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  1. Help My Horse Is Very Scard Almost Jumped The Fence

    Thank you so much for your replies. This is the first time I'm back to the computer again since this morning. So sorry about the wording I used about sleigh riders. I'm from Queens NY and that's what we use to call it back when. They are kids sleigh riding. they are far away.I just think he can't tell what they are so he thinks these little black dots that disappear behind a house are coming to get him. He dosn't care if my kids are in the yard sleigh riding or sledding. Called the vet she said get him locked up before they start sledding and come up to the office for some drugs (ace). Well running around all day getting ready for another storm. 1 1/2 more feet of snow on top of 2 feet. Went down to the barn when I got home. He was very calm. He can't see them now. Didn't give him the ace but gave more hay. Now it's getting dark and the sledders are still on the hill I wish they would go home so I can let them out. When you lock them up you have to feed them more hay and with all this snow I don't know when I'm going to be able to get more. I do have 2 horses but they are in seperate pastures because they fight so much. My other horse got 2 teeth kicked out. He also on different occasions had numerous cuts scrapes wounds etc. So I seperated them with a gate in the middle of the aisle in the barn. And a fence down the middle of the pasture which was supposed to be used for rotation purposes but the vet was coming ot so much I had to seperate them. Well thaks so much and if there is anymore advice I would apprecciate it,
  2. Hi I'm new here. My horse is deathly scard of the sleigh riders that he can see about a 1/4 mile away. This happened once before but the snow melted very quickly so it was ok but the snow isn't going to melt for a while this time and I don't know what to do. Yesterday he kept running all over the pasture trying to get away he almost jumped the fence all the way in the back. In and out of the barn a 100 times. One time he came into the barn so fast he slid his feet came out from under him and fell on his side. I tried to lock him up but he didn't like that at all. I don't know what to do. can anybody please help me?
  3. Got A New Twh Mare

    Hi I was reading through the posts for gaited horses because I have 2 twh. I saw the picture of your new mare she is gorgious but I was saying to my self how much she looks like my horse Payton (papa's in the pen) then came accross what you were saying about her bloodline It sems I might have her half brother. He is very sweet. A little nuts. He does have some bad habbits. And accident prone. I couldn't understand why some one would give him up to be sold as a trail horse. Just with his bloodline alone someone should have kept him as a show horse I think with some work he would make a great show horse. But he definatly doesn't have a bad life here. He goes for a ride once in a while with me or the kids ride him around the ring. good luck with yours. good luck with your surgery
  4. Slow Feeders?

    Hi I'm new here I'm trying to make a slow feeder for my twh he is about 16 hands. I made a barrel feeder out of a blue barrel with a peice of plywood with 4" holes in it. I tied it up to the inside corner of the barn so it can't move but I'm worried he can raise his leg high enough to get his hoof stuck . The opening to the top of the barrelis about 36". Anyone know if a twh about 16 hands could get his leg stuck in there? He also likes to paw at his hay when it's on the ground. I'm so worried to leave this barrel in the barn all night. Thank you so much for any info on this