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  1. Now This Is A Bomb Proof Horse!

    A lot of what they do is what we do with our police horses! In addition to motorcycles we use police and fire trucks, with lights a sirens blaring... and spray them with fire hoses. We also use things like baby carriages, shopping carts and angry old people with canes.... you know, more realistic things than just pool noodles and the like (which we still use as well). I'd like to take my equine partner though that course, he's an 18 year old clydesdale and has seen it all! We play soccer with our horses too, lots of fun! (i'm on the clyde wearing the aqua shirt) I've learned that its not all that much work to "bombproof" a horse, you just need a horse with a good head and one that you can have a strong relationship/partnership with. and riding in central part every day helps a little too ;)! LOL
  2. Devon Leadline Pics

    If that isn't adorable... I don't know what is!!!
  3. Rant - Barn Is Raising Rates....again

    That IS very frustrating... is there a reason for all of that? Have you asked them? Maybe they don't realize it could drive away boarders... sounds like they might be having some financial difficulties and haven't really thought things like this through. I've never seen a farm charge for trailer parking, but maybe thats just my area. However I am envious of you... I can't find pasture board for less than $400 around here... and thats for ONE horse.
  4. Philippe Fontaine Saddles

    From what I have seen of them, they are very similar to M. Toulouse and all the saddle models are copies of other higher end saddles (just like M. Toulouse). I like the leather better than M. Toulouse though, but I don't like the construction as much... the billets are very cheaply constructed and made (don't look like they will hold up well) the leather is much cheaper looking than the rest of the saddle... like made in india cheap. The trees run narrow, so medium is more medium narrow and wide is more like a medium or medium wide. They are owned by Stubben but NOT made by Stubben. They are made in argentina as far as I know. I would actually pick this saddle over other saddles in the same price range like M.Toulouse and HDR.
  5. Would You Mind Taking My Senior Project Survey?

    Did it! Good luck with everything :)
  6. Best Leather Conditioners

    Effax Lederbalsam is my favorite! Leather Therapy is also really nice.
  7. Boot Brand?

    Maybe its a monogram?
  8. What Size Stirrup Irons?

    The HS irons are SUPER bendy... I have knee and ankle problems and don't use my HS irons because they make them worse sometimes. I actually prefer my MDC ultimates and my aluminum irons to the HS 4-way jointed irons. The ones with slight give really do help my ankles and knees. I had the knock-offs for a while, STA-BRITE were good ones, not too much give. DON'T get the Intec 6-way irons they are just as bendy.... but also aluminum or composite irons help a lot for some reason.
  9. Schooling Helmet Suggestions?

    Nicer looking AND a bajillion times more comfortable!!!
  10. Schooling Helmet Suggestions?

    I personally LOVE my ovation... more than my CO show helmet even. They have some pretty good looking helmets that you can show in, with lots of vents and coolmax helmet liners! WAY better than Troxel.
  11. We Would Appreciate Your Vote!

    Hey thats REALLY cool! anything from Equifit is pretty sweet. I wanted to vote for you, but saw this too late!
  12. Best Riding Pants

    another vote for kerrits!
  13. My Horse's Riding/jumping Future

    Wow poor little guy... I'm glad that he's getting a new farrier. I wonder what the original need for shoes was on him? Most haflingers I know really don't need them. I have 3 all from different blood lines and none of them need shoes... even the one that does eventing.... I can understand that if his feet were clubbed he might need them, but that really looks like farrier butchery to me.
  14. Should I Be Paying?

    Since I don't technically "own" a horse, I ride and school several of my friends horses for them. I don't want to be paid since its saddle time and thats all I want really... and they are getting their horses schooled and trained! Its a win-win for everyone. The grey mares are mine to show, ride, etc. I dictate their feed schedule and vet care... but I don't pay a dime for them :) Of course thats not normally what happens, but I can't complain when it does! On that note, I DO always prefer to ride a horse before I make the judgement if I want to spend my time working with them or not...
  15. My Dad Died Yesterday

    so so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you are going through.