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    I am interested in my family, which includes dogs, kids and horses! I am a trail rider and lover of putzing around the farm! I love attending all the NUMEROUS sports events my kids participate in, and being as involved with my kids as I can be for the few years that they will still be under my roof!
  1. Slapping Kids For Obnoxious Behavior...

    You smack MY kid and you'll be looking for your teeth til your dying day. Regardless of the situation, it is NEVER appropriate for a non-parental adult to lay a hand on a child in a disciplinary action, unless you are the school principal or whatever, (and I'm sketchy on that too). I don't care how badly the child is behaving - YOU do not hit MY child. EVER. Hit me - that's cool - it's my fault anyway, more than likely, if my kid is acting up. I also think it's never appropriate to hit a child in the face, softly or otherwise. A smack on the bum, or a firm grasp of an arm is one thing. No doubt parenting in our current society seems to have taken a serious nosedive and frustration therewith is rampant as well. Remember to consider the source.
  2. Did Casey Anthony Do It?

    I've always thought she was guilty. If not of the actual crime, then certainly of knowing exactly what happened to her precious baby and doing nothing about it, other than to lead law enforcement on a wild goose chase. Accidental deaths happen to families all the time and don;t turn into this kind of debacle. Sociopath.
  3. Pregnancy/labor/delivery!

    So...if any hospital provider - nurse, physician, whatever, witheld appropriate nutrition from ANY patient, the Deaprtment of Health and Joint Commission would come down so hard and so fast, heasd would roll. I'm not saying that bad things don't happen on occasions, but they can't happen very often in first world, accredited healthcare institutions. I've heard WAY more about family members AT HOME denying chronic patients nutrition or medication, either because it's abuse, or because they ration due to lack of finances, or whatever. But in the last 10 years, I can't remember a case where nutrition was intentionally withheld in the large, metropolitan area where I live and work. That's what TPN is for. That's why NG and J tubes are available.
  4. Travelling To Az In March-Things To See?

    Not sure what kinds of things you are in to - but the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale is awesome. The Shops in Olde Towne Scottsdlae, along with the bars and eateries are awesome. Phoenix Mountain Preserve is beautiful. The Phoenix Zoo is a good one. Don't forget Pinnacle Peak and Rawhide and the Troon Golf course. another place in Scottsdale is Horseworld, or Westworld - can't remember which name they stuck with. It's where most of the big Arabian and Sun Circucit shows happen. And - take a Pink Jeep Tour if you can - great way to see the desert in relative safety! Check out the campus of Arizona State University - Cardinals also play at that stadium! Tucson has some fun things to see, but I am less familiar. If I think of more stuff, I'll post again. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions! That's my HOME!!!!
  5. Ok Moms!

    I remember wincing so hard and making a point to look away from my baby so she wouldn't "associate my being in pain with her eating." Lookingn back, I highly doubt she would have noticed, but DANG did that hurt at first!!!
  6. Pregnancy/labor/delivery!

    So...I've been following along, trying to stay out of the messy part of things, although I LOVE birth stories! But I got to wondering... Blondyy has said in the past that she is in nursing school, I believe. So at most, she may have a CNA or like certificate. I am wondering how on earth she has had the opportunity to spend so much time with patients dying of various disease processes. I work in a pretty big hospital where we don't even employ LPN's and the only thing a "CNA" type employee does is vitals and potty duty. I would assert that if the majority of your experience has been at a nursing home, you have seen only a tiny sliver of end-of-life situations. I'm not trying to be jerky here - this would be a really good opportunity for you to maybe explain from whence you derive your expertise, thereby possibly lending more credence to your assertions.
  7. Influenza

    Albuterol won't usually cause the thrush - Flovent and Seravent inhalers definitely will! Hope you get to feeling better soon....
  8. One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

    Awful. So sorry, Mudder.
  9. One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

    Awful. So sorry, Mudder.
  10. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Draftiemama, right?? I remember your arrival! Nice to see you!
  11. What Is Being Rich?

    I have a very rich life. I don't have very much money, though.
  12. The Horse Mirrors Us

    If you don't live with the ability to calm yourself every day, you'll have a hard time just doing it when you ride. It's a skill you can practice when you're not at the barn! The theory works with other animals, children and angry people. Ever noticed how usually, people with really fussy babies are really fussy themselves? Not rocket science by any means, but a good, solid life theory.
  13. Is It Wrong To Be Forced To Work Holidays?

    As glad as I am to have a job in this economy I would be embarrassed to complain if I had to work the holiday. If you work retail or in health care, you know ahead of time that your establishment will be open those days. Quitcherbitchin and get to work. Being creative about the way you celebrate your holiday gives you some pretty fun memories down the road.
  14. Tragedy At Zoo

    We should all be keenly aware by now that STUPID never gets punished. I do believe, however, that mother will be punished in her mind for the rest of her life. Sad.
  15. Update On My Depression. New Chapter For Us. Left Mn

    Best of luck to you, Red! I have been there too - and I vividly remember the feelings of relief I had the further away I got! I hope blessings start piling up at your door!