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    I love horseback riding, fishing, camping, trail rides, reading, swimming, hanging out on HC, and of course my QH, JJ.
  1. End Of The Week Stuff

    Overcast and drizzling rain here now. Not much planned for today until work at 4. My bf and I got matching couple's tattoos yesterday :) it's from the movie The Secret of NiMH, the part at the end with the two birds holding the string. We each got a bird and half the string they carry on the side of our hand, so when we hold hands the image comes together and the strings connect :) if I had a decent pic of it I would post it.
  2. Watery Wednesday

    Been warm and sunny here the last few days :) haven't been able to enjoy it though because I have been sick with the flu and a respiratory infection :/ I feel much better today though so hopefully I will be able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather for a while. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday :)
  3. Tim Cook Versus The Fbi

    So...you're trying to spice it up by being rude and argumentative whenever people actually comment on your debate topics? Excuse me if I seem ignorant, but I don't think that's going to encourage anyone to join in any of your topics...
  4. Tim Cook Versus The Fbi

    And this is exactly that, a DEBATE board. Not the "whatever Nick thinks is important and should be discussed" board. Pretty much ANY topic someone can think of can be debated.
  5. Wild Weekend?

    Very windy and rainy here lately. Last night my bf and I went to a friend's house for a little while, and the wind was so strong that it took out a power line attached to the apartment building and knocked out everyone's power. Some people in higher elevations woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground.
  6. How Can We Find This Horse?!

    That's great that you guys at least have a good lead...keep trying and gathering info! I really hope she finds her horse and that he is OK and healthy. I shared the post on Facebook again :)
  7. Wild Wednesday..............again!

    My mom had a husky mix named Star that was terrified of thunderstorms. She would get herself so worked up, running around the house, panting, trying to hide under the couch or someone's bed. Not sure how you would feel about this, but my mom would give Star a benadryl pill to help her calm down. She would still hide under something, but she wouldn't get so panicked and run around the house.
  8. Ready Or Not.................tuesday!

    I wish I could too, but I'm waiting for my cousin to bring me her saddle that she doesn't use. The one I have does not fit my horse very well, and it's been chewed on by mice so badly that I'm afraid it won't hold up for much longer anyway. The nylon straps attached to the stirrups (it's a synthetic saddle) have been chewed almost all the way through. Did I mention I HATE mice?? I also need to get a new saddle pad for when she does bring me the saddle. I went to a local tack shop yesterday just to price them, but that place is very expensive. For no more than I ride, I am NOT paying $90 for a saddle pad that I know I can get for $30 at a different shop in town.
  9. This Or That

    Neither of those chores is very fun lol but if I had to choose, I'd say laundry. Exercise at home or go to a gym?
  10. Good Friday

    Going with my mom to take my 5 year old niece to an Easter egg hunt in about an hour. Work at 4:30, and my goodness, after being unemployed since mid January that feels so good to say!! BF is going to pick up our new-to-us car later this evening. That feels good to say as well since we have been searching for a car for a while now. Finally, good things are starting to happen for us! Hope everyone has a lovely Good Friday :)
  11. Mostly Monday

    Just sitting around with my dog for now, enjoying my coffee. I have orientation for a new job at 4 :) it's just a cashier job at McDonalds but after being unemployed since mid January, I am hopeful and excited! My boyfriend and I have both applied to at least a dozen places so I was ecstatic when McDonalds finally called me.
  12. How Can We Find This Horse?!

    What part of Virginia are you and your friend in? I'd like to help if I can. I am in northern Virginia, about 1.5 hours away from D.C. I don't recognize the horse myself but I have plenty of family and friends who ride so I could share pages or photos on Facebook if that would help. PM me and I can give you my info so you can add me on Facebook if you would like. I hope your friend finds her horse!
  13. Have you found any ticks on him, or has he been outside somewhere he could have gotten bit by one? Hopefully the vet will take some blood and test for diseases like Lyme's disease...that's serious stuff. I only say this because I just found a tick on me last night. Seems kinda early for ticks to be out, but I'll be darned if that little sucker wasn't attached good! Good luck, I hope it's nothing too serious.