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  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!!

  2. On the 30th, I'm going to a fun show. One of the classes is a costume class. When it comes to costumes, I'm all about cheap and easy. Last year, I went as Annie Oakley. I just wrapped a piece of material that looked like suede around my waist for a leather skirt, added a shirt about the same color, a fringed leather jacket, and a toy guy. This was all stuff that I had, so I didn't have to buy anything. The idea that I came up w/for a costume this year is to go as a mounted forest ranger. But, I'm not having much luck finding a pic on line of what they actually wear. Does anyone know what they actually wear? If I can't find something, I'll have to come up w/something else.
  3. Rabbit Pics

  4. Why Is It That There Is Always One

    Taz already removed her post. However, it was already quoted by Irish Sovereign. Maybe someone could ask her to remove it?
  5. A Few Pics To Share

    Ok, I'm 49, so what's my excuse?
  6. Why Is It That There Is Always One

    Taz, I've also received it as an e-mail and seen it on different forums. And I agree, it is an awesome piece on the subject.
  7. A Few Pics To Share

    Guess it comes from being a naturalist. I pick up things that most of my friends won't.
  8. A Few Pics To Share

    I guess I'm in the minority here. I looked at it, and I'm oh, wow! Neat!
  9. Cool Looking Spider

    Yep, it's a black and yellow garden spider to be exact. There's 3 of them near the field I have my horses in. I leave them be in the interest of fly control.
  10. Would It Be Okay To Ride A Pony?

    I'd think a haffie, or a haffie cross would be good, and that's only because of your height. I'm 5'4.5", weight 125, and have a hackney/Welsh cross I ride at times. And, I have a friend that's about 5'4", weighs over 200 and she rides a haffie.
  11. Mountain Lion Attacking Horses - 3 Attacks Now

    I see there's a hillside w/caves. Have they checked in there for a cat?
  12. Managing Weeds?

    Are the flowers daisy sized, or smaller? If they're smaller, they're probably some type of aster. Is this what it looked like? The problem w/poke is the root. I've dug it out b4, only to have it come back up from a smaller root that's still in the ground. I try to get it out b4 it gets that big.
  13. Managing Weeds?

    Pesonally, I don't like to kill everything along the fence. I've seen people who do that have problems w/erosion.
  14. Bra Wearing = Breast Cancer

    I was going to post the same thing! If I can get away w/out wearing a bra, I do. I hate the dumb things, and since I lost 25 lbs and went down a cup size, unless I'm really active, I can skip a day-as long as I'm not going to be out in public.
  15. Why Do People That Borrow Your Trailer Think....

    Simple solution, don't lend it out. I don't.