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    trail riding, reading, dogs, gardening, oh, and of course horses! :-)
  1. Secretariat Movie

    First of all, it REALLY is me...SCspots. For some weird reason I'm still trying to unravel, my name died. But I am very much alive! I saw Codysmom's post about watching Secretariat and had a brain spasm.... Why don't we ALL get together (all BB's in the area and other assorted horsey friends) and go have a burger at Matties in downtown Anderson and then hit a showing on Friday night the 8th?? A bunch of friends did this when Seabiscuit came out and had a BLAST. We sat in the last row of the movie theatre and cheered...whooped and enjoyed the heck out of the movie.. My husband, the thoroughbred nut, sat there and kept saying.."ohh yeah...oh yeah.... GO, GO! This from the man who has been described as the Mr. Spock clone. You know the syndrome: Is it logical? Why get excited? HC buddies could do this all over the country and have an official "party night"... like a traveling dinner party only all over the US! Come on, guys, you KNOW you're gonna see make it a party!!
  2. Happy, Happy, Deleriously Happy!

    It's me, SCspots! Somehow SCspots no longer this is me. Confusing isn't it? I feel like I attended my own funeral! Anyway, Mr. Big is well and I'm ecstatic! For those of you who don't know, this has been dragging on now since at least the summer before last! We had two bouts of squamous cell frozen off (with biopsies) and we were watching suspicious streaking and raspberry spots waiting for cold weather.. because it looked like it was going to be surgery time. WHAT a relief...and a miracle also! It's so great to share good news for a change instead of coming on here with a problem! And for awhile this summer it seemed like it was a vet trip every week with Eight DB's back, skin and eye. So thank y'all for sharing my good's GREAT to see those "nanners!" LOL
  3. Help!

    SCspots here. I've tried and tried to log in and y'all keep telling me you don't have anyone by SCspots! I've had the Greylady account (inactive) for ages from a long time ago when I lost my password and had trouble getting on. I know I've been off for awhile... But everytime I try to recover the password for SCspots they keep sending me stuff addressed to Greylady!! ( Same email account) and now y'all say SCspots doesnt' exist! What to do????? How can I prove to you that I'm really SCspots and get my name back????? I miss being me and my friends will never find me again! Oh woe... Mr. Big Stuff isn't gonna like this one bit and his temper is fragile at best... I need to be me again. HELP!!!! Thanks, Pat
  4. Terminology

    OK.. I can do "manly part." I'll just try really, really hard to remember that I'm not in a Regency Romance.... [ROTFL]
  5. Terminology

    Somehow I find weenie and dingaling more offensive than the proper anatomical term. It's probably just me. We're talking about horses and their anatomy. I've seen articles on here about putting a marble in a mare's uterus and that wasn't zapped. Since when is a perfectly proper word naughty or nasty???? I guess I could move this topic over to the debate board and we could all have fun coming up with euphemisms for other terms like hock, neck, stifle, flank, chest, etc. [Crazy]
  6. Pny Was Put Down This Afternoon...

    I ditto what everyone else has said on here.... being responsible isn't always easy, but it's the kindest thing you can do. You stepped up when you needed to and you should be proud of the love and care you gave your friend. As a note to manesntails, FSU (Florida State) is in Tallahassee. The vet school in Gainesville is at UF (University of Florida) I know it's a minor point to the rest of the world but Floridians think it's a big deal. We all know that Gators are LOTS better than Seminoles... [Yay]
  7. Terminology

    Just being curious, not trying to be a smartdonkey.... When I posted info about the tumor on my horse's ******, it got zapped....just like it was in this sentence. SO... what term do we use on here for that thingee that slides in and out of their sheath? I don't want to offend anyone, but I thought that I was using the proper term. Why is this word bad?
  8. Locking Back Leg

    Here's an update. DB had an extensive lameness exam and the vet found no problems with his stifle or hock. He did see a tiny, tiny, intermittent drag of the right toe...and a little hike in the hip. Diagnosis: Beginnings of arthritis, which really isn't rare in 17 year old OTTs! He was happy we caught it early, and we are beginning a treatment regimen. It's definitely manageable and the key will be to keep him active and slow the progression. There's lots of good years yet to come if we are sensible and manage his activity and the inflammation. Big's growth was removed and sent off for a biopsy. We're still waiting for the results but all his blood work was fine and the growth wasn't smelly so we've ruled out squamous cell and we're hopeful. No more lesions found. He goes back in a month for a recheck. The vet says even if it comes back and is a real problem, he's done a couple of ****** amputations this year and he'd rather see a problem like this where Big has it, rather than on his nose... Since Big is a gelding, I don't think he cares one way or the other. :tongue9: He was fine through the whole thing even though we expected a response to the liquid nitrogen that was used to stop the bleeding! Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. [smiley Wavey]
  9. Locking Back Leg

    Thank y'all SO MUCH. I spoke with the vet this morning and he agrees it's probably a stifle problem. He used to be a vet on the track in Chicago and he's SO partial to thoroughbreds, DB is a favorite of his. He's coming out this afternoon. It looks like it's going to be an expensive week. I discovered a tumor on the end of Mr. Big Stuff's ****** yesterday also. I just KNOW how overjoyed he will be to be knocked out and "circumcised???" LOLOL The joys of grey horses! Big Stuff is NOT one of his favorites. He can be a real handful. This couldn't happen at a worse Time. Jim and I are flying down to see our grandson in Orlando on Thursday and won't be back until Monday. At 16 months, he is growing FAST....and the new one is due in Sept. (Don't jump to the conclusion we are rich, Allegiant Air flies out of Spartanburg/Greenville airport to Orlando for ridiculous fares. It's costing us each $19 down and $39 back!!!!) If DB has to be stall rested, it will be a problem if we aren't here. We'll find a way though. This is a wonderful, wonderful horse and we'll do whatever he needs. Jim's picking up some menthol oil on his lunch hour today. Thank all of you so very, very much. As soon as I can get straightened out, I'll go back to being SCspots! I need to find my password and change my email address with the powers that be! You guys are great! Affectionately, Pat
  10. Locking Back Leg

    It's really me, SCspots. Don't even ask why I haven't been on, it's WAY too long a story. I'm afraid I'm going to get a rep for only appearing when I need help, but I really need some advice. Husband's 17 year old OTT has had two episodes of his right rear leg locking while on the trail. It locked, he swung it out to the side, took a hobbling step..and it was fine again. Today it locked and he was lame. We stopped riding and headed back leadiung him. DB (the horse) would be fine for awhile, and then limp again...intermittently fine, then just a slight limp. No more locking. We hosed him down, couldn't feel any swelling or heat, put him in the pasture and resolved to call the vet tomorrow. It really didn't seem like an emergency. Now I'm second guessing myself. I'm thinking it's a stifle problem? It's Sunday and I don't want to bother my vet unless it's absolutely necessary. He comes when I call him, and I don't want to abuse that relationship. I call, or can this wait like I think it can. DB is 17, has been 100% structurally sound, great conformation, used as a trail horse in the foothills of the Blue Ridge for the last 8 years. We were going through mud yesterday and today... Any advice appreciated.