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  1. New Atticus Pictures.. =)

    Nice colt!!
  2. I Scored Big Time!

    Cool congrats
  3. What Do You Misplace The Most?

    my cell phone
  4. Heartfeltfarms Baby Is Here!

  5. Anyone Want To Look At A Couple Of Studs?

    I'd like to see the photos
  6. My Heart Aches Today

    Sorry for your loss
  7. New Puppy Pictures!

    What are these dogs bred for?
  8. Elk Meat

    anything you would use beef for!
  9. Picasa 3

    Ive never used it for HC but it works great for everything else I have tried.
  10. Need Help Picking The Right Horse

    depending on how big you really are you probably would be best of with a 1/4 or 1/2 draft cross, crossed with quarter horses usually they are not extremely tall but they are very bulky and can handle alot of weight, and usually they have pretty calm temperments.