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  1. Tack Consignment Shop

    yes if they would have listened i would have made less money but might have sold it quicker which is what i wanted and told them i want it sold quick and when i went in the store i asked why she thaught it wasnt selling and she said it was priced high so that is the reason i wanted the price lower and told her. im probly over reacting but they included a note that said "you have been the only one to complain about any of our services or costomer service sorry to here you will no longer be a costomer" with my check i dont really know how to take it. i was used to one on one service with the old owner who called the day your saddle sold and i got a check with in a week
  2. Tack Consignment Shop

    i took my saddle to a tack consignment shop to sell thinking it will be easier then trying to sell it my self but i was very wrong they told me to price it at 400 after having it at the shop 3 months i called and asked them to lower the price $50 went in about a month after that to see if they had any reins i liked and saw the price was still the same as when i droped it off so i asked the sale lady in person can you please lower the price called to check on it a month later still dident lower my price once again i ask please lower my price this went on 2 more months until this month when i called to check on my saddle i find out it sold they just never called to tell me i was so happy dident ask when it sold waited 2 weeks no check so i call make sure they have my address and ask when it sold turns out august 23 and it september 25 so i figure me calling would put the check in action wait a week still no check so i call again angry it should not take a month to get a check out if thats your buissness and the manager told me to come in the next day to pick my check up in person, i go to pick it up get their to find out they sent it in the mail that morning and dident call to let me know finally got my check no invoice for what they sold it for or anything so i do the math they never lowered the price but took a offer for 380 and never called to ask if it was ok thats ok with me i got more money but at least call.
  3. Hey Ropers..

    bad night last night couldent catch anything not even the hot heels every practice i atleast catch the hot heels good if not all the live steers idk what was goin on
  4. Hey Ropers..

    going to roping practice tonight thaught id ask whats your fav rope?? my first rope was a king gold calf rope i think ,but i tryed a explosion head rope last week and loved it hoping the tack store has them in stock to get one before practice tonight
  5. Never Seen This Before....

    iv tryed putting polos over my white boots to keep them clean but never under
  6. Hey Ropers..

    duns -ya i kinda relized that last night caught my first live steer whole head first time out why just the old horse i was riding put me right where i needed to be steer slowed he slowed i caught, only problem hes not the fasted so if the calf sped up their was no chance but i ran 3 times and got a 1 good catch, 1 no chance fast steer, and a nose. a few of the other girls are training their young horses while learning and it had looked easy on the hot heels and i was thinking ya ill get my lil prospect send her to a roping trainer that will let me take lessons on her once or twice a week this will work great but last night ropin live ones not so pretty 1 got bucked off and the other whos horse has had a little training on cows already dident catch anything so ya now im looking for a good broke one that will put me right in position and knows his job
  7. I Think She Likes To Ride

    to cute my 1 1/2 yr old son does the same thing to our dog, he prefers big horses to the ponys tho
  8. Hey Ropers..

    i completley understand if i was just seeing this filly i would normally not buy her not being registered but iv had my fair share of amazing unregisterd and mutt horses and now a few papered horses that are just horrible, but i have been working with her for the past year and a half and and have done everyaspect of her training from halter breaking to now riding just love her personality, work ethic,willingness and mind she is one of the few colts on the farm that are a joy to work with.and im still waiting for spring for foals to be born to see how those foals turn out. i am still looking at other prospects as i know the market is bad for well bred horses and if a horse is not registerd their is probly no money in selling it im very hope full once i buy a horse i will not have to sell but things happen so im going to be as prepared as i can be and not rush in to this
  9. Best Horse Sites...

    i just orderd a rope bag from smith bro's and it took 3 weeks but i use teskeys nrsworld valleyvet also love havent got to order from them yet but they have some cool stuff
  10. Hey Ropers..

    dam never got papers died right before i started working at the farm so all i know is she was a 1 person horse and was foundation bred and filly is the sires first foal. she has a huge stop on her im assuming from the reining bloodlines and shes pretty catty at least shes a promising barrel prospect, and work out good to team pen im not to compeditive any more dont have to prove anything like i thaught i did when i was younger i just wanna have fun learn new stuff
  11. Mustang Giveaway!

    i desperatly need a trailer love the contest
  12. Hey Ropers..

    ok i need your opinions on if this filly could make a rope horse im hoping to buy her in the spring bad pic it was her first ride ever havent got better pics. shes 2 now and i probly wont start her in roping till shes 4 the stud shes out of is star struck dun it i cant remember the mare but i know shes foundation bred right now id say shes about 14hh maybe more havent sticked her. also i have a dumb question i does it matter what kind rubber tubing i use on my saddle horn i made the mistak of going thru the nrs catalog and now im lost??? i just got a roping barrel combo saddle as you can see my ol barrel saddle got a little small after i had my son
  13. Horse Prices

    iv seen at least 3 yealings on craigslist go for 50-75 but our markets very havent made it to a sale but have heard their are low outs high sale for a papered paint trained head horse was 4000 and he was a heck of a nice lookin horse
  14. How Do You Calm Down?

    i dont stop right away i take 2 steps back in training get a positive result and then quit i hardly ever stop on a bad note unless i physicaly or mentally could not keep goin ex: i was at a colt starting clinic this spring and colt spooked i got bucked off and he stepped on my leg while i made sure i was ok no broken bones the clinician worked on relaxing the colt and she got on for a couple circles then i got back on and just sat if i wasnt at a clinic and that happend at home i probly would have put him back as i was not in the mental state to get back on if i would not have had the experienced clinician helping me relax i just try and stay as relaxed as possible when i do get frustrated i take 2 deep breaths and ask myself im the leader what am i doing wrong iv found most of the time im the reason for the problem
  15. Cant Find Horse On All Breed

    k ill tell her