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  1. Does Anyone Want To Be Friends On Facebook?

    Bobbi Jo Childs ( Barbara Childs) or "Saddle Up & Ride" Western Riding Lessons page
  2. Found Biological Mother

    you should have a separate party send it.... that way if it is negative or a no or a no won't freak you out as much... The person can say...sorry, it just didn't work out for you. Plus....please make sure you do some counseling first before contacting.... You have had a lot of dark stuff occur in your world.... Try not to complicate yourself further. Just my advise....
  3. Terrible Horse Accident

    thanks guys....I needed your ... UPDATE: his daughter just called our number from website, I guess, and told us he is awake-ish enough to tell her to call us and tell us he is "okay" and not to worry. They are transporting him to another hospital ( prbly there now) and is going in for first round of surgery tomorrow morning. His recovery time is predicted to be 6 months. said since he is so physically fit and healthy and tough and no smoking, drinking or bad eating habits ( he is a health conscience guy) takes vitamins and supplements and works out...he is already predicted to overcome this sooner. He is 50 but has the body and mind-set of 30. This is GREAT NEWS!! Please keep up your prayers for him while he is in Sx tomorrow morning.
  4. Terrible Horse Accident

    Thanks guys...means so much to get what I saw off my chest. I am really shook up about it....I am glad for the rain days now b/c I really am not composed enough to continue on with riding lessons....too fresh. I will recover...but, like I said I am glad for the rain outs. Your prayers and jingles are helping...thanks!
  5. Terrible Horse Accident

    The has got to be the worst horse related injury to a person i think I have ever witnessed.... and yes, I got to see and 'hear' ( shudders) the whole dang thing. We were in the pasture catching horses, it was muddy and the horses were frisky-ish b/c of weather change. It was me, Possum ( HC member) and a good pal of our who we ride with. The pal is the victim...he was leading his caught horse towards to gate to get out and the herd was crowding gate and blocking the I was trying to clear a path of horse bodies to get him thru. Everything was low keyed and normal. Just when it was about safe to pass...out of nowhere a horse jetted across the guy's path to get away from the herd boss gelding who shooed him away from him...and at same 3 year of mare ( who is lead mare now) was doing the 'back up shimmy gonna kick ya move' towards the same horse who was headed towards her to get away from gelding....and when the omega horse passed in front of our pal...our pal was paying attention to omega horse so as not to get trampled horse a clear path to pass and not get hurt by it. If that would have been all there was to the story, this would have been a normal day. But, like I 3 year old boss mare was in process of setting up for the kick at the omega gelding. Omega gelding dashed out of her way just in time for our pal to take the full onslaught of her kick... TO HIS FACE! DEAD ON! The man's face is shattered...he is in intensive care right now under guarded condition. He will require a 10-15 hour surgery to basically rebuild his entire face/pallet/nose and top bridge of his mouth and teeth. He will be unable to eat or drink for about 2-3 months ( I heard from his wife) and he will have a slow recovery. I am sick to my stomach b/c I saw the whole thing...and seemed like time stood still. One second it was just another day of moving horses and making decent sized paths cleared for humans and caught horses to pass...and the next. BAM! We all do this stuff with our horses daily...and yet...what we all do thousands of times suddenly became almost fatal! I am mortified....I woke up this morning crying about it. This could have been me...or worse...a kid...ONE OF MY KIDS! I still feel sick to my stomach about it.... Now please...I am begging those who want to give out lectures on herd dynamic and safety to please refrain. It was one of those horse moments that all the care and control could not have for staying home and watching football on TV that day. Nobody was at fault and it was terrible terrible friggin bad fortune. I actually wish there was anything I could have done to avoid this man...who we dearly care get hurt like this. he almost died right in front of me. The doctor said one millimeter more and he would have been dead before he hit the mud. One second would have made a difference as to whether he would have even gotten the kick at all.
  6. My kids are Adam Presley, Davis Daniel, Jake Thomas, Logan Alexander and Charles Joseph. Nephews are Tyler James, Anthony Michael, Blake Robert, and Baylor Cotton maybe that will help?
  7. People And Kids

    yeah...I get the creeps hearing about a guy handing a child candy and toys.... she needsthat 'stranger danger' convo as early as you can squeeze it in....and everyone else needs to be backed off. tell them she 'has a cold'...that'll do it.
  8. George Zimmerman Not Guilty

    Here is how I see it. Two guys. One acting like a punk b/c it is his 'hood' and he is young and full of hormones he did not understand mixed with "hood' mentality, showing off and a huge dose of immaturity walking down the street and sees this guy and , like all young punks do when they are walking in street, puffed his chest and crowed in his gangsta way. The other is a guy who has major power issues and permission to go around looking for gangstas which feeds his power trip and when the young punk is spotted and is puffing his chest at him...he, the Zimmerman guy, knowing he sized this kid up and b/c he was a bigger and older person with a weapon that he got to help feed his way overinflated ego already,decides to ......, and this is the kicker........ STEP OUT OF HIS VEHICLE AND APPROACH.....the punk, taking the gun with him.......and confront the kid. ( You know the words/name calling/ calling each other out stuff was just flying in the air between them can just hear it...) They fight...who knows and who cares who hit first...but the ego maniac with the gun suddenly realized that this little hoody wearing big mouthed gangsta wannabe was a whole lot more that he sized him up to be and he THEN FELT LIKE HE WAS IN DANGER He shoots...and the kid is dead. This was a cockfight....plain and simple. I have no affinity for the kid either....sorry he is dead but he was the one who wanted to play gangsta so..... I think they both were stupid, idiotic and everything else I can think of but not type here.
  9. Can You Fix Stupid?

    not at all....
  10. Alfalfa And Humid Heat

    Sisely....see that is what I do. I add a half a scoop of dehydrated chopped up alfalfa to feed in addition to his regular routine feed/hay 2x a day bu ONLY WHEN THE WEATHER IS COLD. I give a full scoop to the pasture horses to supplement them and help them stay warmer. We have rainy, windy and cold Falls and Winters that switch back to warm ( even hot) in a heartbeat. Hence all the hurricanes here. I can't actually 'commit' to feeding it like as if we were in, say, Montana or Colorado or places like that. We don't even they just remain wet and cold and shivery all day/night long. Then they can cook the next week. Once it looks like the weather is putting together some decent enough days in a warmer pattern....I stop alfalfa completely. Usually around St. Patty's day or so. They begin shedding almost immediately is weird. ( btw...these horses work pretty hard for me. They do riding lessons, and lots of hard rides by me and lessees. Wet saddle pads and foamy butts are the norm) and thank you for bringing up beet pulp...UPDATE: the horse is back on beet pulp and off alfalfa ( was weaned off) and guess what....the panting and sweating completely stopped.
  11. Not Every Thing Can Be "trained"

  12. Not Every Thing Can Be "trained"

    I agree...with how do they know what it will make/be/do...? It could also make a good rhino for all they 'really' wouldn't it?
  13. Wedding Ideas Please?

    Sisely...that looked awesome and very classy! The background was perfect! I am jealous.
  14. Nothing Says Love More

    Bless his sweet heart.....I am in love!
  15. Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

    I NEEEVERRR went skinny dippin" ( ahem) my nose is suddenly larger...what's up with dat?