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  1. There's going to be a "Celebrating the Equine Spirit Parade" in downtown during the 2010 World Equestrian Games. The parade will feature lots of exotic horse breeds like the Akhal-Teke and an Austrian Haflinger. Thought you may enjoy reading about it: http://www.kentucky.com/2010/05/26/1279641...-of-horses.html If you want your horse breed organization to be a part of it, just visit the International Equestrian Festival Website http://horsecapitalproductions.com/index.p...7&Itemid=74 the link to the form is on the third article down.
  2. Ever Met A "famous Or Legendary" Stallion?

    Lol - He's bringing them to the International Equestrian Festival in downtown Lexington during the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Forgot to mention that. :) www.internationalequestrianfestival.com
  3. Ever Met A "famous Or Legendary" Stallion?

    I've been to Old Friends (the TB retirement farm in Lexington) and seen the champions presentation at the Ky Horse Park - I was younger though and don't remember it. I'm really excited for this fall because Rex Peterson (who trains Hollywood horses) is bringing Hildago (really named RJ), and some of his other Hollywood horses. You could say I'm *star-struck* :)
  4. The 2010 International Equestrian Festival recently came out with equine discipline designs for our 2010IEF merchandise. We would love some feedback! These designs are part of a collection. We are coming out with IEF designs for each of the WEG disciplines. Vaulting: You can view the design here on our Facebook page photos: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.ph...;id=88732699369 Or On Twitter: http://twitpic.com/antcm Endurance: You can view the design here on our Facebook page photos: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=Internat...;id=88732699369 Or On Twitter: http://twitpic.com/b09ms Eventing: You can view the design here on our Facebook page photos: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=Internat...;id=88732699369 Or On Twitter: http://twitpic.com/b0a5z Reining: You can view the design here on our Facebook page photos: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=Internat...;id=88732699369 Or On Twitter: http://twitpic.com/b08ym For those of you who don't know, the IEF is an interactive horse industry expo that will be held in downtown Lexington during the 2010 World Equestrian Games. You can learn more about the 2010 IEF, and see other designs, on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Le...010/88732699369, or by Following us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/IEF2010
  5. Any Runners Out There?

    I started running this summer. I've always been pretty active, but very bad at keeping a steady run. I started using a 10K training program and it was just enough for me (do-able but still a challenge). It feels awesome! I run mainly on country back roads, and in doing so I'm reminded of Endurance riders and horses. I wonder how long they ride/train to go such long distances!?
  6. Disscussion: Your Favorite Clinician

    LOL!! I've seen polo players like this. Most really love the sport though... I like to watch practices on the fields at the Kentucky Horse Park sometimes. I've never played it myself, but I think it would be fun. Flash - I've never heard of Sally Swift... what is her area of expertise? Or, maybe I should ask 'what is Centered Riding?'
  7. Spanish Riding School

    tempichange- Since you mentioned it I did some research, and I haven't found much. Though my company works in close contact with some of the FEI, I do not have insider information. But through e-searching I found an article says that they retracted their 2011 bid: http://www.nj.com/sports/njsports/index.ss...e_returnin.html However, this was written at the beginning of April, and from what I have heard, the FEI has still not awarded the 2011 World Cup... so maybe it will happen after all. You never know..... Aeris- no, we do not know what cities they will be going to yet. HCP is trying to get them to come to Lexington, KY during the 2010 Games, but nothing is finalized. I will post more information as things unfold!
  8. World Equestrian Games 2010

    Ahh! Katie May, I am excited to meet another Lexintonian too! And I'm glad to see HC Games attendees connecting (does that make sense?). It is exactly why I wanted to start this thread . . glad it's happening!
  9. World Equestrian Games 2010

    They sure are. I just love the horse park, and the updates are going to make it even better! Just think of the top-level horse shows it can host now .. after the Games I mean. :)
  10. Disscussion: Your Favorite Clinician

    Seems like most of you watch RFD-TV, I may need to start watching that. Incidently, my company is talking to them right now (I'm not sure about what, not my department... just heard their name mentioned). Thank you to the following for posting these specialty clinicians, it's so neat to learn about horse people who have excelled in a certain area AND are helping others with their same interest! Have any of you heard of Brock Griffith? Or what about Wholistic Horsemanship/Missy Wryn? Other names I have heard tossed around my office... wondered how well-known they really are.
  11. Your Favorite Rider

    Ahh, good names. Good names. I am just amazed at these rider-horse teams. They seem to defy death with each cross country jump, yet collect themselves to perfection in dressage and jumping. True athletes! Anymore favorites? Or who do you think is the most up-and-coming horse and rider team?
  12. Spanish Riding School

    tempichange - I am not sure what you are talking about. The FEI World Cup was just in Las Vegas . . is that what you were wondering? horses forever - thank you, I did! And your welcome, the picture is great isn't it!?
  13. Spanish Riding School

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share some inside gossip with you: the Spanish Riding School may be coming to tour the United States in 2010!! The company that I work for (Horse Capital Productions, or HCP) is trying to get the SRS to come perform in Kentucky during the time of the 2010 World Equestrian Games. I'm not trying to advertise, I am merely SUPER EXCITED. Other news about the SRS: HCP was recently a part of installing the largest oval horse walker in the world for the SRS to exercise their stallions. The walker holds 20 of the Royal Lippizaner Stallions at one time! My boss was in Austria for the gala event following the project completion, and it was there that she took this picture that I have posted. Enjoy!! Royal Lipizzaner stallion performs the levade at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
  14. Your Favorite Rider

    Wow, this girl sounds amazing! I wish her luck!! Be sure to keep us updated as she becomes more and more famous... :)
  15. Who's Your Favorite International Horse?

    Let me say, that this is an awesome forum. :) Though I know it's not international or Hunter/Jumper, my fav horse has always been Winsome Andante (3-Day-Eventer). Other favorites include: Authentic (I remember being crushed when Beezie came so close to winning the 2006 WEG in Aachen and then toppled that last jump), Sapphire (ridden by McLain Ward), and also some of the German team's horses (until I found out about the drug scandal).