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  1. LOL. Checked to see if Krystal was still using her thread and she isn't. But noticed you had posted. Did you ever learn how to post pics? LOL.

  2. Current Horse Lawsuit - What Do You Think?

    I don't understand this whole sue thing. I mean you trespass on someone's land, no one asked you there and were not even aware you were there, gets hurt then sues and wins. first of I think kids reach a certain age know right from wrong, a little 2 year old is crawling along on the ground and sees a pretty pony or goat or doggie and goes over to it gets hurt. who is at fault?" the property owner or owner of the animals if on private property? or the parents? if a child is five years old and does that same thing and have been told repeatedly to stay off your land and away from your animals and disobeys? whos fault? well I remember well my nephew when he was five and he knew very well right from wrong. so if he disobeys something gets hurt should the owners of the property be sued? well if you did what message are you sending a kid who has been taught right from wrong very well or what message to parents are you sending if they didn't teach their kids right from wrong? I don't go for this attractive nuisance thing when some one is old enough to sneak on knowing full well they shouldn't be there, (they were smart enough to make sure you were not aware they were there). I think that is unfair to property owners because children are not their responsiblity to make sure they obey their parents. after all what if the kid sees a cute kitty up a tree climbs said tree (save a five or six year old or maybe older) and falls out of said tree. do you sue the property owner? is that fair? but of course we live in a very backward world or country where it is not about justice but about oppertunity ot punish private property rights and make people not want to have property like horses or swimming pool or some other recreation that would make private property ownership really enticing for others who don't have private property yet. all this punishment for this discourages private property ownership especially with any significant property liek a farm or having anything that makes ownership enjoyable. if you tie up property with alot of rules and liability how many people would want said properties? I was thinking about my property, we have a development behind us and I was thinking about getting a horse but then I realized I might have problems with the kids in the cul de sac. I was thinking I could put up stockade fencing but the expense would be to great at this time (you see discouage property ownership) if we didn't live in a society that feels you should be responsible for other people's mistakes and bad judgement I think more people would own more property more acreage more animals, maybe more recreational facilities that they could share with the neighborhood kids. what a concept. being able to invite neighborhood kids to your home to enjoy your animals, maybe you have a pool with slides etc. but we can't have that that would create neighborhood unity and friendship. so when the wolves come calling individuals that are isolated are easier to pick off without alerting the others of the loose herd. makes me think of the musk ox. one ox cannot hold off the wolves but the whole herd working together can kill them. of course this may not be their reasoning at all. but it sure looks that way to me. RRR
  3. Era, Texas Trail Ride 2010

  4. Ride On Thursday With Pictures And Video

    meekie very pretty apple tree in bloom. walker seems very obedient to you and calm though I did notice his perky ears a bit like he was apprehensive but he obeyed you nonetheless.also you must be half trail blazer, you couldnt see the trail until you were almost on them, the brush was just so thick. by the way it was such a thick woods that caused me to get knocked off a runaway horse my horse and me didn't have enough room between trees and the trunks knocked me off. I am wondering how horses see such thick vegetation as a blur until they get within a few feet and maybe that is why they are apprehensive in such thick vegetation the trail being hard for them to see you think? it would explain how easy it is to spook in a forest situation over a wide open space. maybe? the area is very pretty by the way. looks like the woods around here. RRR
  5. Pet Peeves

    some of the comments here were comical. I don't really have alot of pet peeves, I get upset when teenagers drag race down the street up the road, it is flat. long and no stop signs or intersections for a long way so they drag race around especially when I am walking with my dogs down the that road and have to jump out of the way. people who throw their trash out their window that lands in my front yard or in the berm near the woods. letting your dog hang out the window while driving. dog sitting in your lap while you drive. prejudging people by their appearance without knowing anything about them. people who shoot up fireworks near homes and a barn that has hay and horses inside (happened here when I had horses). they were shooting them off like 25 or 30 feet from my barn. thank goodness they only did that a couple of times. RRR
  6. Just How Well Should One Speak English

    when you have to say what? can you repeat that? then they don't know enough english. RRR
  7. I Am A Pagan

