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  1. People That Hoard

    I kinda think that's a lot of animals as well, haha. 2 horses and a dog are plenty for me timewise haha. As long as they are all getting attention, I don't think you should be worried though. If the lady's got the money and time to feed and take care of all the animals, so be it However, if she's having trouble keeping that stuff up, I would probably say something about it. Don't be rude, just be polite... Chances are this woman loves animals and is attached to the ones she has ^.^ Probably ask about how they're all doing or something, if they're having problems. Address is straight out if it's serious, or even anonymously call the HA. But also, make sure they even have a problem first... I don't know a single thing about chickens, I don't know what enough food is or not haha. No sense making drama if there isn't even a problem :)
  2. Horse Is Afraid Of Fly Spray

    My step dad's mare was terrified of the sprayer I did pretty much what Barrelracer said, when they relax back off a bit. Also, keep consistant. Move around him like you normally would, don't hold him strangely or abnormaly and relax your body language. I find that with his horse if I try to verbally comfort her or hold her like I think she's going to freak out she gets a thousand times more nervous because she expects something to be scary then. Act like its not scary and eventually he'll calm down :>
  3. Would You Trade?

    sounds like you're partial to the qh's stability vs. the TWHs mild spookiness I bet both would be fine for you, but pick the one you're most comfortable on and will get the most out of :)
  4. Tack Question(s)

    $450 for all that sounds good :> however, when I go looking for saddles I prefer to buy them from a tack shop nearby, that way even if it looks like its going to work but turns out to not fit or just not work out you're not stuck with the saddle and you can exchange it for a better fit. Then again I have friends that bought a saddle online and it fit perfectly, just personally I like the option of not being stuck with it if it doesn't work out hehe.
  5. Teens

    seriously :X that's how my house is haha, jail would be much easier on me than my mom would if I got into drugs xD
  6. Teens

    tough love, get them in trouble the boy will hate it now but he'll definitely be thankful for it later I sound like a mother, but I just turned 18... but yeah, I'm already thanking my mum for some of her tough love moments :> I do agree with ilovedobby, and it usually is a cry for help. The slap across the face and the therapy are a great response, imo.
  7. Rodeo

    If the rodeo is done how its supposed to be its not cruel I don't really care for calf tripping or shocking horses/bulls, but meh. It gives those animals a job at least. SHARK tends to be a little dramatic and not quite look into every detail they also make it out that every single rodeo there is an animal that gets hurt, which isn't the case. and yes, rodeos ARE fun :)
  8. Come Spelunking In The Cave With Us

    caves are so beautiful ^^ and yeah mtn, it is kinda spooky how dark it gets in there hehe :> wow, those clouds are awesome looking too haha
  9. Sunburns

    alrighty, thanks for the replies ^.^
  10. I Need Some Advice

    I agree with what most people said one more contact and if she doesn't come get them after that get rid of them she obviously doesn't miss them too much if they've been in your shed that long
  11. Older Horse With A Nosebleed

    Nosebleeds tend to go away on their own her nose could be dry or she could have scratched it, you can check in there if you want x3 but just like people nosebleeds it'll stop when it feels like it in most cases.
  12. Pics Of My Horse

    he's very handsome
  13. ohmygoodness they are too cute @w@
  14. Sunburns

    Hm, not exactly sure where to put this so I'm putting it in general x3 Anyway, my horse has a bald face and her nose tends to burn. Just her nose around her lips, nowhere else really because the flymask covers the rest of her face most of the time. What's the best thing to do for preventing sunburnt lips/nose? :>
  15. Reporting Starved Horses

    aww, poor guys yeah, I say if you have the time just keep pressing the subject haha. They obviously need some care, hope you can get them noticed!