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  1. When Do You Feel Most Vulnerable?

    The first time I canter. More a me thing then any horse I have started. Never been a problem but still makes my heart go *eeekkk*
  2. Help With Name!

    How about Mozart Magnum Magnus Michelangelo
  3. Riding English?

    So I used to take lessons riding english when I was much younger but have since only ridden western. I bought an english saddle this past summer and I do remember a bit from my lessons, but it has been a long time and it is hard to break the habits I have formed riding western. I really would like to take it back up. Maybe even do dressage or something? I'm not sure what I or my horse is capable of. Anyway, my problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest person that can give me lessons lives about 60 miles from me. While I would love to trailer my horse over there every week to take lessons, it just is not feasible right now with a new baby. Dumb question. Is there a good way to self teach riding english? I know there is no way it could ever be as good as taking lessons but surly there are those of you who have taught yourselves, at least the basics. It there a good book or instructional series? Any ideas? Also I have only ever trained my gelding ridding western. Any pointers on converting him to english smoothly?
  4. Rope Halter Braid How To I do mine like this wed site and I think it turns out really nice. I get the colored rope from Menards or a place like that in the rope section. It might take you a few tries but don't give up.
  5. Fingernails Breaking Every Time I Ride

    I noticed that mine are stronger then ever now that I am pregnant and taking vitamins. My doctor said it is the extra folic acid in my diet that is doing it. So I would look in to that. I can't take the prenatal vitamins without getting sick so I take a flintstone, iron, and folic acid. I have long nails (even before I was pregnant) and all I do is keep them painted and maintained. Rounded is way better then square. I have just noticed that they are stronger now with the pills. Hope that helps.
  6. Need Some Help

    I would just not go and if anyone asks, say its not your thing and you have other obligations and plans. Life is to short to be guilted in to being with people you don't like for reasons you don't care about.
  7. Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder...

    Even I didnt think much of my Tipper when I first saw him. But there was something about him that just made me take him home. I think I got the good end out of that deal. I could not ask for a better horse. His sale ad picture What he looked like when I cleaned him up and got him home. And now as a 4 year old
  8. Reining Horse People Question

    No. That's why I noticed it. The tail did not move once. The reason I decided to post is that i was watching "The horse show" on RFDTV and there was an old time trainer on there that was big in to filming the correct way to ride a horse. He was doing reining moves and the horses look more then happy and willing, but were definitely using their tails when they switched leads or did a roll back. Nothing that looked like they were mad. Just normal carage and what you would expect to see. The other horses in the championship however didn't move theirs at all, even in a roll back. That just struck me as very unnatural. What horse wouldn't move its tail a little in at least a roll back. Its just sad. I wont be able to look at those riders again the same way. Anyone who would do that to their horse is just an a** in my book.
  9. Northern Mn Buds

    Just woke up and got a call from the sheriffs office (We are rural so they call when there are sever weather warnings. Looks like we might get a bit of rain now. Yeah I don't want hurricane winds but a bit of rain is fine by me. Its been to hot.
  10. I was watching a reining world championship something or another on HRTV the other night and I noticed something. Not once, on any horse that I watched, did I see them swish their tail. Not when they spined, not when they changed leads, not when the rin was over, not at all. They all had their tails flat against their rump. So my question is, do a lot of top riders/trainers in reining nerve their horses tails? I know this is kind of a think in Western Pleasure but is it also in reining? I would think it would make the horse less effective because he could not use his entire self in his performance. So for those of you in the reining world, is this something that is done or is there another explanations for not a twitch of the tail?
  11. Northern Mn Buds

    Not a drop up here in Kittson County MN. We really need it to. I am getting really tired of watching the clouds go by with nothing come down.
  12. Woodpecker

    I cant tell you how much your story means to me. I lost my dad this past March and I am expecting my first child this August. I worry/wonder what she will think about the grandpa she never met. Will the stories my husband and I tell be enough to keep his memory alive? It warms my heart to think that you have memories/stories about the grandpa you never met and that you think about him. It just brightened my day. Thank you.
  13. What To Go To School For

    I do not know about markets for both jobs but I do know this... You will always make more and be far happier doing something you love rather then something that brings home a bigger pay check but you do not like as much. Do what you love. It pays off more then just a pay check.
  14. Forgetting Child In Car?

    I am not a mom quite yet (2 months to go) but I cant see how you would forget your baby. I think (and this is my opinion) that most parents make the choice to leave the child in the car. When something goes wrong then they clame they forgot. I just dont see it happening but then again I have not hade the oprotunity to do it. On another note my mom forgot me at school for 3 hours when I was in 6th grade... so....