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  1. Need Help Picking The Right Horse

    i will definatly post them soon then
  2. Need Help Picking The Right Horse

    thanks for all the help and advice guys it was very helpful and informative thank you. i just want to let all of you know that i did find a horse and we are curently very happy toghether his name is wrecks (rex) and he is 16.5 hands high and about 1350lbs and a querter horse, he's very muscler and healthy (had a pre-buy vet look over haha) but anyway i just want to thank all of you for your input and advice it worked out very well
  3. Need Help Picking The Right Horse

    like i said im 6ft 2in tall about 270lbs and heavyset so i would probably need somthing pretty tall
  4. Need Help Picking The Right Horse

    thanks for all the help guys and yes i do know how to ride dont get me wrong im no expert by any strech of the mind but i know the basics pretty well but keep the advice coming i need all the knowledge i can get ahold of
  5. hey guys/gals i am looking to buy a horse it will be my first horse and i dont know anything about it i am a heavy set guy and i want a horse that can handle that. i am 6ft 2in tall and about 270lbs what would be the best horse breed for me. i dont want to jump or anything i just want a horse i can ride around and have fun riding, no competitions.