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  1. Some Summer Pics And An Update

    Awesome pictures!
  2. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    WOW, it's been over a year since I've posted on here and my post was the last two....hummmm
  3. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Been kinda quiet around here. I had an accident Sunday that really messed up my left leg. Herb and I were cutting wood, the trees that were uprooted by the tornado. I was picking up the wood and the downed tree shifted, smacking me down to the ground. I did not know I could scream like that. It hurt so freaking bad, I thought for sure it shattered my leg. X-rays show hematoma in the upper thigh, bruised ankle, knee is so badly bruised and swollen x-ray couldn’t show if there is damage to the knee or not, will need MRI if knee isn’t better soon. The whole left side of my body is bruised up. I’m lucky nothing is broken. It happened so dam fast. One minute I was bending over to pick up a piece of wood, next minute I’m slammed to the ground in excruciating pain. I’ve never experienced pain like this. I cannot drive (truck is 5 speed) hobbling around on crutches. Thank goodness I can work from home. No horseback riding for awhile that’s for sure. Glad I rode Saturday! I’m really worried about my knee. It is 3x normal size.
  4. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    double, I think you're on to something about the rough stride from being keyed up and not relaxed....hope you have a riding buddy with the lady you met. I too hate that the cold weather is right around the corner, it's just now getting just right for riding, but that doesn't last long. Made reservations at Hayes this weekend, may be the last camping trip before the weather gets too cold, ya just never know this time of yr. My brother wants to come back up in November if we have decent weather, but I decided not to wait just in case it gets too cold. Looks like a nice weekend coming up!
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hubby and I did our yearly fall "primitive" camp Sunday and Monday(thank goodness for marine batteries on horse trailers, lol). We had lights and water in the LQ. The weather was perfect! We camped in the Shawnee forest about 5 miles from the house. It's not a campsite, no electricity, no humans (hubby does not like crowds) We had to spend some time cleaning off the spot but it was worth it. It's an area where a old fire tower used to be, the area was level and dry. Most of the trails were dirt trails, so Lucas did fine. What few areas had gravel, there was enough room on the side for him to get off the gravel. Hubby was so sore after the ride Sunday, he didn't ride with me Monday, lol. I keep telling him if he would ride more often he wouldn't get sore! Monday Lady was fired up! She usually is after spending a night in a pen. She was ready to fly down the trail. I would have let her fly but dam her gait was so rough! Sometimes she is smooth as glass, other times she beats me to death. My old body just can't take that pounding. I'm sure that rough gait is partly my fault, but I try to make sure I sit in the saddle, hold the reins, the same way each time. I didn't have to "work" to get Lucas to gait, guess I'm spoiled by him. May have to get my niece back out to show me what I'm doing wrong, it's so dam frustrating. When Lady gets in a "mood" she can be a lot of work. We had to have a few "lessons" on the trail so she'd get her attention back on me. She's a firey one, thats for sure! Thing is on the way back to camp she got smooth again...***sigh***
  6. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    double, glad the new horse is working out. Poor Banjo, sounds like he does need a job. Lucas didn't seem too upset when we had to put Cody down. He's spent a lot of time alone though during riding season because Cody and I would be on a trail somewhere. I'd like to go camping again this coming weekend but it looks like many of the nearby campgrounds are booked up. Oh well, I can always do day rides somewhere. We need to get busy and cut some wood for winter. We have an outdoor wood buring furnace. We have quite a bit of wood left over from last yr, but it won't last long once it gets cold.
  7. Putting Paint On Horse During Hunting Season

