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  1. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    Interesting. Looking at the poll, it is 21 for and 21 against docking the tails. And, there are 18 must be docked, 19 want a natural tail and 5 don't care either way if they were to actually purchase an aussie pup. Pretty even split. I'm leaning to not docking them and allowing them to have what they were given (since some are natural short and some are long). If they are going to the right homes, it won't matter one bit what they have for tails.
  2. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    This is all interesting to see comments from people with first hand experiences. I'm fairly confident that all of my pups will be household companion dogs. Partly because I live in MN where the need for a cattle working dog is slim. Partly because I have an 'interested' waiting list of companion homes. Partly because they don't come from a long line of proven stock dogs. Here, they would be more likely to be used for sheep or goats than cattle. I will say, my female will (untrained) work on Anything I ask her to. My male will run 30 feet or so and lay down to watch. Not sure if he's too dumb to do it, or if he's just smart enough to figure out he doesn't *have* to.
  3. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    First litter there were 4 pups and you took the first pup of it, male w short tail, but you also saw them before they were put anywhere public. then the long tailed male was picked and then the two females went, long tail first and the short tailed female was the last. Second litter I did a half-arsed job of promoting at all as it was when we were moving our home, along with fair time and I'm on the fairboard, have my kids in 4H etc. so they weren't exposed well. But, RRW took first pick right when they were born! then it was the other male with a 3/4 length tail, a short tail red female and the last two were one short tail black tri and one long tail black tri - both females. They went on the same day and at the same time. I should say that I did turn a few buyers away because I just didn't get a good 'feel' from them. Don't remember which pups they had wanted though. So... no real conclusive answers other than the males all went first. Which I also find odd because I have always preferred and thought females were better dogs.
  4. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    equi - is that for 'breed standard' or what reason? curiosity is all.
  5. Thank You! too late for tonight, LOL, but this will be tomorrow's dinner! It is SO good. And, when I got home and looked for the book... it is MIA! Must search for it.
  6. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    Contradictory statement... did you mean "now" instead of "not" or did you wish for labor-intensive shedding? LOL autocorrect? I love that look too! I can never quite get a good smiley shot. Pistol wiggles just a bit too much.
  7. To Dock Or Not To Dock

    Dodger is a doll! George who has a naturally 'short' tail is also one of mine. But that aside, I had a large litter of 6. This time, 3 of the six have Long tails, two short tails and one medium tail. They were born today, so I have a bit of time to decide on what to do with them... but I've not docked the tails of previous litters. Never really thought about that people would prefer them short-er. Just figured that since I have a natural short tail Border Collie / Aussie momma and a docked Aussie papa that whatever God (or nature or whoever you want to credit) decided to give them that they should keep it. Except for dew claws. Those on the front for sure get removed since they can so easily be injured later. I love my pups, and have been very careful to place them in great homes! Stars and RRW are both awesome!
  8. Recently chatted with some friends who say Aussie pup tails should be docked. Setting aside any opinions on Dog Breeding, specifically what is your opinion on tail docking?
  9. I want to make a chicken enchilada recipe that Sweet Caroline submitted to the HC Cookbook a few years back... but I'm at work and it's at home. Need to know the ingredients so I can pick up what I need on the way home. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Petitions?

    I looked in the rules, and didn't see anything about it, but I may be blind... Can we start topics with petitions linked in them? This one in particular I'd like to post is about the 60+ horses that the local humane societies are trying to remove from a "breeders" farm... the same farm that Red got Doc's Gold from. I haven't looked thouroughly, it may already be on HC somewhere... but if it's not and it is allowed, I would very much like to link it here somewhere in hopes of helping to stop this guy from continuing to buy, breed and then starve generations of horses like he Has been doing for the past 25-30+ years. The case has been covered a lot by all of our local major news channels and bigger state papers and is very legit. It's also a big topic on a facebook group. In any case, if we can't post the links and someone wants it to view and/or sign the electronic petition , I can always be pm'd...
  11. In addition to that.... how do you stop other people from taking pictures of your horses? Drives me NUTS and happens All.The.Time. While I'm flattered that people think my pastures and horses are so astheticly pleasing that they want to forever capture that image.... the best horses can be made to look like poo by a poor photographer (myself included) and I'd rather my recognizable animals and home not be portrayed in an unflattering photo, even if the picture taker thinks it's gorgeous... Would it be worth posting "no pictures" signs?
  12. What ever happened to that mustang..... ? Ya know, the kill buyers horse, I think... I never did find the rest of THAT story, and it was SO GOOD....
  13. Rescue Update-50 Days

    Where is a good place to put that topic? Do you want it on GCC or in horse health or where? The Purina one is right... Nutrena also has one, will have to go comb their site to see what it was again.. And there are others as well. The line that I use is from ADM Alliance Nutrition... have several horses on their mineral products and adding in their Patriot feeds or the GLO For Life feeds depending on what they are doing (babies, old horses, working hard etc.) You can also ask your local feed place (not the TCS, Fleet Farms or big box type, but the independent ones) if they carry any products that were formulated with the assistance of Kentucky Equine Research (KER) .... in MN, Assurance Feeds was developed with them, but they have Many partners across the country, and I'm sure all of them have similar products formulated with the VTM requirements. KER and KPP (Kentucky Performance Products) really have done some phenominal research in all aspects of the horse... down to formulating a product called "Summer Games" which is an instant electrolyte replacement... the way they formulated that was by scraping the sweat of Every horse that came out of Every practice and performance at the Summer Games (hence the name) and analyzing it, compared to length and type of work out, breed and age of horse, regular diet etc. to determine what they could put in a tube for the fastest replacement of what the horse used and sweated out. Anyway, this is getting way off topic .... I'll put it all somewhere to go into depth....
  14. Trotting

    Ok. Now what about in harness? And, can you get this type of trot lunging or round penning?
  15. Pa System For Arena

    That's a LOT of help! Thank you! The arena is outdoor 100 x 200 and will be host to barrel races, team penning, sorting, ranch rodeo and whatever else we can come up with to fill it. The plan is to use it as much as possible, so several times a month. Not sure what the shape of the outdoor space will do to the sound carry, there is hill on one side, trees off to one corner, 4 ponds on the grounds and wide open space to the west beyond those ponds... I suppose the important area is more, sheltered? in a basin kind of? Definately buying the system, good idea on the upgrade part... Is this something a radio shack type place can help me with? Or do I need more specialty type store?