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    All animals, except for most bugs, tattoos, piercings, riding horses, collecting weird stuff(you should see my Tamagotchi collection), Breyer model horses; collecting and showing, swimming, and volleyball. Also play the trombone.
  1. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    It will be great being home. More prayers and well wishes for you all.
  2. Your hubby is very creative. Nice!!!
  3. Nothing To Update, So Just Pics As Norm!

    Coblet looks wonderful, as always. So what if he's a little dirty. He's working out wonderfully for you, and so eager to please. Great teamwork. Can't believe he's almost a five year old.
  4. Prayers For My Father In Law Please

    Prayers and good thoughts sent for you all!!
  5. Anyone Have Plans For Valentines Day?

    I feel the same as you, Equi I got a new mini rosebush to replant outside later. It was one I was looking for; a mini Blue Girl. Thanks to hubby for finding it. Valentine's Day was my Dad's birthday. He passed away the day after, in 2006. So a day of quiet remembrance of my Dad for me.
  6. Been Busy

    Growing nicely. I really like the puppy that's almost all white. They're all so adorable though, and would be hard to choose from them.
  7. Pictures Of A Cute Puppy

    What a cutie pie!!! I think like some others here; maybe Aussie, Corgi, maybe Border Collie. Looks like a fun pup.
  8. Gardeners!

    You can even use large plastic totes for containers. We use those, as well as old plastic bleach bottles (cut in half, with drainage holes put in the bottom). We use our old bathtub too. Like Mz Rat said, be creative. The bleach bottles are used to start seeds, then the plants are transferred to larger containers when they're big enough.
  9. Skin Grafts And Horses

    Looks great!! Soon it'll look like nothing ever happened, I bet.
  10. Best of luck. Hope you get it!!
  11. She's Passed :(

    So sorry to hear. Prayers/good thoughts sent.
  12. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    So happy for the both of you!! I hope your hubby recovers well, and has many more years with you. Prayers and well wishes for you both.