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  1. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    How's things going? Just hasn't been much going on here other than staying busy with the garden, setting up a chicken pen for some Americaunas and Bantys and the normal day to day stuff. June was pretty much a drought here going into the first week of this month, then we had a week where all it seemed to do was rain. Now things are starting to dry back out, but the darn humidity is all jacked up. Haven't rode in weeks as first it was too hot, then all that raining and now the humidity. I guess the horses are loving the vacation. Vickie's cherry tomatos made a very big crop, more than she knew what to do with, so I ground them up into salsa along with some mild peppers and onions. Ended up 37 pints of the stuff. That should get me through the winter on salsa. I got into a mess of seed ticks while working on the chicken pen and Vickie lost count at 150 getting those things off of me. Gasoline on a q-tip got rid of most of them, and I got some lice shampoo at the drugstore to get 'em out of my hair. I'm in no hurry to repeat that experience. So what all is going on here.
  2. Calling All Guinea Lovers

    That's what I was thinking too. I just got 4 half grown Guineas that I'm going to let run with my Bantams.
  3. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Not many gators here in Tennessee although I've heard tell of a couple. Down in SW Arkansas where I was raised, we had a few of them though. When we were about 16 or 17, my brother was bass fishing with a new lure that he had just bought and caught a 3 footer on rod and reel. He eventually got it to bank after quite the fight. When asked why he didn't just cut the line, he said that gator wasn't getting away with his new fishing lure. He got his picture in the paper over that one.
  4. Don't Eat Hostess!

    I found a fingernail on a pizza once. I no longer order pizzas with everything.
  5. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    I'm still in and out here. I got a new (to me) computer and have been trying to get it set up like I want it. I hate doing that stuff which is probably why I try to make one last as long as I can. The old one was 10 years old and starting to have hardware issues and it was old enough that parts were hard to find. A computer geek buddy of mine custom built this one and it didn't work out for the games he was wanting to play so he built a more powerful one and sold me this one cheap. For what I do with one, it's great. Discovered that we have cockleburrs in the new pasture. Yesterday I picked a wad about the size of my fist of about 2 dozen of them out of Ruby's mane. That's not counting the several that were in there and not part of the wad. She stood there untied and let me pick them all out which I thought was pretty good of her. She must have rolled onto them. I guess I need to walk the pasture out and see if I can find them. Either that or be ready to pick them out some more. I see a few of the people who used to be here on facebook. I mainly use that though to keep up with my kids that live out of state. Glad to hear yall are doing well. Rattlesnakes? I haven't seen one in years, but they tell me it's illegal to kill one in Tennessee. I practice the triple S theory on those. Shoot Shovel Shutup.
  6. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Not much going on here either. It's cooled back off to normal for this time of year. We are helping Vickie's mom with a garden. She started out with "just a couple of rows for some tomatoes" and we're up to a dozen rows of tomatoes, peas, beans and corn. Did I mention that I joined the Navy at 17 to get off of a produce farm? I'm not a big fan of vegetable gardens. The only one of my kids to have the horse bug is my youngest daughter who's going to college now. The others could care less about a horse and the local grandkids seem to not really care one way or another. Got a new computer and had to find my way back here.
  7. War Horse Movie

    I read that they used a animatronic horse for the barb wire scenes.
  8. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Sorry I haven't been around much, but I've been on the go for it seems like forever now. We're doing fine and the horses seem to have adjusted well to the new pasture although they're still a bit unsure of the "Hilton". Although they were hanging around in it late this afternoon when I came up to feed them. Looks like I'm going to have to find a new farrier. The old one isn't returning our calls. I guess we weren't giving him enough business, but our horses haven't been needing a trim that much this past winter and we keep them barefoot.
  9. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    It's working. When I went to feed this evening, they were standing around outside in the rain looking rather miserable. I brought their feed into the "hilton" and they came in to eat. When I left, they were quite happy to stay in out of the rain. They're still pretty jumpy in there, but I think that's because they're not used to being in something that's closed up on three sides.
  10. Did You Go To College?

    Same advice I gave my daughter who's studying to be a vet tech and taking equine courses on the side. Don't rely on the horse stuff to make a living. I've always heard that the best way to make a small fortune in the horse industry is to spend a large one. She's got an internship now with a local vet who does equine care along with small animals, so the horse classes are coming in handy there and if she can get hired on after she graduates, she should do okay there. (it's hard to find a vet around here who does equine care)
  11. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Jack, I'm betting that it'd be hard to find someone that does better saddle work than you. It's raining here today so we're not getting much done, just sitting around the house. The horses don't seem to like the new shelter so much, but I've been feeding them in there so they'll get used to it. But it is pretty nice to just walk out the back of the house and up the hill to see them. My mare Ruby hasn't wanted to get into water the whole time I've had her. Creeks, ditches, mudholes, you name it and she won't cross it. I went up there yesterday and couldn't see her at first. I called her and here she come up out of the pond wet everywhere but her face. After all the trouble she's given me in the past about getting into the water, I had a few choice words to say about her then.
  12. Anyone Here Grow Their Own Hay?

    We've had an 10 acre hay field that would provide enough hay to last our two horses all winter if we get two cuttings off of it during the summer. (on a dry year, we sometimes only get one cutting for the year) We get a local guy who deals in hay to cut and bale it on the halves. We just had to fence up about a third of the field into pasture and have moved our horses onto it so probably this winter we'll have to buy some hay to go with what we grow.
  13. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Thanks for the heads up Bun! It's not what we normally feed, but I'm sure someone somewhere does. Today was the big day. We've been going full at it from can to past can't working with flashlights at night for a couple of days, but we moved the horses into the pasture a few hours ago. We wanted to get them on it before the grass got too plentiful as the old pasture was just beginning to sprout grass pretty good. We rode them up here and then around the fence perimeter before turning them loose. They're a bit out of shape from not being rode all winter, but it was a good tune up for them. I also gave them a little feed in the "Hilton" to get them used to the idea of it. I'm going back up there in a bit to check on them. Hope everyone has as good a day as I've had!
  14. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Glad to see you back Badlands! I hope your Buddy get's over his breathing problems. Our Buddy is doing fine. We're still working on the new pasture, but the fencing is all done except a short stretch in front of the old equipment shed that we're converting to the new "horsie hilton". It's going to be a much bigger shelter than what they have now and is already covered over on three sides with it being open only to the south. We just basically have to finish cleaning it out (almost there), put a divider in it to make it into two stalls and it's ready. Once we get caught up on it, we're going to put put a gate on each stall so we can pen them up in there if we need to. I'm hoping to have them moved onto the new pasture in less than two weeks. Sounds like everyone here's doing fine and I hope it stays that way for yall...
  15. Act2:45+folks! Don't stop riding cause you grow OLD

    Our horses are a mare and a gelding that are the same age. The pecking order seems to change with the weather. They remind me of an old married couple that bickers a lot. But let one of them get out of sight of the other and the hollering starts for each other.