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  1. No Bow Leg Wraps

    If I am using 16" No Bows on hind legs, which length should I use on the front?
  2. Putting A Leather Belt On A Nylon Halter

    Thanks! I think I know a few people around here at tack shops that could definitely help me with it. I hope this is successful and I don't cut my belt up for nothing, even though it doesn't fit! haha ;)
  3. Putting A Leather Belt On A Nylon Halter

    I see what you guys mean now about the sewing of the leather. Any tips for cutting the leather belt??? By the way, DEFINITELY not trying to turn this into an Ed Hardy debate....some people get pretty vicious about that. Just using the halters as an example haha!
  4. Putting A Leather Belt On A Nylon Halter

    Although my belt is not this brand, the halters I have seen like this are Ed Hardy. Maybe if you googled "ed hardy horse halter"?
  5. I have seen a lot of people cutting and placing belts on nylon halters lately. I have a really pretty belt that doesn't fit anymore and I was wondering if anyone knows how to put it on a halter. Is it just glued or what? Thanks in advance!!
  6. How Much Would You Give For This Horse?

    Oh absolutely! I totally agree. I have watched videos on youtube of mild HYPP attacks and even the lower level was scary! I am so glad I now know to stear clear of the N/H also!
  7. How Much Would You Give For This Horse?

    Thanks everybody!! This has been really helpful!! I will definitely try find someway to cancel my appointment to go see this one! Sounds like it's really not worth it....... By the way, they started out asking $7500 for him and then have worked their way down to $3500. I knew why Quarter Horse people weren't interested in him as a stud, but I had no idea gelding him wouldn't help either. Thank so much again!
  8. How Much Would You Give For This Horse?

    Well, the people who have him know even less than I do about HYPP so they are still marketing him as a "great stallion". All of my horses are N/N so I've never had to deal with this. I could probably use a little more education on it myself. I didn't even realize that you shouldn't ride an N/H horse.
  9. How Much Would You Give For This Horse?

    Really? I've always been under the impression that N/H just meant they "carried the gene" or whatever. I didn't know it meant that they could actually suffer an attack!
  10. Hi! I am going to look at a 14 year old AQHA sorrel stallion soon. He is absolutely gorgeous and HUGE! He is halter bred. (I prefer not to post pictures because i don't exactly have permission.) Just know that he is a real good lookin' horse ;) I plan on gelding him if I do purchase him because he is HYPP N/H. I definitely DO NOT wanna pass that on. The people who own him have owned Arabians their whole lives, so I don't think they realize that a QH who is HYPP N/H shouldn't be breeding. That's where things get a little confusing in our discussions about him. haha Whenever I ask them if they will take less for him, they use the line about "how much money you could make breeding him". Yeah..... The reason I am wanting to purchase him and geld him is because he is EXTREMELY well-behaved and big enough for my very tall boyfriend. He is bred very nice, but in the end it doesn't matter because I don't plan on breeding him. So, what would you give for a 14 year old, very well-trained AQHA stallion that.....well.....shouldn't be breeding? lol that sounds sort of stupid as I say it....
  11. Dog Food Ingredients

    Thanks everybody for your help with this! I am very interested in animal nutrition and you all have definitely done your research! :)
  12. Dog Food Ingredients

    Thanks! I will definitely try this. Anything to help her out, she seems so miserable sometimes with all the scratching!
  13. Dog Food Ingredients

    I might consider swapping my poodle to Blue Buff's Wilderness formula, then, if you are seeing good results with the comparable duck and potatoe formula you are feeding. I'd like to feed my big dogs Blue Buff also, but they eat so much!!! It gets expensive keeping up both horses and dogs! haha
  14. Dog Food Ingredients

    I have tried to make sure I purchase shampoos/conditioners for allergic dogs, but I didn't see much of a difference. I haven't thought about fish oil pills, can you find these at just any pet store or would I need to get them from a vet?
  15. Dog Food Ingredients

    Haha! There are SOOOOO many big name products that contain it though, ya know? I guess it's about as nutritous as chicken