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  1. Stephen Bradley Clinic?

    We may run up. I have to see Stephen anyway. He puts on such an amzing clinic. Stephen is just such a fun guy, easy to laugh with and very kind. It would be great to get to chat with you again!
  2. 2010 Shows!

    I have a rather diverse bunch in the barn at the moment. This season shall be a very unique blend of quality scchooling shows, A shows, Horse Trials and Training Sessions up and down the East Coast.
  3. Stirrup Leathers

    I luff my L'Apogee leathers! They are an amazing quality hide. They do come natural, so are incredibly light, which does scare some people. They take oil extremely well, however. Kitty is great to deal with and does a custom length for me and my leggy self. They are spendy' but so worth every penny IMO.
  4. New Video :)

    It really is amazing how far the two of you have come in such a short amount of time together Chris. I'm loving how much better your leg has become, not just in position, but effectiveness, as well!That was a very pleasing little video to watch. Even the downward transition was ridden forward and with impulsion. It seem ike this horse is really allowing you to RIDE and you're making the best of it. Keep up the great work!
  5. Good Thoughts For Marly -- Updated 11/20 (second Page)

    From the pics, everything looks status quo. I've had aeveral go through surgery and it sounds like you had a great team working on him and they've done everything right. I look forward to following your career together. There are only bigger and better things to come!
  6. Riding Music

    Unless there are clients around, my iPod is on my hip at all times. I listen to a lot of upbeat stuff. I love The Shanghai Restoration Project. Lots of good flatting done to them! Also, I just find that I play anything according to my mood. If I'm lacking in motivation, it may be some Ari Gold. If I'm a little over excited and amped, power ballads and lots of 80's Hair bands. One never knows what you may hear coming out of my ears!
  7. What Do You Do?

    We have amazing hills here. I walk a ton on the hilly back roads. I've started taking the wee babies for long (3-4 mile) walks in hand when I go. I normally walk about 6 miles a day up and down hill. I'm with you in wishing that I could run, but not an option. I do obsess when it comes to the crunches however. I do 200 normal crunches, 200 oblique crunches and 400 hanging crunches every night. I haven't been going to yoga at all since May. I did find it helpful, but the nearest studio is like 45 mins. on a good day. It also helps the the gym has a Cardio Cinema. I warm up on the treadmill and then hit whatever other machines I've decided to work that day while watching a movie. If it's a really good movie, I'm way more inclined to be in there for an hour. Bad movie...I'm warmed up, worked out and cooled out in 45 mins..
  8. Novice 3-day Event?

    I completely agree that more will be held at the lower levels. Look at the success of the T3DE. What bothers me is that they are no longer recognized by the powers that be. So many are being lost from the calendar each year because the numbers are not there. There really is no incentive for the ULR at this point to shoot for some of the best 3 days that we used to hold in this country. I would love to see a resuurgence of the LF and if holding them for the LL's is what it takes, I say it's worth a shot!
  9. Novice 3-day Event?

    Quite honestly, I would have been completely against it not so long ago. Now, I guess there are no reasons not to hold one. The LF is dead anyway, for all intents and purposes. When you consider that anything with Steeplechase no longer can even be used as a qualifier, really who cares! I am a huge proponent of the LF, but really just don't see that it will ever again be relevant. I say, if they think it will bring in the numbers (and it will!!) start running it!
  10. Your Favorite Stirrup Leathers?

    I have recently put L'Apogee leathers on every saddle I have. I love the quality! They do ship to you in probably the lightest leather I have ever seen, but they take oil extremely well. Within 3-4 oilings, they match even some of the oldest, darkest saddles I have them on.
  11. Student Who Lacks Dedication

    So, kid had a blipping Rock Star lesson today! Will see how things go tomorrow. For sure, she'll be at the top. It's really nothing of a challenge. Spoke with Mom about stepping it up a bit today and she's all for setting the princess in her place a bit. Thank God for people who are paying the bills who "get it".
  12. Student Who Lacks Dedication

    She has a lesson tomorrow, so we shall see. She is also going to lesson on Friday. Mom says that she has been "on program" since finding out that she would be showing this weekend. I honestly feel that we're going to have to hit the bigger shows/divisions a bit earlier than planned in order to keep her focus. She knows that both she and her horse can win at their current level with "her" current program and thus is satisfied.
  13. Student Who Lacks Dedication

    I do believe that Jilly probably nailed it with the statement about the kid thinking that she can get it done with working harder later. As I said, she knuckles down in her lessons. Unbeknownst to her, I have decided that she will be showing on Sat and will inform her of such tomorrow. One great thing about this area is that there is always somewhere to go.
  14. Student Who Lacks Dedication

    She is given an outline of what to do between lessons. She just hasn't been following it lately.
  15. Student Who Lacks Dedication

    The issue being in that she trailers in for lessons, therefor is not "in" my program throughout the week. I cannot supervise her riding during the week, as the cost of travel for either of us would be cost prohibitive. There are several people with whom she can ride at her barn. There is even an amazing young Ammie who was a rather accomplished Junior (another of my students) who is there every afternoon who has offered to help her when/if issues arise. Her parents are amazing! They allow her to show as much as she wants, but do not pressure her for results. Mom grooms/braids for her at the shows in order to keep costs down, allowing for more showing opportunities. Mom also has horses with me and as a beginning Adult rider displays more dedication than any of my students. They go to the barn together every day and are there for several hours. What the kid does with her time is beyond me.