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  1. Voting

    my thoughts exactly! bugs the crap out of me. i always get some lecture about freedom of speech though when i point that out lol guess they have a right BUT i have a right to be annoyed!
  2. Voting

    So i've been debating on if I should make a thread about this or not. I've herd many different opinions on people who dont/refuse to vote. I'm curious as to how you guys feel about it. I have a very strong opinions when it comes to this topic which I will share later on. Now I know politics are a very sensitive topic so please lets not flame each other and attack each other for our opinions. With that said let me know how you feel about it. Does it annoy you when someone is of age to vote but chooses not to? Does it annoy you that said person has a very strong opinions on politics but refuses to vote? Lets share our thoughts....NICELY! ;)
  3. my thoughts exactly! I'm so tired of hearing that! boo hoo! I agree with you there Goldentoes. Irritates me when people just assume that Obama can *snap* his fingers and everything he wants to change or add will get through. It dosnt happen that way people! i love everything about your reply! Cant wait for the debate tonight! Should be entertaining
  4. Debate Drinking Game

    LOL this should be an entertaining debate night
  5. Yep! The school needs better controls, and what was your son doing on youtube at school to begin with? (just curious) I love the song and the video, but yes it is an adult kinda thing and kids shouldnt see the video at least. But then what is a 8 year old doing on youtube or the internet un supervised at school no less...Just saying...
  6. wow....just wow....I played jr AA hockey in Canada with the boys and I ended up trying out twice before they let me play (it was more of a girls vs boys kinda thing...parents not comfy with a female in the locker room etc) if I had not gotten on I NEVER would've let my parents even talk about suing. Its really sad....Cheering is hard! Now a days you have to be athletic, and since 90% of school require tumbling even for JV. I wouldnt of encouraged my daughter to try out, knowing the out come.
  7. Marriage

    My hubby and I got married April 2009. I was 26 he was 21. Age is just a number. But 16/17 is way too young! We both were financially stable (he was working at Walmart making $12/hr, I was working at barn as an assistant trainer/assistant barn manager and brought home around $700 every two weeks) We did live with my mom for 3 years before we got married. ONLY because my mom refused to let us move out lol But we had to pay half the rent, and other bills. She didnt pay for anything. We lived in a two story duplex she had the top floor we had the basement so it was like our own apt. Now hes in college going for a PHD in Nuclear Science and helps take care of grandpa during the day when my mom is at work (she also lives out here as he cant be alone and shes his nurse), and im helping run my grandpas farm as hes 85 and refuses to sell his horses lol We have a 2 bedroom little loft apt over the barn. His parents did have some major problems with him getting married so young. But hes very mature for his age. And surprisingly isnt interested in most things guys his age are lol We both got our partying out of our systems a long time ago so we have no real interest in it anymore which is always good. We get along extremely well. We've had one bad fight in which we went for a week without speaking in the whole 5 1/2 years we've been together. IDK I do think MOST people should wait untill they are at least 25 to get married. And for sure have a career and a place to live and whatnot. I would NEVER sign for my underage kid to get married! And if my 13 yr old got knocked up by an 18 yr old that boy would be in a world of hurt! But then again my 13 yr old wouldnt be allowed to have boyfriends lol
  8. So we had a happy find over the last week! We found 75 acres for sale thats super affordable. Theres already a house on it, fenced pastures, 10 stall barn, lighted outdoor arena etc. When we went to look it would defiantly be in need of a little TLC but thats besides the point LOL Then I came up with this poll I guess? (not sure where that come from exactly LOL) Now I ride and train Hunter/Jumpers and some lower level dressage. I would love to one day at least show one season at Grand Prix! Not even win! (ok who am I kidding! At that level! Yeah im riding to win LOL) Just to do it! Now with those goals in mind would you rather train at a HIGH class farm with HIGH class trainers and students where the environment could be a bit more stressful and intimidating. Or would you rather ride at a smaller farm of the same caliber with maybe a less stressful environment and less intimidating? Me? I would probably go with the smaller farm. I tend to ride and learn better if the environment isnt too overly stressful at home(not to say the show ring isnt stressful I tend to not eat a whole lot the weekend of a show lol) What do you guys think? Which is better for a young rider aspiring to make it to high ranks of junior riders. Oh and if I need to put this elsewhere let me know and ill move it
  9. Feit Inspection Results-pro Photos Now!