    I wear brightly a colored hat/dew rag/sock taboggon whatever, depending on the temps, and brightly colored shirts, and I ride mid day. My horn bag is hot pink or purple (love the orange saddle bags eeyore) I will NOT ride during shot gun season at all! I ride in the Shawnee National forest close to my house, lots of hunters in that area, but I've never had a problem with anyone. I've ran into a few mid day as they were having lunch, again no problems. When I was a kid though, we lost lost a mare to a hunters bullet in the pasture. It was heart breaking. So, I'm very careful and colorful when riding during this time. Be safe !
  8. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    I did get to go camping, rode one day Saturday, it rained Sunday and Monday....oh well, Saturday was a beautiful day and I rode with someone that knows the trails (old and new) so I got to ride in some areas I hadn't ridden before. Lucas is doing much better. I was getting ready to call the farrier again, he got even more fluid build up but the next day it was gone and he's walking normal now. There is still one small pocket of fluid abour the size of a nickel, so hopefully he's on the mend. Looks like rain for several days around here, so I doubt I'll get much riding done.
  9. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Had the farrier out Tuesday night, Lucas couldn't walk very well, of course when the farrier got here he was walking and making me look like an idiot but this has been going on for several days, walking good one day, next barely moving. Anyway, farrier says no founder, no abcess, but he has wind puffs (never heard of such a thing) he consulted with vet, they decied for us to give him a banamine shot for 3 days and we see no improvement, take a second look. He's moving, but not as well as I'd like to see him move. I did some research on the internet about wind puffs, seems its more common than I thought. I have reservations at Hayes for Friday-Monday, but I may cancel, depends on if Lucas gets better or not. I know hubby would look after him, but he's already getting the last of they hay for the yr (this is for my horses) Not sure if he can get a crew or not, there won't be enough hay for a big crew to make any money
  10. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Looks like we're all finally getting some riding time in, yippee!!! I had great time at Wrangler campground last weekend with my brother. The weather was awesome! Campfire sure felt good (along with some cold beer, lol) There were a lot of people camping and riding there. The campsites are very roomy though (at least in area C) you are not on top of your neighbor. I'm finally starting to like Lady a lot more. This is my 3rd yr riding her, finally getting some of her quirks worked out, she still gets antsy when we run into other riders on the trail (but not when I ride alone, WTH?) but she's getting better. I ride alone so much I don't know if she will ever get completely out of this. She doesn't have a trail buddy very often, lol I have quite a few vacation days I have to use, so I plan on taking some days strictly for riding and taking advantage of this nice weather.
  11. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    double, sorry about Flash. I know how heart breaking it is, I STILL miss Cody. I made myself sick crying when we had to put him down. eeyore I know you're happy the hay is winding down. We had a hay crew last night (had to wait til they got out of football practice) I think we have one more field to cut, its for the horses. I feel a little guilty (not much tho ) that I don't help in the hay field very much Had a good time at Hayes. Friday and Saturday were very hot. Rode early Saturday morning, but Lady still got really hot. One of the permanent campers wanted to ride with me, he has a quarter horse but he was ok with staying in the back and trotting once in awhile to catch up. I'm so happy to say Lady is finally getting to the point she will walk slower if I want her to. When I first got her, the minute my butt hit the saddle she was off like a shot, flying through the woods. I like gaited horses, but I don't want to fly through the woods, I want to enjoy the scenery. Anyway on the way back Lady was very antsy and ready to fly back to camp so I asked the guy riding with me if he'd get in front otherwise I'd have to get off and walk because she was already too hot. He was concerned that she'd through a fit going slower but I felt we had to try...she did just fine! She didn't fight me at all walking at the slower pace. I was so happy! This is what I was looking for, being able to ride her with a horse of any speed. I hosed her down back at camp and put a fan on her (she loved it) With her heaves and possible CODP I was kinda nervous riding in the heat, but she did ok Bad news is a LOT of people got hurt by bee stings (actually I think it was yellow jackets) one lady got stung 18 times, people riding with her said her horse looked like his neck was painted yellow he had so many bees on him, he threw his rider trying to buck off the bees. Many were stung and a few got thrown. I was a nervous wreck because I know Lady would pile my *** in a heartbeat if she got stung. I hit the trails early and by myself except for that one day. I stayed off the trails where bees were spotted and tried to say awaya from trails with rotted trees across the trail, and watched for holes in the ground. Being by myself, early morning, I think was much safer than several stirring up the bees. I didn't run into any thank goodness! Going to Wrangler next weekend with my brother. I'm so glad it's cooling off!
  12. Shawnee In Illinois

    Another vote for Hayes. Cleanest bath house I've ever been in. I like having my horse pens right at the campsite and the manure wagons are emptied every day. I do agree some sites can be a bit crowded though. I always ask for a specific site (C7) I have a small rig and put my awning facing the creek and I feel like I have lots of privacy! Look at the campground map (on their website) Some of the A campsites are not too bad. The D sections are the most crowded/close together. I wouldn't want to park in D sites unless I was with family/friends, just don't want to be right on top of strangers, lol Main reason I quit camping at Bear Branch was the "on top of each other" sites. Owners of Hayes are super nice people. Always willing to go the extra mile for campers.
  13. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sounds like Buddy is gonna be a good fit for you double I have reservations at Hayes this weekend, Friday through Tuesday. Looks like its gonna be hot, and I wanted to take both horses, not sure now if I will take Lucas. A lady that I used to ride with may come up one day and ride Lucas. But if its too hot I can't take a chance with him. My horses are behind in behing shod, Lady is OK but with Lucas's feet problems I'm worried because his feet grow super fast and his front hoof is starting to grow over the shoe. This is the second time the farrier and I have gotten our dates out of wack, I'm on a 6 week schedule but hes so stinking busy he gets behind (last time Lucas was lame for a couple days, this pisses me off) I will put his front shoes myself if I think he needs it. Farrier is supposed to be out Thursday, I just hope like **** Lucas doesn't get lame by then, 2 weeks overdue. I'm looking forward to just getting away. I'm on the road to recovery from pneumonia and going stir crazy! lol
  14. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Welcome Sam! double, good luck with the horse, hope this is the one. I had to buy a smaller cinch for Lady even though she is nearly 16H..she is not broad and full like Lucas is through the chest. eeyore, thanks for you input about Lady...think i will start weaving her in and out of trees or something when she does the charge thing to get her mind back on me.
  15. Mare Magic- Update And Pics Added!

    mudnsnow, I'm so happy to read you're enjoying your mare. I quit using mm a few months ago, Lady is back to squealing, kicking,rubbing, being mean to her buddy again. She isn't a problem to ride when in season, but she worries me with her barn yard behaviour, I don't want her get more scars or hurt herself. I've talked to the vet, she thinks Lady may just have painful cycles(I remember what that feels like!) I'm thinking of adding mm back to her feed. Like I already mentioned, she has scrarred legs from kicking (she doesn't do this when I'm riding her, even if she is in heat) and I'm tired of nailing the boards back in her stall, lol