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    Breeding and Showing Arabian and Half Arabian English horses
  1. New Years Resolutions Anyone!?

    Okay, I know we're all supposed to come up with things we'll change so we can be perfect (HA!) but mine is to work less, and get to the barn more--although I need to figure out how to squeeze another 4 hours into every day to accomplish that! Also, to get back in the show ring for maybe a couple of shows.
  2. What To Do With A Kicker?

    We have a saddlebred weanling in the barn we call Little A--and A's not for Angel! She's beautiful, but we didn't get her until she was 5 months old, and had never even had a halter on. We've been working really hard to gain her confidence, but she's not at all a "people" horse, and in fact is starting to be dangerous. Any time we walk into her stall, she turns her butt to us, and starts backing up. She'll nail you if you don't get out fast. She's not even interested in being bribed with grain or peppermints! This baby hasn't been mishandled--she was just never handled at all, and has a nasty temperment. Does anyone have suggestions of how to break this behavior? I think I once heard of using a broomstick, and letting them kick into that and smack their legs. (Not smacking them--but letting them make contact with the broomstick every time they kick.) Thanks for your suggestions! P.S. I also posted the question, "What do you think of Arabians?" and I've never had an Arab who didn't love people--some more than others, but never one that I'd call anti-social like this baby!
  3. Okay, I'll admit my bias right up front--I think Arabians and Half-Arabians are the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful horses in the world. But, as a breed we are not doing as well as we used to, and people seem to be turning to other breeds. I'm interested in finding out your thoughts--and what Arabians, and Arabian breeders, could do, or do differently, to make you love these great horses as much as I do?
  4. Sidney's Waiting For Santa

    Really a picture perfect Christmas! Our 2 English Mastiffs not only take up the entire couch--but at least 2/3's of the king-sized bed!! Merry Christmas!
  5. Random Xmas Pics!

    Fun stuff--especially the snow! Merry Christmas!
  6. Playing With A New Lens.

    I like these! You have an artistic eye--and especially love the creativity with the close-ups. Keep shooting and sharing!
  7. P-2 Fracture! Any Advice?

    About 6 weeks ago, I was lounging a great little mare in training. She took a bad step, and fractured her P-2 in 3 places. Thankfully, Purdue University is close. After a VERY stressful loading experience, we managed to get her there. The break was too bad for screws and plates--so they put 2 rods through her cannon bone, then through the cast, to support her weight while the P-2 healed. There's always a big risk of founder with that treatment, but we've made it through that stage okay. The rods are now out, and she's in a regular cast for another 2 weeks. Then, we'll be able to bring her home, but still need to keep her wrapped, etc. Here's my question--Should we just be happy that we've got her as a broodmare, or is there any hope she can ever be shown? I've heard some stories of horses who've made remarkable comebacks after this injury--but can't confirm any of them. Also, is there anything we'll need to be especially careful of? I'll be very grateful for any insights! And, I can't say enough good things about the vet students at Purdue! They have been amazing--and if not for them, we'd have had to put this girl down!! Thanks everyone!