    Congrats! Isnt that an amazing feeling! I took my TB stallion to one of their inspections and he received a first premium (not the highest score..I think he was like 4th out of 10 stallions) and was the judges fav. and people were constantly asking if he really was a stallion because he was being so good! He was actually napping out side the ring waiting for his turn with a bunch of crazy stallions all around him and he paid them no mind except when one little yearling looked over at us and he pinned a ear lol just one lol I've been soooo happy with Tango. Hes grown out of his "nasty colt" days lol the day he turned 4 it was like a totally different horse! I could take him to shows and not have to worry about who was stalled around him, kids could pet him without warning the parents that hes a stallion (I still did of course) So I decided after his very nice inspection scores and his success in both Training Level dressage and Hunters that he may keep his man hood LOL I'm debating wither or not to get our Mustang inspected. To me hes not really "sport horsey" But he does have 3 nice gaits. Might be fun just to give it a try who knows he might surprise me! But i'm not sure if there are any registry's that allow mustangs?
  10. Pedigree Info

    Hey guys. So we are looking at a 2001 model TB mare from OK and I'm not familiar with her bloodlines. She looks to be a nice mare but I want to be sure of her pedigree before we consider her for breeding (still waiting to hear back on how she did when she was on the track etc If she ever was) Anyway! heres her pedigree: My dad has a colt by her grandsire Pleasant Colony. And hes did really well his two years on the track and is now making a name for himself in the hunter ring in Canada and the east coast. Other then that the ones ones I reconize are Bold Ruler, NASRULLAH and Never Bend... Anyway any info would be AmAZING!Especially on her sire!
  11. How Much Control Do You Give Your Trainer?

    Just how much control do you give your trainer or do they demand? - Mine dosnt demand to have control...I do seek her opions and knowlage quite alot..I guess im not really sure what you mean by "control"? Do you have to use their vet? Farrier? -I dont think so? I do use the barns Farrier for Foster and our vet...But the BO dosnt force the issue as long as you have one of each and they have the info your good to go Are you allowed to discuss your horse with vet or farrier without their pressence or knowledge? -Of course! I'd wonder why if you werent! Do they try to dictate what brands (saddle, etc.) you purchase? -Not at all. She will sugjest if you need a certain type of bit or tack or something like that but never dictates...of course if your trying to jump in a dressage saddle she might then lol Is it a "this is my program so if you are to board here you follow it." or is it more of a advice/mentor kind of thing? - um shes not reall the this is my barn you go by MY rules! Of course if you board there you have to follow the rules...but shes never really mean about it..she trys to be more of a mentor kind of trainer I guess Do you allow your trainer to verbally abuse you in a lesson or otherwise? - While she can be harsh she is NEVER mean or abusive! If your doing something wrong you WILL hear about it but then after shes chewed you a new one she will tone it down and explain what your doing wrong...I've seen first hand and been on the reciving end of trainer abuse and it made me not want to take lessons again..Which while I love m y mother to death we butt heads far too much for me to take constant lessons from her LOL Though she and my trainer rode together back in the day so they know eachother and shes trusts my mom to carry on my lessons at home when I cant get to her usually durring the winter months
  12. Updated- Riding Pics!

