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  1. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I have never had a problem with my rope halters, i believe using rope halters in a safe and easy way they are fine. I have never had a rope halter to rub on my horse's face or anything. I belive that the knots are pressure not pain, my horse's are so relaxed with a rope halter, i have never had a horse in pain with a rope halter. If you have a proper fitting rope halter and you put it on right they are great, no rub, no pain.
  2. Need Help With Jumping

    I am a novice rider and I need lots of help on jumping...any tips?
  3. I Need Help With Jumping

    I am a novice jumper and I need help with anything and everything. Give me as much advice as you want to,i will have pics soon for yall to critique.