    being a pagan makes you a HEATHEN! [Crazy] there is really only one true religion/belief that is true the rest are false. if there is a true religion there is a false religion. what do I mean? well if your beliefs are based on only feelings and really don't have any proof, then maybe it is a false one? in police circles they call it the prepondence of evidence even if physical evidence is minimal that probably something is true. for example we either have a soul or we don't, we are either created by a superior creator or we didn't we either evolved from crittors or we didnt we are either going to die and that is it or we are going to continue via resurrection (some believe they get recreated as another person animal etc) There is either one true God (who is superior in power, knowledge wisdom etc) or there are muliple gods equal in power and knowledge or maybe they share it and act together or there is no god at all. either we are made in Gods image hence superior to animals or we are not made in Gods image and are not superior (except maybe in intelligence or something) but not superior in reproduction, living and surviving, and then just dying and that is it and not having any real purpose in life. so how can one be sure? ask yourself several questions, what convinces you that your beliefs are valid and true? how did you arrive at your beliefs? how would you explain why your beliefs have validity if you had to explain the reason for your faith (belief or trust in that belief) to someone. what logic or research, experiments, life experiences etc convinces you of your belief system? is the belief system just a consequence of not liking what beliefs are around you that don't seem to make the followers better neighbors. is it wishful thinking? is it just something that appeals to emotions or what you want to accomplish in life or be able to do without pangs of conscience? [Question] but each one must decide for themselves what to believe after all we are all free moral agents. but just be sure it is true valid so it doesn't lead to problems later on down the line. for example I can believe all I want that snake venom will cure me of some dreaded disease but is it true? what if I believe it so much I am willing to go out and let a snake bite me? what would happen? so is my belief true or false? what if I believe with all my heart that I can stab myself with a knife (and if I believe hard enough) won't bleed or die? (in fact this was taught to me as a kid by some religious zealot, my mom was smart enough to tell me otherwise). what if I stabbed myself? so is my belief system true or false? the prepondence of evidence says it is a false belief (false religion). so pick your beliefs carefully, after all it will affect the decisons you make and the conseqeunces of those decisions. [smiley Wavey] RRRR
  8. Just Some Pics I Thought I Would Share

