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    I am very interested in horseback riding and have been working on my horsemanship skills over the past year. I ride several times a week, but do not currently own a horse.<br /><br />I am also into photography and have been working on my photo skills since high school.
  1. Do You Accept The Challenge?

    I can make quizzes. I've created several... As an example - NickerTown Basic Equine Knowledge Quiz Are you saying you have the info and want somebody to create the quiz based on your info? or are you saying you want to see somebody create it from the ground up? John
  2. Very nice... You did a good job. Remember that the camera is just a tool that you (the photographer) use to create images. It's not about the camera - its how you use it...
  3. Hey Texans

    Actually, its Mrs. Politician... - Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (D.-San Antonio)
  4. ** Happy Birthday Photoblast **

    Thank You... Now its time to party!!!
  5. Tombstone.

    Thanks... no problem at all... By the way, did you know that they have a vacation ride that covers several days and takes you to many of the locations in and around tombstone? I think it's called something like the Wyatt Earp Vendetta ride (or something like that). One of these days, I might just have to do that for vacation... (a bit pricey, but probably well worth it).
  6. Tombstone.

    That particular horse always stood out to me (I really like that movie) and I did a little digging some time ago...
  7. Tombstone.

    The answer is... American Quarter Horse Sunday Homespun birth 1979 Photo link "It's not revenge he's after. It's a reckoning"
  8. Interesting question... Personally, I have never owned a gun (besides the one that the military supplied), but I have recently begun to think that it is time to purchase 1 or 2. This is in direct response to all of the idiots that I have seen reported in the news. My belief is that the only effective method of gun control is to have no guns at all... period... and that will never happen in the US. Gun laws are only for the "law abiding" and has no affect on criminals. The only thing gun laws will do is make all of the "law abiding" fish in a barrel for those that don't follow the laws to begin with.
  9. Top Us Horse Trainers

    I've never seen or met Michael, but many of the clinicians had stories and thoughts that they shared. I hope to meet him one day.
  10. Top Us Horse Trainers

    for a good cause... The Michael Richardson Benefit. We spent yesterday with many of America's best horse trainers. They all gathered to support Michael Richardson whom has had some significant medical challenges of late. It was simply fantastic to see Rick Lamb, Peter Campbell, Pat & Linda Parelli, Chris Cox, Craig Cameron, and so many others... They were there to give of their time in support of Michael and his family and it was an honor to be there... I think the highlight for me and my wife was having a nice conversation with Diana Lamb. She is a fantastic lady... Of course, I took photos (too many to post here)... if you would like to see the photos, you can see them on facebook at ths link... Michael Richardson benefit photos John
  11. Plagiarism Of My Work?

    Just to be clear... It wouldn't be plagarism... It might be a violation of copyright, but my best guess is that it isn't. They probably have some sort of release from when you uploaded your photos - via the web site or other upload method. Even still, it would be a nice courtesy to give credit where credit is due...
  12. Good Job... if that is the only one you missed, you did fantastic!
  13. Need Advice

    Just to give a man's perspective here... You've been given some good advice. You had best think long and hard about your relationship. What you describe - at worst - indicates that this young man has some significant issues and may not have been raised and trained properly or may have some personality / mental problems... - at best - indicates poor manors and a lack of concern for you. What you describe is not normal behavior. If you decide to stick with this relationship, I would suggest taking it REAL SLOW and be watchful over time to see how he responds to your mom and your friends. Good Luck!!! Edited to add- He may just need more time to grow up and mature...
  14. I Need To Vent

    Just to add another tidbit... I have served in both the Active Military and the National Guard... There is nothing more American than being part of the National Guard. In fact, the National Guard serves a dual role. They are called upon by the nation in times that the nation needs them AND they serve the state in which they reside. Many times I was called to serve my country in both the active military and as a part of the National Guard. Additionally, I was called upon many times to assist my state (something that the active military is nearly prohibited from doing) like in cases of forest fires, floods, blizards, etc... One other point of interest is that the National Guard often has more resources than the active military. I served in a Combat Comm role and the National Guard has 80% of all of the nations resources (people and equipment) when it came to Combat Comm (and ATC - air traffic control). No one in the National Guard has to feel the need to explain themselves... they are heros!
  15. Good job y'all... I'll look at the wording of the possible answers for that question (posting) and see if I can come up with something better...