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  1. Recieved a few unexpected and much appreciated Chrismas Cards from some kind thoughtful HC members and wanted to express our thanks for the encouragement they brought. Short update, we did lose barn, tack shop, garage and all our horses and some boarders horses during a fire druing a blizzard a little over a month ago. Still cant really deal with it all, but we are going on and for the grand children we purchased a couple ponies just so they have something good to remember this christmas rather than the losses. Thought I'd share once photo of my grand daughter and the new pony Nova part of our healing and restart. Thank you again for those who sent us cards
  2. Mine are barefoot since I dont use mine a whole lot, unless they have a specific need (one has a coronet band injury that permanently leaves a weak spot in hoof wall that will crack and split) he needs shoes to hold it together, boots help but a shoe is more solid to hold the bad part together) and we've had a couple laminitis horses arrive that shoes correctively helped and now they only need boots when ridden since they're not used much. I have a friend who is 60 ! doing a fund raising ride from Alaska to Mexico this summer and he used to use shoes as an extreme ride like that is more hoof wear than a hoof can regrow, now he mostly uses easyboot trail boots and recently posted a pic of them going over a steel grid bridge that a bare foot or steel shoe would not have been able to do but the boots gave traction and they rode across fine. Check out canadianponyexpress .com Most light riding backyard horses are probably better off barefoot but when we use a hoof more than the horse would normally use or wear it then we need to give it protection or sometimes help with an injury to hoof so shoes or boots are necessary in the right circumstances
  3. I stall beside the mare for a day or two, then side by side paddock with the mares paddock being one that is very large and goes out of sight of the weanlings, mare hangs close for a day, then second day goes out of sight but comes back if foal is whinning a lot, by third day mare often wanders out to back pasture and doesnt bother coming back. Others are loaded on trailer with the mare, then mare taken off and foal heads to it's new home. Got 1 leaving that way next week and another later this month.
  4. 2013 Foals :)

    nice babies and gorgeous photography, lookls like you'll be pretty busy taking pics next year too :)
  5. now that we've had our last born for this year I thought I'd update one last time with photos of all 3 this is our 3 week old filly Limited Edition Kid our 3 month old fuzzball (we had snow as late as May 13th !! so he's just now shedding out his baby fuzz) Taylor Made Kid and our newest who is 5 days old today, Kids Diamond Chip Best part is all 3 have downpayments on them and will be going to nice new homes when weaned. :)
  6. Our 3 Foals From This Season

    mid winter in middle of a blizzared I'd be wishing to be in Dubai too, lucky foal.
  7. Will soon be putting my last mare due this year in the foaling pen, Faline is officially due May 19th but last year went 42 days over !! and 2 years before that 10 days over, this year she's just started developing a bag so looks like she'll be over due again but hopefully not as long as last time. She is bred to our stallion Coosas Calico Kid back in her show days at an exhibition with her 2010 colt only recent photo I have of her is hanging out in the new pasture we just fenced off a couple weeks ago
  8. dry photos, 12 hours old, seems to be bay dun, possible will shed grullo, has faint barring on front legs and tiny dorsal stripe where one patch goes over spine plus neat dark ear tips :) already have 3 say they want to buy him, one had asked for first dibs a week before he was born so just waiting for confirmation of sale pending on him. last night he was on the computer at an hour old, lol
  9. 4 days over due so far and in holding pattern, lol hope she's taking her time to let some "paint" dry, sold my last two paint babies from this year so if colored this one should be a quick seller too :) always nice when that happens. edited... one of the people who came to see my other filly want first dibs on this one when it is born since the filly sold today. belly dropped, bag showing, milk vein enlarged, soft tailhead so all go signs :)
  10. Yes last years was valentines day so named val, was due January 2 but came Feb 14th, a wee bit over due, lol. This year tomorrow would be her due date but tonights check looks like she's going to make me wait again, just hope its not as long as last time. Edit... Big difference in her udder today, went from flat to 3/4 full overnight so maybe she wont keep us waiting as long as last year, moved her to our foaling paddock where I can watch in day time close to house. nights will be in her stall on my computer camera :)
  11. Just started bringing Punkin in to watch at nights on barn cam, day time she's out. She's due May 9, bred on foal heat last year. Hoping for a bay dun tobiano filly but anything healthy is fine. 331 days today.
  12. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    first trip to the big outdoors
  13. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    Finally we have a baby :) big tobiano filly, all day Punkin kept going through times of being uncomfortable, rolling, walking in circles and dripping milk, then an hour of nothing and then back to uncomfortable untill 8pm and after a short intense full labor out popped (with a little assistance for some big head/shoulders) and 5 min later baby was up and very strong on her feet.
  14. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    should have pics soon, just started circling, kicking belly, laying down and getting up and dripping this morning. Stayed tuned for updates :)
  15. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    unfolded nicely in the outdoors pics, very typey foal, nice
  16. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    Official Due day is today, 340 days, this morning we finally have WAX she's not one to do much waxing or dripping milk and doesnt give much warning so could be any time.
  17. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    love the second pic with front feet on mom, Congrats again on the cutie
  18. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    Congratulations, will be watching for pics
  19. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    Punkin has had several foals with last owner and they said she always foals easily and is usually all baby in there :) I have a much larger mare that both times we've had to work helping getting her smaller foals out and yet this smaller mare pops out nice sized ones on her own.
  20. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    lol, daddy is only 15hh, Punkin is 14.2, she had a nice sized filly last year from a different stallion. here's last years filly at 1 day old this shows similar size of her foals at a day (bottom is 12 hours old) for a small mare she sure packs them in there and they unfold nicely
  21. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    Congrats, start saving up to buy a step ladder to get on once he's grown with them legs, lol
  22. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    lol, I hear ya, seems like the last couple weeks take forever and every day past the due date is an eternity
  23. This is a little reining bred mare I picked up this winter, she's in foal to a stallion named James Bondalita, Mare is supposed to be due this month, last week she was quite bagged and looked ready, toady's pic she looks like a while yet to go. Today we have tiny drop of wax so getting closer May 19, 10:20 pm Bay dun Filly :)
  24. Yes this one will be by Kid, last one was from a QH stud she was bred to before I purchased her. this will be our 2nd Kid foal for this year, one more to go a week or so after her this spring. (other than the ones from outside mares)