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  1. For 3 years in High School I was on the horse judging team and that was 2 years ago. I have been wanting to find some webistes or books or something where I can learn and refresh these skills. I am not looking for just halter, I want performance classes also. Any help would be great. Thank You so much in advance.
  2. What Makes A Person Be A Bully's Target?

    I have been bullied my enitre life. It has always been for being different and I have always been one to speak my mind. I have never been afraid to tell people my honest opinion of them or something they asked me. In elementary school, I was picked on mainly because I was very quiet and small. I never liked to talk to anybody or be around them. It only got worse in middle school. I went to a very small school (15 kids in my class and 3 of them were my cousins). I was made fun of for my clothes by a girl who "had it all". She would always laugh at my dirty boots and boot cut jeans. I also got made fun of for liking the boys I liked. I always "dated" the country/cowboys and people thought I was strange. I moved from that school in the beginning of my 10th grade year, but before I left 2 girls I thought had become my friends jumped me in the basketball locker room. It was the last day of school and I was fed up. I fought back and ended up breaking one's nose and knocking the other out. When I got to the new school, I was made fun of for how I talked ( very deep southern accent) and dressed. One girl thought it would be funny to pull my hair and I had decided I was not going to take any one's crap, so I just turned around and layed her out. After that, nobody messed with me. It was really funny when the girls who picked on me at my old school became jealous of me because I dated one of the cutest guys in the county (He was alittle bit older). A while after we broke up, I dated the cute cowboy/rebel from the rival school (to my old school). That one was pretty funny because he decided to not go to prom with the "popular girl" from my old school but to drive 200 miles to go to the movies with me. LoL. I am alittle evil and love when bullies get upset. I totally agree with Hunterguy. Anything makes a kid a target. I was picked on for being small and country and on the other hand my sister was picked on for being ft tall by the 6th grade. It varies from bully to bully.
  3. The Official What Did You Get From Santa Post

    Where do you run at? If you don't mind me asking?
  4. The Official What Did You Get From Santa Post

    sugar- I think my sis paid somewhere around 300 for hers. I was not spoiling myself that much. Lol. I couldn't even go to any games this year because I did not want to risk the crowd wih only one arm due to shoulder surgery. Have fun and be safe. Take lots of pics. Lol
  5. Pad Search

    I am not trying to steal the post, but do you have a list of prices for your pads? I love the zebra one.
  6. The Official What Did You Get From Santa Post

    Sugar- I am jealous of the tickets. My sister got some and is not even taking me and I go to the U of A. From my parents: *Hair-on Zebra Modern Style Spur straps *Cowgirl Tuff car mats From my Grandparents: *Cute lime green coffee maker, electric skillet, and iron *Quilt *Neon Towels From Fiance: *Montana Silversmith belt buckle with Cowgirl and Cowboy facing with their horses behind them (I now am only missing 1 piece to the collection) *Zebra scarf and gloves From Fiance's family: *Zebra hair-on belt *Peace, Love and Horses handpainted sign and a zebra cross sign *Razorback short with zebra LOVE on it and a zebra undershirt *Handmade Razorback necklace *Cute leather bracelet with handmade charms *John Deere socks *John Deere and Cowgirl truck decals *candy, candy, and some cavitites with that. LoL. *Money, Gift cards, and more
  7. Going Crazy...

    I had shoulder surgery back in October and have not even been able to even pet a horse. It is driving me crazy. I have atleast 6 more weeks of no riding. I finally got the okay to pet and brush them for therapy, but that is really hard to do in 20 degree weather. I just wanted to vent about it to people who have the same passion as me. Thanks for reading.
  8. What Do You Drive?

    I drive the greatest vehicle ever.. It is horsey friendly, college parking friendly, and wallet friendly.. I have a 99 Chevy S10 with an awesome bed cover that locks (not a camper shell) so I can keep my tack in there.. It is so easy to park in those tiny dang college parking lots compared to what I used to drive (94 Ford F350 Dually).. I just don't have a trailer small enough to pull with it.. I get 20-25 mpg depending on how fast I drive (it does still have the shut off chip so I can only go 98 ) and when it is completely empty I only have to pay around $40 to fill it up. I admit that is a bit, especially for every week but so much better than what it took to fill up on diesel every week.
  9. I Know I Linger, But I Come With Pics

    After my shoulder surgery and recovery this fall, I plan to start riding her at practices just to build my confidence and ability to really ride this crazy lady. I love how she felt going into our barrel run. It was so much less stress than when I run my mare. I cant wait. I am pretty upset because I was going to get to do the winter barrel series here but I am getting reconstructive shoulder surgery so that puts me out till January.
  10. Official September Photo Contest

    1) Canter/ Galloping 7) Extreme Action
  11. So we had our last playday Sunday. My BF had to work and he is the only reason I am playdaying again. His parents have not only allowed me to use there horses, they are also payed for it. Well, he did not get to go on Sunday due to work and his dad told me to use his horse. He rides a Arab/QH mare named Flicka. I will admit that I was so nervous because everytime I have ridden her in the past I have messed up. Well I was not as fast as he usually is because she is a free runner and I pretty much trained the horse I ride to be a push style runner because I am a very "aggressive" rider as my mom puts it. I am not mean just used to being in control. She is the first free runner I have ridden and I love it. Since I was the only one in Western Pleasure I just ran around the arena like an idiot and the judge, personal friend, laughed so hard she fell off of her horse. In poles the BF usually get around a 23 and I got a 25 because I was pulling her out of them to far for the first 3 poles, after that our ride fell into place. Next was barrels. She usually runs a low 18 on this pattern and in the pic you can definatley tell it was my fault ( I pulled out instead of to my hip) we ran wide on the first causing us to get an 18.7, which I was proud of. Speed was great. Only one barrel to turn and I got an 8.4. fastest time out of everyone there. There were roughly 50 people which is only half of the normal. LoL.. Now on to pics and cookies for reading all of that. Sorry if the pictures are big. I do not know how to resize them on photobucket. Coming out of the first barrel... Coming home in barrels... And my favorite.. Getting ready to weave poles again...
  12. I have not been big on posting here just kind of lurking with an occasional post or picture in a contest. So I will say hello to all. I am doing a project over a youth organization that is related to some sort of agriculture. I chose to do mine over the Arabian Horse Youth Association. I was wondering if anybody here was ever a memeber of AHYA. I have been looking online and emailed some of the coordinators of the association. I need information specifically on scholarships because they are very vauge on them. I need things like how much awarded and to howw many people each scholarship is awarded.. Any information is greatly appreciated.. Charley Kay
  13. Pictures

    I love the picture of the cow licking the calf and my absolute favorite one is the one where the cow has her tounge stuck in her nose. LoL.. They are all beautiful pictures and you have a great talent.. Thank you for sharing..
  14. I Know I Lurk But I Have Pictures

    I have become very steady with my hands over the past few years because I have had people ask me to work with queening horses. I only use them when she throws her head at the back and I do not even pull hard because she naturally carries her head and neck all arched and pretty.. I did use them in the 4th of July parade because I was so tired from the first parade because I had to hold her back the entire time during the first parade.. I just fixed them where they were not tight when she behaved but when she would toss her head and try to pull away from my hands they would activated.. she is all go and super fast whoa.. LoL.. I will have to get pics.. We did the parade sideways for the most time.
  15. ****** Official July Photo Contest ******

    P-P-Personality! Studs (I know you can't tell very well But this is Hollywood Dun Dun it (our stud)) Other Artistic