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  1. Bye Kasey

    Okay, so this sounds a bit far-fetched, but is there anyway you can post this on GCC or General Horse Talk or H/J and ask to see if anyone is looking for a horse like her? Perhaps someone from HC that you know could take her in your area and then you could visit her/at least know that she is in a good home....
  2. Aspca Maclays

    I agree with this post entirely! You guys weren't necessarily condescending---I completely and 100% understand how frustrating it is to say the same thing over and over again to one person, particularly when you are only trying to help the person. I just think that sometimes we forget how to phrase things in the best ways :) And yes, there was another post about this, but at least there wasn't 5 million posts about this, rehashing the same thing---we all have been through that on this board and I, too, get very frustrated in that situation. I think this situation just needed further context, explanation, and most importantly, percolation time. It sometimes takes a little bit for reality/information to sink into a person's brain :) 2 posts? A rehashing of the same topic? Part of the price of being part of a caring community online. 5 million rehashing? Totally deserving of a little tough love. Also part of the price of being part of a caring community online. Nothing against you guys at all! You brought wonderful advice and information to both posts
  3. Aspca Maclays

    Well-done, well-said, mature, not condescending. Thank you, goldentoes, as usual. To the rider in question: Please consider goldentoes advice. I do think trying the 2'6" out on the A circuit, pinning well, then trying the 3' on the A is a solid, wonderful plan that is achievable for you. But it will take a lot of work. I highly recommend looking into a second trainer (to supplement), finding clinics to go to (dressage and more h/j ones....you'd be surprised. I saw your videos and I think that a dressage trainer/clinic might be able to help you refine some aids), and ride ride ride ride ride. Seriously. I like that nice mare you are on----is she super duper fancy? No. But she is solid and I do like her. Definitely continue to work on her but also, part of improving as a rider is learning to ride all sorts of horses, and learning how to better communicate your aids so that you can hop on 80% of the world's mediocre-ly trained horses and cue them well. Try that. I think that we'd love to see more updates from you and to see you progress :)
  4. To The Best Horse Ever

    I'm so sorry, my dear. I know that you loved this horse dearly and let it be known that not only did he know that you loved him, but that he adored you too. He lead a long and beautiful and spoiled life and that is all that even the best ponies can ask for. You did the right thing.
  5. Gloves

    It is preference, nothing to do with training or skill. I wear them mostly out of habit, but I try to put them on before grooming---I often use my fingers to touch and pick and poke, I suppose, and without gloves, I get immense amounts of dirt on my hands. Yes, picky, but I found I cared when I raced home to cook a dinner late a night after riding.
  6. It's Been A While...

    You did well by this horse and he, you. I'm very, very proud of you....Tempo was a blessing to this earth and taught you to become the amazing horsewoman that you are. He couldn't have been more blessed himself by any other owner. You were so caring and understanding.
  7. Well, It's Been Awhile... Update (With Pics!)

    Congrats! I'm so excited for you. What a happy surprise. I liked your photo on Facebook :) I'm so glad that Caleb found a good home (they are surprisingly hard to find sometimes). It isn't ever easy letting go but I think there is a certain amount of relief in knowing that your dear horse is going somewhere safe and sound. Crush is such a cutie! I'd love to see new photos one day (hint hint). Welcome back!
  8. Need Distractions...help!

    I love DMB but Dublin definitely suits! Just glad that he passed. Congrats. If you ever want someone to ride your large pony while your kid grows up, let me know. JK. Actually, not really. Not at all.
  9. Lesson On Taylor!

    much much better! keep up the good work (and CONSISTENCY....push through the "off" days) and you shall be golden. see? Stick with this one.
  10. My New Hopefull

    Wait, what about your other horse? I'm so confused. Don't get me wrong, I think that this guy is a good egg. I'm just concerned because while I think your heart is in the right place that 4 year old OTTBs who are underweight and under-trained and unfit are not necessarily the horses for timid riders like you and me to ride. I'm just being honest hun because I don't want to see this go south like other hopefuls have gone. Go ahead and hate me, but I think I'm not the only one thinking this.
  11. Leadline At A Schooling Show

    I'd bring the cover and see what other people are doing. I think you are wearing perfectly appropriate clothes...but then again this isn't really my scene :) I just wanted to say that your pony would be ADORABLE in this.
  12. Update: Two Shows, And Lots Of Photos!

    You guys look good---it just keeps getting better and better. Most people would have given up a year or two ago so kudos to you.
  13. New Mare *more Pics Added*

    Gorgeous mare---I can't believe that you are already riding her bareback. If she is being that good for you right now, I can't even imagine how she will turn out to be in an actual retraining program! She is going to be a little star. I love all of the more Greek/Arabic/Egyptian/unique names a lot. Stunning mare. I see full Arab too but the Hackney Pony or Morgan cross aren't bad suggestions. Every Morgan I know, however, has had a totally different body than she has. This is going to sound weird but if you ever need a home for let me know :) I have a soft spot for stubborn 14 hand Arabian ponies. If she disappears, don't look at me!
  14. New Puppy! (Pictures)

    I actually really like Phoebe or Penelope or Priscilla haha!
  15. Photo Editing Help?

    Thanks---I'm starting to think that! If anyone has one of these programs and knows how to do it, I will eternally be grateful.