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  1. Stall Beating?

    I think it means tack'd up and tied up for a couple of hours! My trainer does this too. supose to teach Patients
  2. Going To Look At A Horse

    personally...I think are you sure you want this horse ? something just doesn't sound right about the situation w/ the horse. as It can't be that well train'd,are you going to plan to finish this horse your self? is the cheep money the reason here? This sounds like when I went and pick'd up King, I knew I'd find him a better home than where he was and offered the cash, and had the trailer so he went home,w/ me and I got him all fixed up ridden and sold in a month. If that's the case w/ this one. I'd say go for it take the trailer and the cash! and hope for the best! I'd have a hard time coming home with an empty trailer [surrender] If I thought I could do better by the horse than its current condition. BUT! there are a LOT of "ready to go horses out there too" so don't rush!! you might have a mouth to feed for a while that she can't ride either...confusing ha? [bang Head]
  3. Ahhh! I Stepped On My Phone And Cracked The Screen...

    well its better than it slipping out of you pocket and have'n you HORSE! step on it like jackie did my last one! that was my Sansung Solstice! love'd that phone!!(glass is not covered in the ins!! and yes Doom'd But I had an up grade so I got my Iphone and this one I have a OTTERBOX!! get ya one for the next phone! the whole thing is encased in plactic &rubber,and I've already drop-kicked it and it still perfect!! and you don't get the whole "drop it and the batterey-back fly's off!! well worth the extra cash!
  4. Woohoo Its Official!

    He's nice! But I hope your going to get his feet(angles in shape) before you do any serious work right? good luck w/ him I hope he is everything you wanted!!
  5. New Guy, No Papers And Some Questions, 1st Owned Gaited Horse

    well I'll add that they ARE FOOD driven!! [ROTFL] King love'd ANY food even old sage-brush! I'm going to miss that sweet (only a mother could love BIG head)but SO BRAVE! I wish I had more of them cause everybody wanted to buy him and I got the perfect Mountain home for him to train KIDs to ride and Pony the youngsters to be like him BOMB-Proof!what a guy!
  6. Goes Lame Every 4-6 Weeks - Updated 7/31

    WOW! This is the way Jackie was too (till I fired my farrier) he insisted she could go 7-8 weeks well she CAN'T! its more like 4-5 PERIOD! I agree w/ Felda for sure! Jackie would do the same thing till I fugured out as soon as those angles shift its time to trim (and way before this) and you can't go by the calendar either you got to watch you horse I took lots of Pix for weeks till I fugured out when she started tripping and new It was time! in the summer she grow like a weed! 1/2 in 4 weeks is common for her, and My new guy works with us and understand this so comes when I say, and where not Nevic. either just got to watch our angles!
  7. Sophie The Rescue Horse

    you did great!!I Love her color!! very unique! hope you documented everything as there all always! lots of others out there wondering how to have the great results you did! and I agree w/ the others ground work this winter!good plan!!
  8. Preventing Girth Galls For The Green Thin Skinned

    I have the same Problem w jackie and went to the Felt from the Neo(which did that horribly) trainer thought it was just cause it was dirty but after cleaning it and putting MTG on it and Change'n to the felt they just went away and never came back!(and they were big too) She also has very sensitive skin too and is allergic to all fly's&fly sprays on her body! and looks like fly mask too! So I understand! I didn't get a very expensive one either its just the Pro-Choice.(@ 34$?) Its been so good I haven't even had to wash it yet (I'm bad, I should) but no sours, and it seems to stay put better too! as she is butt high and everything slides forward too.
  9. King Got His Perfect Forever Home!

    yep! there just isn't enough good pony's out there(WELL AT LEAST HERE) I have had so many call!!! I told my trainer were in the wrong biz!! especially Pony's that are not really Ponys like King he was TWH&Paint just very short!! and that is what folks want! cause you get way from "Pony Brain!" He was so good!!! and he got such a great home in the mountains!!Of Northern Cal. trails everywhere right out the door! so pretty I wanted to stay! And he'll have Many Jobs too! mom&grandma is going to teach all the kids to ride and she'll pony her other younger horses that can learn a LOT from him on how to be a bomb-proof trail horse that LOVES! water! It's such a happy ending I could cry!! [Me Cry] will miss that little guy! [Angel]
  10. King Got His Perfect Forever Home!

    ok!...King is sold to this great little family of 4 kids and mom and grandma ride, and he was amazing! You know its a match when they show up with a Gaited "Imus saddle$$$" and it fits him and all the kids ride and mom and grandma,(they have other gaited horses too) and the weird thing is! ok... that wasn't just it!!! My Name is Linda I bought that pony from a lady named Linda in the Town of RioLinda and sold it to a little girl named Lindy KING!!that's right there last name is KING!!! [shocked] !I deliver him tomorrow morning!! and those kids where the best little riders I had ever seen for live under 7 all 4 and King took care of them and was amazing even for him! I was so happy!! what a happy ending!!! [Angel] and King is already a AA pony and this little girl can ride!!!and wants to do barrels!!He took so good care of her she rode in grandma saddle WTL and no stirrups!!Huge saddle only the 1st time she has ever loped! and he was fast too!! and she stuck right with him,I was like WOW!!she is going to be so good!!! anyway...guess I have to take his siggy down... but its a GOOD thing!!!
  11. Small Ranch..... be young again [Not Worthy] and full of dreams! listen to you elders kids! life as a grown-up is HARD! WORK! And good luck to you!! and I'll 2nd what all the others have had to say! Ben there done that and I agree its WAY hard! even just doing some of what you aspire to do! but keep dreaming!! [Huggy]
  12. Neck Sweat?

    I like just use'n a full slinky!the Thick ones! they tend to work really nice for the winter,and just keep things nice and warm I have both the 8 &10 The ten is great for or weather now,the 8 for the rest of the time and sturdy too!! ,and the breath too, not like the full neck.Neos do.(not great for winter if you have cold weather and can't wash the neck everyday) Jacki's stay's really nice last winter into spring. that's such a pretty baby!! Polka-Dot socks and all!!
  13. Cockatiel Owners

    yep! helps to have a screen'd in porch [surrender]
  14. Extremely Frustrated

    I think that is what I'd do!!!unless you want to be looking over your shoulder the rest of the ownership! cause you know this horse has go your number now!
  15. Cockatiel Owners

    they are the BEST! Pets? forget the others!! and PLEASE look to the rescues 1st! as there are a lot of good birds out there that need new homes and they do live to be 35! which make them end up on a LOT of rescues! and if you can't find one that WORKS for you a hand fed(from a good breeder) for sure! I did that and he was wonderful I took him everywhere w me and his wings I kept clip'd ! for sure! ceiling fans! [Crazy] I lost him one day off my 2nd floor balcony as I didn't know he was going down to see me and got caught between a bush and the nextdoor neighbors wall!broke my heart!! so even w/ clipt'd wings you must watch them! but they really bond w you ,go get ya one!!! [Yay]