    I am not an expert but I have some ideas. on the lorikeets, I would scan out furthur away so as to show both of their faces better, the lady looking out the window, I would pull up the blinds and hide the strings, and that black bird (I believe that is a type of tropic bird which is an actual name of birds not their geographic location) span out just a little bit more or if your after texture and color span in more to avoid any background. lady on the horse in white dress I would have the horse with it's ears up, the ladys legs down on the sides of the horse as she leans on his neck (pretty horse by the way). that cat picture was boring, maybe if the cat was sitting on something like a tree branch with flowers and leaves, or was looking up at a bird. maybe have picture of the cat intrgued by a butterfly or bug. or even stalking something. the picture of the orange sky was pretty but would of been more so if it had some foreground like brdige or horse standing on a ridge to offer depth. or someother item that doesn't draw attention away from the orange sky. I would have the couple with the bay horse have the horse stand behind them with his head over their shoulders as they stand for the picture standing side by side with each other or even with their bodies turned in a little with slightly turning heads facing the camara. I would have more than one tulip. to add depth, and more color, which I just love to death. RRR
  9. Why? not sure, but maybe bragging rights? maybe they are just sick in the head. maybe they watch to many nature shows and start to think animals are more important than people? maybe they think they are saving a species? maybe they think they love the animal when in fact they love the fact they have a dangerous animal, can control it, so they think, and it makes them feel special compared to the average joe who wouldnt be caught dead or alive in a tigers cage or have one in their backyard? I wouldnt even have a dolphin or killer whale even If i was some weatlhy person, because as much as I love these crittors and would love to interact with them, I would never trust them, those trainers at sea world spend years with their crittors and still those animals manage to hurt or kill them, with intent? don't know. dont want to wait around and find out. I was thinking too, maybe they are adrenalin junkies. some people jump off cliffs, out of planes, dive with sharks or some other dangerous stunt and some want dangerous animals for that adrenalin rush. who knows. RRR
  10. I am not sure why there are more in prision then some countries and all. I have my ideas, one is they are criminalizing basically everything. for example, what is the difference between prostitution and fornication? one gets paid cash the other doesn't. why is it okay for two consenting adults to fornicate (which by the way i don't agree with just a point for discussion) but if cash changes hands it is unlawful? I just don't feel we have the right to punish people in prision or fines for that behavior. or other vices. why is it illegal to use drugs as long as your not hurting people such as driving intoxicated or working on the job intoxicated or beating your wife? is it because it hurts you ( I dont advocate it by the way)or because this drug war has more to do with increasing the profit from drugs rather than protecting you and me? believe it or not, not everyone in prison are violent offenders. how many are there from trumped up charges? do you know cops are allowed to lie? to you, and against you? supply and demand keep the supply artificially low and keep the deman high and it becomes a very profitable enterprise (not to mention all the money police get from all those seizures). by the way you cannot hurt a state. do you suppose if I go outside and start jumping up and down on the pavement or ground that I am hurting the state of ohio? a state is a fictional entity. the so called state is supposed to provide an injuried party when you go to court, but all you get is a state lawyer, no injuried party is ever shown. go look at a satellite photo of the world and see how many lines are drawn in the sand. you probably wont see any, I didn't. they are supposed to show how you damaged the injuried party if there is one. they never do they just say you broke this code or that code (mostly color of law rules) and must pay this fine or spend this time in jail. without a corpus delecti there is no complaint, no complaint no charge. basically it is all about money. revenue (notice the word re-venue) getting a profit off you somehow. do you know that I read that al gore has stock in the prison system? why do you suppose that is? could it be a very profitable enterprise at taxpayers expense? I bet in china there is no profit (stock) in prison and they only use it for violent criminals, political prisoners and people they need for slave labor and probably for their organs too. so could the plush conditions described here be because they want you to come back? why? you being there is very profitable. maybe that is why they don't work at rehabilitation, or sure they make some token efforts at it but generally they hope you come back and stay for good if your not the violent type, heck they can even use you for slave labor and make even more money off you. crisis management is a very profitable endeavor, so to beef up your sales (of this crisis management) you create the crisis. by the way do you know who some of the biggest stock holders of many corporations, companies and industry is? if you said congress your correct. big conflict of interest there. one way is to close down mental institution to force people on the streets forced to commit crimes to avoid starving or to get their medications. another is to get some poor sucker to commit a gross act like shoot up a hospital (especially if you know he is already unstable) to get some law passed to control guns, or increase draconian police state controls or whatever. use your imagination on why. I saw this movie (don't know if true but it raises the possiblitity) about a cia operative, he was just allowed in and had to go through all the initiations stuff. well they were talking about how a south american government was not playing ball with them and financed themselves with their coffee fields. well when they went down there for some speech and event about it planes were seen flying overhead and a few minutes later they were all covered over by grasshoppers by the millions those planes had dropped them. now think about it, it is quite possible that many of the so called disasters we see in teh world are created for political reasons. so create the crisis. very profitable, this prison system is just that crisis managment. not saying that some people do commit crimes simply because they are immoral or greedy or whatnot. but not all. RRR
  11. Eye Popping Poppies!

    WoW the yellows and oranges, so bright. amazing!! RRR
  12. What's Your Favorite Movie?

    I have a few, fried green tomatoes, o brother where art thou? wizard of oz (the original). finding nemo, really cute movie. mississippi burning (loved the interaction between gene hackman and that other guy.) my favorite series are brisco county junior, quantum leap, psyche. I seen a couple of men of a certain age and enjoyed them. shows I just hate to death, magnum pi, csi, law and order criminal intent, soap operas, dumb and dumber. everyone loves raymond. there are more but this is enough. I hate game shows too. RRRR
  13. Wow!flash Back!relived A Nitemare!

    that is horrible!!! what a confidence breaker. I was thinking the reason when I used to ride I was always a little apprehensive espceially when I first got my horse lady, (over time those apprehension faded) I would get images in my mind of the time I was ran away with and dumped into a fence many years before. it is like deep down inside I know all can be going well like your experience, and all of a sudden the horse freaks out for only a moment and that is all it takes. [bang Head] it is not fair you work for months or years get your ability and confidence back and it only takes one incident to destroy that. then I see guys who went through experieinces and they get right back on not giving it much thought after that. that is not fair! [Me Cry] RRR
  14. Flight

    lady would snort and pick up the pace when riding on windy days. I guess the wind keeps them from hearing any approaching horse eating monsters. makes them more apprehensive. RRR
  15. Speeding Car Hits Carriage In Atlanta

    Wow what was that guy thinking? he wasnt. what an idiot. some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. RRRR