    Hi there...Wonderful horses! And I love your little mare! I hear ya about dishonest owners! I hate that! In May I took in a Section B Welsh Pony from a Gal in Oregon she told me this horse was very mellow, easy to ride etc...Well the first few days he was good. Did lots of ground work the first week so I could try and get an idea where hes at. The first time I went to get on him he EXPLODED in the round pen! Sent me flying into the side of the round pen and nearly took my head off! That night I sent her an email telling her what happend and if hes ever done it before and of course she said "oh my gosh! hes never ever done that before with me!" So I took it as a one time thing...The next day I was cautiouse, careful to pay attention to him in case he was going to blow up...Nothing...So I thought ok maybe he was just feeling fresh. Nothing more bad outta him untill July 4th..... We decided to start riding over fences on the first of July (I was told he was trained to 2'6 she even sent me a video of him jumping...) Had my instructor out for a lesson and he was very good! So we had a lesson a day the next 4 days...The 4th day instructor decided to introduce an oxer with water underneith...I wasnt worried....So we did our warm up, and started the small course..He was alittle naughty through in a playfull little crow hop after the first two jumps...Then it came time for the water oxer....The sun glinted off the water and this horse EXPLODED! and I mean exploded! I went flying darn near landed on my head...And then after that day he turned into a monster! I was crushed! I thought it was me. Something I had done..Well instructor was convinced it wasnt my fault so we had the vet look at him and he took blood and what not...Well the test came back that his owner had been drugging him when she came to see him that week! From June28th-July 3rd! She'd been sliping him something in his stall when I was elsewhere! I was just beyond myself! So I confronted her she told me I was out of my mind, that she would never do that. And when i told her about the blood test she told me I had obviously given it to him so I could sue her! *sigh* Right...So I told her to take her psycho horse back...and she told me she wanted her money for training back...HA yeah right...She also threatend with a lawsuit but I havnt herd from her yet! I guess its not the first time shes done something like that...She also skirts around paying the training/board bills on her horses that are send to outside barns for showing! I really wish I would've known about her sooner! Would've saved alot of time and money! But yeah! NOW It says in my contract if you with hold information about your horse and I get hurt guess what! Your responsible! You just have to be so so so so so so so careful now a days when you take out side horses in for training! Like I tell my clients I have NO Problems working with a problem child! I actually prefer the challange! But I NEED to know before hand what im getting into so I can plan correctly to keep me and the horse safe! We have 28 horses on the farm atm...10 are client horses in for training...8 out of the 28 are under 3 so they arent ridden. But they are handled daily usually by my mom. As for riding. I try to do 5 a day (more if my body and time allows)
  13. Back Pain :(

    Hey guys! So my back injury has been flairing up pretty badly the last two weeks and its gotten VERY bad..Bad as in its very hard to walk, I cant bend at all hubby has to help me out of bed/recliner, help me dress. At first I thought well maybe it was caused from the car accident I had in July but it didnt bother me after that and they checked my back in the ER ( just an xray which my mom wasnt happy about given my history) I have a hard time walking long distances like around the store, and out to the barn and things..I do ok with a cane but I hate it lol Went to see my dr on monday and he was VERY concerned and slaped me in a little lower lumbar back brace...He thinks I may have re injured the fractured vertebra I received when I was 17 taking a nasty dive off the balance beam during a high school gymnastics comp. So hes ordered an MRI on friday...I have to say im scared...He said should there be an issue with the area or if I have re fractured it I will be having surgery again... The first time I bounced back in 3 months! Was back in the gym in 4 1.2 months sad to say gymnastics was never the same for me..Mental block and all It seemed like I had very little pain with that one lol I'm worried that i will have more pain this time! I've been hard on my poor body! I did gymnastics at age 4-18 (competitively and then went to being a rec coach), I did hockey 6-21 yrs old, I started riding at 4...Had my first BAD wreck on xcountry that ruined me for eventing (again mental block) at 18 (still sends found the video i should post it for you guys) I've had injury after injury after injury...Which is why I didnt go much past Lvl 10 in Gymnastics LOL I've just been rough on my body. So back to my current issue...The doc gave me hydro 7.5 two every 4 hrs ( I love my new doc the first ive seen in years who actually taking pain serious! and dosnt think im just drug seeking) And at first they were helping but making me sooooooooooooooooooooo sleepy! Which drove me up the wall! I'm use to being up at 5 am and hitting the bed around 11 pm working alllllll day lol But now...The pills knock me out, I'm not allowed to do hardly anything. I refuse to give up taking care of my animals myself though! Of course things like cleaning stalls, turning horses out, riding, moving hay bales etc are off limits but just to be in my barn with one of our beats is therapy in its own right LOL So before I write a book here lol my question is to those of you with chronic pain HOW do you deal with it? With out turning to meds?
  14. Anyone Here Scared Of...........

    I fully agree with you Heidi!!! We were at an anime convention in Idaho when I had my first run in with a silverfish in the bathroom of our hotel room! I was convince the thing was going to kill me lol as i'm screaming for hubby and/or best friend to save me from said **** beastie! LOL They got a huge laugh of out of it...And to my embarrassment we had 3 extra ppl in our room who had herd me carry on lol Out here I swear we have an un natural infestation of EARWIGS! not small ones but HUGE fat ones! LOL they Are in EVERYTHING! For the life of me i cant figure out how to get rid of them We also have HUGE barn spiders! They chickens and my wolf/husky pup Jake take care of them for me though lol