokay, Here's The Baby Deer Dearest

    I. WANT. HIM. End of story. LOL! [Jump]
  15. Barrel Racing Show Today!

    I live on Cowboy Magic, I went through a whole bottle of it! It was ridiculous... lol.