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  1. Where Is Everyone's Next Event?

    I'm competing at Otter Creek Horse Trials at the end of September. Whoop dee doo for Minnesota.
  2. Eventing In Minnesota...what A Challenge

    This is just to vent about the lack of eventing opportunities in Minnesota. There are only a couple barns, but all of them seem to be at least an hour away from the Twin Cities. The event selection is...well...less than satisfactory. I probably have the opportunity to go to 3, maybe 4 events a year because of this. Minnesota needs more eventing!
  3. Banners/photoshopstuff

    Hey! I'm a new member and I was looking to spice up my posts lol Could you make me a banner and avatar please? Banner: Medium size text that says: Eventing: I'd like to see you try it! Phoenix + Fancy + Danica Colors: Deep purples Pictures: Same color scheme for avatar. The last picture in that please :)