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    I love horses but who wouldn't if they where on here. I also love to ice skate and roller blade.
  1. Holey Cooter Scotch

    Sorry the pictures aren't good it has been raining here forever and it's so muddy outside i'll get some more pictures when I can.
  2. Holey Cooter Scotch

    Shoulder shading Leg Barring Dorsal Strip Ear tipping Face Webbing
  3. Holey Cooter Scotch

    So here is Scooter I thought i would see what you guys thought about his conformation.He does win halter a lot so i would say he does but i don't know what to look for so here are some pictures i took today...I have some of his dun factor pictures to... \
  4. So Excited

    I have no clue i don't think so because he doesn't like his double bridle very much so i don't think she would put him in a strong bit and this is when he was young like 3 or so
  5. So Excited

    The open show i'm going to only has on saddleseat class but i'm also going to just go into an english walk/trot class.I might go to saddlebred shows around here next year but there so darn expensive i don't know.I just want something different to do than my quarter horse who is mostly western pleasure.
  6. So Excited

    So I have been riding my trainers saddlebred for a couple weeks he is so amazing.I love him he's such a puppy dog his name is nova he is a chestnut.We are building him up because he has had a year off due to him ripping off his shoes in the front.But I am planing on showing him once this year in an open show.I have ridden saddlebreds before and am just getting back into the swing of it.I just wanted to know what everyone thought?So here he is the big beautiful boy...this pic was taken a few years ago but he looks almost the same...
  7. Stall Problem

    Thanks guys for the advise I have gotten him out more when i've been there.
  8. Stall Problem

    No i like the answers it is just that i'm trying to figure out what is possible on the property that we are at and i'm not moving barns.I love my barn its one of the only ones around that doesn't starve there horses or doesn't over price the stalls.I just said that I try to get him out as much as possible which is everyday for at least an hour.
  9. Stall Problem

    My horse is on grain and lots of hay.He is on grain because he is not an easy keeper even though he's a quarter horse.He gets out everyday when I clean his stall and sometimes he's out during the day it's hard we have about 52 horses on the property.My horses is also in a corner stall with bars and has a blind mare next to him because his banging helps her stop circling.He always has a light on him.
  10. Stall Problem

    I feel like all of you are attacking me for my belief in stalling my horse.Also my horse has been a pasture horse before so it's not that hes accident prone because he has never been a pasture horse.We don't have much room outside right now our pastures are full.The paddock is already being used by one horse with allergies.I already said I will try my best to get him out as much as possible.My horse is perfectly healthy and doesn't have ulcers.If I did turn him out it would be alone because we have pastures behind our outside arena and when i let him out he beats the dominant horse in that pasture over the fence.I already get that its not healthy and it can cause injuries I was not born yesterday.I know of horses that will still do vices in the pasture as my thoroughbred would crib even outside.Also in the winter my horse can not go outside because his coat never gets very long so I couldn't let him outside except for our indoor arena.
  11. Stall Problem

    I will see what I can do with my barn owners we are pretty full on horses right now.
  12. Stall Problem

    I think it is mostly because this winter in Iowa it was very nasty and I couldn't get him out much.It will probably get better when we start showing full time.
  13. Stall Problem

    Like I said he can't be turned out not even at night he is very dominant over others and he tends to really hurt himself in pasture.
  14. Stall Problem

    He is stalled about 20 hours a day.I can't turn him out he is very dominant,he likes to get hurt,and he can dilute his color in the sun.
  15. Stall Problem

    My gelding is a very annoying in his stall.He is awful we call him ADD boy because he will not stop.I have punished him for it and it doesn't work.I have toys in the stall and I ride him at least twice a week as I clean stalls and don't have much time.I let him out as much as possible but even after long rides or outside time he still bangs.He bangs and bangs on his door i was wondering does anyone have the same problem or has and idea to stop him?Please help he is driving me insane I have even thought about selling him and get another horse but I love him and don't want to start over.